Written by Carolyn

23 Dec 2015

Many thanks to those who've commented and been following my story. My intention had been to post it all in several parts before Christmas but I've been busy and run out of time. Apart from that, judging by the number of views of Part 4, I think it's safe to assume that I've lost the interest of many. Therefore, for those who have enjoyed my story so far, I'm going to post the remainder in one go, including my first experience with another woman, our trip to Maspalomas, one or two other things and finish there.

We'd been fucking regularly and Nick wanted me to move in with him. I wanted too, but couldn't decide how to break the news to my husband. In the end the decision was taken out of my hands. A Saturday, I'd been out shopping and returned to find my husband looking at his laptop. Not unusual. The look on his face told me something was wrong and asked what he was looking at. “These. Pictures of you riding, I suppose you could say” he replied calmly but icily,

He turned the screen towards me. They'd been taken through a hedge but were clear. A picture of me and Nick, both naked in the field, me “riding” his cock. The pictures automatically flicked through one after another. Nick sucking my nipples. Me sucking his cock. Him fucking me from behind, me facing the camera, mouth open, a look of pleasure on my face. These were followed by a series of pictures of me on top, in the reverse cowgirl position, leaning back, with his cock in my cunt. The final ones were taken as he withdrew, his semen leaking from my gaping pussy. They were actually quite good, though I didn't think so at the time.

There were others taken after we finished fucking. Nick sitting on the grass, head tilted back, me standing astride him, drawing his spunk from my pussy with my fingers, letting it drip into his mouth. From my clothing on the grass beside us I knew they must have been taken only two evenings previously and remembered what was coming next. I needed to pee, Nick had watched me pissing previously, and I got a kick from sometimes holding his cock while he pee'd. The picture flashed up, there I was squatting, laughing, a stream of golden piss arching from between my legs while he looked on. With a look of disgust on his face, my husband closed the lid on the laptop before the last pictures appeared.

Confronted by the evidence there wasn't really much I could say. There was no point in trying to deny anything. I had my suspicions who'd sent them but that was irrelevant. If her intention was to cause trouble she succeeded but she actually did me a favour. It annoyed him even more that I didn't beg for forgiveness. With his accusations that I was a Slut, Tart, and filthy Whore, ringing in my ears I phoned Nick, told him what had happened, packed a bag and left. To cut a long story short I moved out and moved in with him.

That at least solved another problem too. We'd been trying to devise a way for me to go with him to Maspalomas. Now I could definitely accompany him. I was looking forward to spending time naked at the nude beach and going with him to the dunes where we'd be able to have sex. He whetted my appetite by telling me that we wouldn't be the only ones there, would certainly be watched, and if I was willing I could let guys fuck me, a prospect which excited me.

Living with him I was able to push my sexual boundaries further. We had anal sex regularly and soon I was taking his cock in my arse easily with only a little discomfort when he entered me. He used plenty of lube, slowly eased his cock into my arse, gently sliding it in, until he fully penetrated me. Well lubed, I adored anal, especially when he introduced a dildo into my pussy. With the dildo inserted into my cunt, he arse fucked me which felt even better. Afterwards, out of curiosity, I wondered aloud, what it would feel like to be fucked by two guys and take a cock in my arse and one in my pussy, simultaneously. “You're becoming a seriously dirty slut. Perhaps we'll have to arrange it” he responded,

As I've mentioned he liked watching me pissing, which was embarrassing at first, but I'd quickly grown accustomed, part of the exhibitionist in me again. I thought nothing of douching my back passage, with him watching while I forced the dirty warm liquid from my rectum. I was determined to loose my inhibitions, not just to please him but for my own pleasure too. I took a bit of persuading to try water sports. I pissed on him the first time which I didn't mind doing, sitting on his face, pissing in his mouth when he asked me too. I had some reservations, but I'd said I was willing to try anything so to please him I let him urinate on me. I discovered that being sprayed with warm piss wasn't to unpleasant and opened my mouth. I swallowed some of his golden liquid but spat most of it out. I decided drinking piss wasn't really my thing, but the occasional golden shower was acceptable. At least I could say I'd tried. I was still quite happy for him to watch me pissing and to piss on him if he wanted me to.

When we weren't riding the horses, we spent as much time as we could in the garden, gardening, sunbathing, working on our all over tans. The secluded garden became our sex playground where we could experiment and explore my sexual likes and dislikes. Not that there was anything I disliked sufficiently to refuse to do it again. I'd already learned that Nick was much more experienced than me, but there were also things that he wanted explore. The innocent looking trellis covered pathway down the garden, had an alternative use as the ideal place to tie me up. Tied hand and foot to the framework, spread-eagled having my pussy and anus tormented by his tongue and various vibrators, unable to escape, was exquisite.

I found the feeling of helplessness a turn on. “You could do anything and I wouldn't be able to stop you” I told him as he finished tying me one evening. “Like what?” he asked. “You could spank my bottom” I replied with a giggle. “I suppose I could, but why would I want to?” he replied, caressing my bum. I told him he could pretend that he'd come back to the house and found me being fucked by a guy. “I wouldn't spank you for that. I'd love to see you being fucked by another guy. I'd spank you for not telling me so I could watch. Like this” He whacked my bottom quite hard, catching me by surprise. I flinched and squealed, recovered and asked him to do it again but harder. He spanked me until my bum was red, glowing and satisfyingly stinging, before untying and fucking me. I suppose it was an indication of my growing sexual confidence and further loss of my inhibitions.

Being spanked was nice, but riding crops and whips, concentrated the pain better, leaving welts on my bum. Very occasionally and sparingly, if I'm in the mood for it, he'll whip my pussy, flicking the tip against my clitoris from a few inches. He takes me to the limits of what I find bearable then fucks me immediately. My whipped cunt is so sensitive I usually cum several times which makes it worth it. It is something I enjoy for variety rather than a regular part of our sexual repertoire.

Besides our activities at the house there was still fun to be had whilst out for a drink, meal or going shopping. I found exhibitionism incredibly arousing. Nick encouraged me to wear shorter and shorter skirts, more revealing or see-thro tops and naturally no underwear. Flashing my tits and pussy at guys excited and thrilled me. I'd finger my pussy first, get my cunt really wet and gaping before I started. Those who saw me could be in no doubt about my sexual arousal. I became quite adept at “accidentally” flashing, shamelessly exposing my wet shaven cunt getting out of the high seats in his 4x4, sitting in pubs and clubs, stretching, bending and crouching, late night shopping. I finished a couple more of my exhibitionist trips walking or posing naked. The sex afterwards was amazing. Sometimes we couldn't wait until we got home and we'd fuck in alleys, bus stops, parks, in his 4x4 on the way home. Once on the train after a night out.

The train was one of the best up till then. A midweek evening we'd gone to do some shopping for our upcoming holiday. We'd stayed on for a meal. I'd flashed several guys before we caught the last train home in a carriage almost empty except for two couples sitting together and two youngish guys. I was feeling horny, wanted to flash the two guys and decided to sit opposite them. Nick sat next to me keeping an eye on things. Before sitting I bent over to put my bag down, the back my short dress rode up, exposing my naked bum. From the corner of my eye I could see their reflections in the window as they got a good look at my bum hole and cunt. Nick gave me a wink as I turned and sat, crossing my legs flashing my pussy. I smiled at the two guys, as if I was blissfully unaware that I'd just exposed my bum and my cunt to them. I settled down, uncrossed my legs, leaning forward to look out the window. The top of the dress fell open, exposing my tits at the same time as I moved my knees a few inches apart giving them a longer flash before sitting back, knees together as we pulled into a station.

The two couples got off. I gave it a minute or two then pretended to drop off to sleep. I slowly let my legs fall open with the motion of the train. My dress rode up higher, until I was sitting with my legs apart, my pussy exposed. Through slitted eyes I saw them look from one to the other, then glance over at Nick who shrugged, indicating they should keep quiet. They bent over for a better look. I couldn't resist going further, opening my legs wider. I gasped when I felt Nicks hand on my leg. He began stroking my thigh, moving his hand higher until he touched my cunt, running a finger up and down my gash.

I was incredibly wet. My mind was racing, wondering what he would like me to do. I opened my eyes. The two guys were so intent on looking at my pussy, neither of them noticed until I spoke. “You can touch my cunt if you want?” I invited, opening my legs wider, sliding my bum to the edge of the seat. They both looked surprised, whether from my language or the invitation I couldn't say. Nick moved his hand to my thigh. “Go on. Have a feel. Finger her Cunt. Sit here” he urged, getting up and standing in the aisle to watch. One of them moved next to me. The other leant forward. The one next to me touched my thigh. We only had about 8 minutes to the next station so I took his hand and placed it on my pussy. After a moment he slipped a couple of fingers into my hole. I dipped two of my fingers in to my cunt, next to his, quickly wetting them before moving them to my swollen clit. I began slowly masturbating in time with his fingers.

Two or three minutes passed, I told them to swap, let the other guy have a feel. He fingered me faster then his mate for a couple of minutes. We were passing houses backing onto to the railway. The train started slowing. I was close to cumming as we pulled into the station but had to stop him. I quickly closed my legs and tugged my dress down. They stood looking at me hopefully. I wondered if Nick was going to invite them to come to the house and fuck me and glanced at him questioningly. He shook his head almost imperceptibly. I felt a bit disappointed, as they got off the train. They were nice looking young guys and I'd found the idea of them both fucking me attractive. I gave them a smile a wave and another quick pussy flash as they walked along the platform, passed the train. I hope I made their evening.

We had the carriage to ourselves, only the driver at the front of the next carriage, with 15 or 20 minutes to our station with no other stops in between. Nick sat next to me. Teasing him I told him that if he wouldn't let me play with two young cocks I'd have to make do with his “old” cock. I unzipped him, got his prick out, sucked it for a minute getting him fully erect while he fingered me. I was speedily aroused again, knew we didn't have much time and started to stand intending to pull my dress over my head. He pulled me back down, telling me to keep below the backs of the seats to avoid being seen by the camera which he said pointed down the central aisle. Keeping low I pulled the dress up to my waist, pulled the top down uncovering my tits, turned, lowering myself onto his cock. He slid his cock straight in. I leant forward, resting my hands on the seat opposite and he fucked me sitting, holding my tits and pinching my stiff nipples.

We were still a few minutes from our stop, both oblivious to the train slowing for engineering works, until it was on a level crossing, travelling at walking pace. A lorry driver waiting at the barrier, windscreen level with our window saw us. I sat up as we passed giving him a good view of my almost naked body with Nick's cock in my pussy. To far gone to stop or care we carried on fucking as we slowly passed him. Nick continued fucking me until he shot his load. We had just enough time to dress before the train pulled in at the station. It wasn't the first time we'd had sex in a public place, but was the most daring I'd been so far. Instead of the local city centre and places we were unlikely to be recognised, it was also the closest to home. The certainty we'd been seen added to the thrill and intensified my yearning to be watched fucking.

With no underwear, his spunk dripping from my pussy and running down my legs we walked to the car park. I couldn't stop talking about what we'd done, giggling about the looks on the two guys faces. Driving to the house I excitedly told him how turned on I'd been by the lorry driver seeing us, mentioning that it would have been nice if the two guys could have fucked me too. “Trust me we'll find someone to fuck you at Masplaomas. It's only a couple of weeks away” he told me.

I told Lucy about some of our activities, including fucking on the train, showing off how uninhibited I was, expecting her to be shocked. Instead she said she wished she could find a guy like Nick. I kept to myself some of the things he'd told me, particularly about him sucking guys cocks. I was more open about wanting another guy to join us for a threesome and my interest in having sex with another woman. I was a little taken aback when she responded that she'd had sex with several girls at Uni, enjoyed it and said I should give it a try. That evening in bed, I was riding his cock. “Guess what. You won't believe this. Lucy had sex with women when she was at Uni” He was close to cumming, just grunted, driving his cock into me harder. I concentrated more on riding him, my own building orgasm and forgot all about Lucy after I climaxed.

Our holiday, was getting closer, only a week to go. The Saturday afternoon before, while I was untacking my horse I could see Nick chatting to Lucy. She'd agreed to look after our horses while we were away and he was discussing the details he told me afterwards. We had intended to go out that evening for me to flash. I was disappointed when he told me that he'd rather stay in, particularly as I had bought a butt plug to wear, to surprise him. It was quite special, a steel plug to insert in my anus, an external crystal orb with five gold pendants attached. The pendants long enough to dangle below the hem of my short dress, swinging between my legs as I walked. More excitingly if I bent over, I would be revealing the crystal plug in my bum. Even when I told him what I was planning he insisted we stay in and told me I could wear the butt plug in my arse on holiday. I had a bit of a strop and went up stairs to shower.

It was about thirty minutes later, having inserted the butt plug in my bum, that I walked into the lounge. My intention was to try to persuade him to change his mind. Instead I discovered why he didn't want to go out. He was at on the sofa having his cock sucked. I don't imagine you'll be surprised to learn he'd invited Lucy to join us but I certainly hadn't been expecting it. They hadn't wasted any time, both naked, Nicks erect cock in her mouth, his fingers in her cunt. She stopped sucking him and sat up legs apart, Nick still fingering her. It was the first time I'd seen her nude, nice firm tits, flat tummy, muscular thighs, her pussy shaved except for a small triangle of dark hair, pointing like an arrow at her pierced clitoral hood and her cunt.

Nick told me that he'd invited her to join us after all the things I'd told him about her. “So you can fuck her?” I demanded. “Only if you don't object” he replied. “But she's here for you too if you want to have sex with her” he explained. Lucy nodded her agreement. “It'll be fun. You'll enjoy it, I can't wait to taste your pussy and to feel your tongue in mine. If you don't like it we'll stop” she promised. Placated, excited by what was being suggested, I smiled and relaxed. I liked Lucy and I couldn't think of anyone better to have my first sexual experience of a woman with.

They moved apart, I sat between them. Possessively I reached out for his cock, and began to stroke it. Lucy rested an arm across my shoulders, watched for perhaps half a minute, before turning, leaning across, her tits pressing against me. She cupped his balls, gently squeezing them, our hands touching as I wanked him. She turned her head and kissed my neck, just below my ear, she planted little kisses, nibbling up and down my neck, licked my ear lobe, whispered “Open you legs for me. I want to finger you” I was already turned on and opened my legs. She stopped squeezing Nicks balls, moved her hand to my thigh, stroking my leg until her fingers touched my pussy. I sighed and automatically opened my legs wider for her.

She ran her fingers up and down my slit, touching my swollen clitoris with each stroke. She slid two fingers inside me. My cunt wet and welcoming took them, quickly followed by her other two fingers, her thumb pressing against my clit as she finger fucked me. She fingered my sodden cunt harder, kissing down my neck, the swell off my right breast. The tip of her wet tongue glided over my soft skin, encircling my erect nipple, before taking it in her mouth, and suckling me. She sucked my nipple before moving over to my left breast, tugging the nipple with her teeth, sucking it into her mouth. I gave a moan of desire, encouraging her tongue, lips and mouth to continue its journey towards my pussy.

She kissed and licked down over my tummy. Sliding lower, she stopped fingering me. Her lips kissed my mound. I opened my legs wider. I lost interest in Nick's cock for once, releasing it, cupping my tits, teasing my erect nipples. She kissed my clit, briefly sucked it. Kissing down the inside of my thigh she slipped to the floor, between my legs. Next to me Nick was masturbating. She pulled my bum to the edge of the sofa started kissing her way back up my other thigh towards my pussy. From my half open eyes I noticed that she'd taken Nicks cock in her hand, wanking him. I didn't care, moments later I felt her breath, then her tongue on my pussy. I couldn't stop myself from spreading my legs as wide as I could. I unconditionally gave myself over to the carnal delights of being aroused and pleasured by another woman.

I shivered with excitement as she licked my bum tracing a wet line around the butt plug then probed my cunt, her lips excited my clit, enjoying the sensation of her smooth skin, against mine. It felt so much more sensual than the rougher and sometimes stubbly skin on a guys face. She knew exactly what would arouse another woman, her tongue in my cunt some of the time, but concentrating my my clitoris. I felt Nick getting up. I watched as he moved and knelt behind Lucy. She continued performing cunnilingus on me, her mouth harder against my sex, as he raised her bum, moved her legs further apart and entered her. I felt the sigh of hot breath escape her mouth as he slid his cock up her cunt, fully penetrated her and began to fuck her.

Each time he pulled out and drove his cock back into her cunt, her mouth pressed more firmly against my pussy, adding to my arousal. I could feel the first flickers and flutters of an approaching orgasm. I didn't want her to stop, put a hand on her head, holding her against my cunt, began to rhythmically rock against her mouth. I felt a stronger flutter, and sighed. Nick was watching me. I locked eyes on his. Watching each other as we both neared climax. I could feel the warm flush of arousal radiating out from my cunt, my tits glowing pink, nipples almost painfully erect. He began fucking Lucy harder, I felt a strong pulse in my pussy, gasped I was cumming. She sucked my clitoris, teased it with her tongue. My cunt muscles contracted, pulsed. I had a powerful orgasm, writhing on the sofa, clamping Lucy's head between my thighs. I climaxed in two or three waves, releasing Lucy's head from between my thighs

Lucy lifted her head, looking at me, but not really seeing, her eyes glazed, mouth open, breaths coming in short sharp pants. She was close, a hand between her legs, frigging her clit. I noticed that Nick had worked a finger up her bum. I knew only to well how good that felt and wasn't surprised when, between sobs, she orgasmed, begging him to cum inside her. He fucked her for a little longer before obliging and ejaculating into her twitching body. He kept his cock inside her until she'd recovered enough to look up at me, grin and ask if I wanted to go down on her and lick Nicks spunk from her cunt.

I nodded, Nick, pulled out, she covered her pussy while she sat on the sofa and I moved between her legs. We both got cleaning duties. While I licked and sucked Nicks cum from her cunt, she licked and sucked his cock clean. He didn't get hard immediately, I had to wait an hour or so before he was hard again and ready to fuck me. That started with me and Lucy on the floor in a sixty nine, then Nick joining us. He entered me from behind, twisting the plug from my bum, replacing it with his fingers. He fucked me while Lucy sucked my pussy, licked his cock as it slid in and out of my cunt and I continued tonguing her cunt. It was wonderful, all of us cumming again.

We all spent the night together, Nick managed to fuck us both again. Nick watched me and Lucy, using our fingers, mouths and vibrators on each other. Lucy didn't leave until the following evening. By then Nick had, had us both again more than once. I'd been fucked by Lucy who'd brought a strap-on dildo with her. It was quite clear that Nick and Lucy had chatted more than I'd realised. It was obvious now that he was very good at picking up the signals and had realised that she was more of a slut than I'd ever have imagined.

Nick had fucked Lucy, something she'd made no secret of being after for some time. I'd had my first sex with another woman, enjoyed it and knew I'd do it again. What it had also done was make me more determined to let more guys fuck me. Why should Nick have all the fun? The trip to Maspalomas couldn't come soon enough for me.

I was enjoying my new found sexual freedom, becoming completely relaxed about sex, more than willing to try new things. I was surprised how much I enjoyed anal, bondage, being spanked and whipped and to a lesser extent watersports. The thrill I got from exhibitionism was less of a surprise as being seen naked and watched having sex was a long-time fantasy. We flew for our break the following weekend, but a flight delay meant it was to late to go to the beach the first day.

He'd taken me shopping and ordered things online before we travelled. I unpacked my case, laying out the tops. I put the skirts and dresses next to them. They left little to the imagination. Some of the skirts were micro length, the tops see through or semi transparent. I had no underwear other than the bra and panties I'd worn for the flight. I wouldn't be wearing them until the return journey.

I unpacked the other things, six miniscule mesh Wicked Weasel strings which became transparent when wet, to wear by the pool or strolling to the nude beach. Bikini tops which I had no intention of wearing unless I had to. Sarongs in case the sun was to strong and for the walk to the beach. I removed the other things from my case. A couple of dildos and vibrators which went next to the bed, lube, and my anal douche. I'd be sure to want Nick to to arse fuck me at least once during the week. I took the douche through to the shower room ready for use. At home we usually douched my arse in the garden, Nick filling my back passage with warm water. I'd hold it in, then squat feeding the plants with my watery discharge. The final items were condoms and Nicks metal cockrings, including an engraved one I'd bought him for his birthday and another which consisted of a metal ring enclosing his cock and balls with an attached probe which inserted in his arse. In my opinion cockrings are a marvellous invention. I'm certain they make his cock harder and bigger, keep him erect longer and makes him ejaculate copiously

Unpacked, I stripped naked, put my travelling clothes to one side. I stood in front of the mirror, ran my hands over my body, cupped my tits, pinching the nipples until they were hard. Moved my hand down to my pussy, feeling the slight stubble of a day or so's growth. After the time spent sunbathing naked in the garden my body was tanned, my tits a light brown, contrasting with the much darker colour my nipples had turned. I'd made a point of sunbathing with my legs open, ensuring my cunt, with no pubes covering it was as evenly tanned as the rest of my body.

I showered, washed my hair, ran a razor over my pussy, ensuring I was silky smooth. While Nick showered I put on my make-up, dried my hair and dressed. I put a white mini, buckled the belt which was almost as wide as the skirt and paired it with a white crop top and a pair of white sandals. I stood in front of the mirror checking myself out. My tanned legs looked long and shapely, all the way up the top of my thighs, the skirt just covering my pussy, the back revealing the swell of my naked buttocks. The crop top left the underside of my tits exposed. I raised my arms above my head, the top rose almost completely uncovering my tits. For some reason I thought of my husband and briefly wondered what he would think if he could see me about to go out dressed like a whore. He was being a twat over the divorce, sale of the house, really awkward and not for the first time I considered taking a selfie and sending it to him.

We went out for dinner, I flashed several guys, had my picture taken with some of them, either sitting legs open, holding the front of the skirt up or with with their arms around me hands on my tits. I even had a bit of competition, an attractive Dutch woman who was wearing a see through top revealing her large tits which I guessed were surgically enhanced, both her nipples pierced. Getting even more attention was her pussy, also pierced, rings through her labia, a chain dangling from a clit ring with a bell attached which tinkled as it swung between her legs. They spoke good English, we had a drink with them and she and I posed for more pictures. They invited us back to theirs, suggesting a swap. I'd have gone along with it, but it had been a long day, I was absolutely shattered, had a headache and we reluctantly declined their invitation.

Fortunately after a good nights sleep I felt fully refreshed and eager to go to the beach. As you may have gathered I love being naked and exposing my body. The apartment balcony was overlooked and I wondered out there for breakfast. It was relaxing, sitting in the warm sunshine, completely naked in full view of anyone who looked. I attracted several guys who were sharing apartments, who obviously kept a look out for me, appearing on their balconies whenever I was outside on ours. By the second day instead of just sitting out on the balcony, I reclined on the lounger, masturbating with about half a dozen guys watching. Late the same evening I put on an even filthier show.

I've got ahead of myself. Anyway, by the time we'd had breakfast, showered, done some shopping, had lunch it was early afternoon before we were ready to go to the beach. I selected one of the strings and put it on. It really was miniscule. A tiny triangle of mesh material which, if anything, drew attention to my pussy. It hardly did anything to conceal it that's for sure, leaving most of my smooth mound exposed, covering from just above my clit and my pussy slit before it narrowed between my legs. A minor adjustment and it slipped into my gash, my pussy lips splayed either side.

For the walk from the apartment to the beach I tied one of the sarongs under my arms covering my boobs. The sarong kept blowing open in the breeze during the walk along the street. I strolled confidently, enjoying being practically naked in a busy public place in daylight. As soon as we reached the beach I took off the sarong, followed by the string when we reached the nude section. It was quite busy, naked bodies of all shapes, sizes and ages. There were probably more men than women and a lot were middle aged or older. I'd never seen so many cocks. Most seemed pretty average size, some big ones caught my eye, no erect ones that I could see.

It wasn't until Nick took his clothes off that I realised he was wearing one of his cockrings. I think the rings make his cock look bigger, lifting and pushing his heavy balls forward. I couldn't help notice the appreciative looks his smooth hairless body and cock were getting from women and some men. We settled down, I spread sun lotion on my body rubbing it sensuously onto my tits and between my legs when Nick told me a couple of guys were watching me. For the next couple of hours I laid on my mat, turning occasionally to evenly tan my naked body. Like at home in the garden I lay with my legs wide open ensuring my pussy was as tanned as my body, adding more lotion, slowly rubbing it into my cunt whenever I noticed a guy watching.

We went for a swim, had a drink, people watched. I asked Nick when we could go and explore the dunes and he told me it was to early. I lay sunbathing, excited about going to the dunes but a little nervous, not being exactly sure what to expect. I asked a couple of times if we could go but he thought it to early. Eventually he whispered in my ear asking if I felt horny, because, in his words “About five guys have been watching you wanking for the last 15 minutes” I said I'd only been resting my hand on my pussy and had barely moved my fingers, hardly wanking. “But as you ask I am horny. Are you going to take me to the dunes and fuck me?” I asked hopefully. “Yes I think now would be a good time to go. Maybe your admirers will follow and watch. That's if you still want to be watched” he replied.

Since Nick had started fucking me my libido had increased hugely, I thought about sex more, imagining all sorts of naughty things and felt horny much of the time. The suggestion of an outdoor fuck appealed as always. The prospect of being openly watched appealed even more. We packed up our things and strolled towards the dunes. A glance behind confirmed he'd been correct about my admirers. I'm sure three, maybe all of them were following, at a discrete distance. Nick was familiar with the place. We reached the area where clumps of bushes, shrubs and stunted trees were growing. He guided us along paths, passing one or two places that looked suitable to me. I asked if he knew where he was going. He said we were nearly there.

We rounded a curve and saw a couple of middle aged men standing, backs to us, looking at a couple, partly hidden by some shrubs. As we got closer I could see they were wanking and the couple were kissing and playing with each other. I know that Nick had said this sort of thing went on but I hadn't expected it to be quite so open and explicit. “Do you think they'll mind if we stop and watch?” I asked, not sure of the “etiquette” He said they wanted people to watch and would probably indicate if they wanted people to join in.

We slowed then stopped. The woman, slid down the guys body and began to suck his cock while he fingered her. I stood engrossed, as she straddled him, guided his cock into her pussy and began to ride him. Other than watching Nick fuck Lucy, it was the first time I'd seen anyone having sex. With increasing excitement I watched, enthralled as the guys cock slid in and out of the womans cunt. She climbed off, lay on her back, spread her legs. He rolled on top, sliding his cock back in to her gaping hole. The continued fucking. She wrapped her legs around him, digging her nails into his back.

Nick had his hand on my bum stroking between my cheeks. Almost without thinking I reached for his cock, just holding it. He smiled at me, “Finger yourself” he suggested. I moved my other hand onto my pussy, shuffled my legs apart and began to caress my clit. My cunt rapidly moistened, I slipped my fingers into my hole, unabashedly masturbating. The two guys were watching the couple and glancing at me until she began to writhe under him and climaxed. The guy fucked her for another couple of minutes then started grunting, cumming in her pussy. He pulled out, sat beside her and she called a couple of the guys over. One knelt beside her and she began sucking his cock, whilst the other fingered her, spunk soaked pussy, then went down on her.

Watching her being pleasured made me hornier. I told Nick I'd seen enough, wanted him to fuck me and asked him to find a spot quickly. “Do you want to invite your admirers to watch?” he asked. I nodded that I did. He turned towards them and pointed where we were going, indicating they should follow. It was less than a hundred yards, a clump of shrubs, in a U shape, open on one side, a well trodden path running past it, overlooked by a dune, very exposed.

I was almost shaking with nerves as we rolled out our mats. I sat on mine, opened my legs then froze, looking at the half dozen guys watching. This sounds ridiculous but I turned to Nick and asked what I should do. He was really understanding, told my to try and relax. He started kissing me, on my mouth, then neck, his hand stoking my thigh. I shut my eyes. He kissed down my shoulder, licked the swell of my tit and took the nipple in his mouth, gently sucking it erect, before moving to the other tit. He began to rub my cunt with the side of his hand, sliding it along my wet gash. I felt much more at ease, let my legs fall wider apart as he took my hand and placed it on my pussy, pressing my fingers into my hole. “Do what you usually do. They want to watch you and fuck you” he told me quietly.

I began to masturbate, reached for Nicks cock, as much for comfort as anything, and began stroking his erection. Opening my eyes after a minute or two to look if they were watching, I was gratified to see that a couple more guys had appeared. I thought I'd seen them watching me on the beach and like most of the others were wanking their cocks. Unlike the others who were mostly middle aged, overweight or both and not particularly attractive, they were younger, probably early twenties, had nice tanned bodies and reasonably large hard cocks.

Nick noticed that I was ignoring the others, concentrating on the two guys and called them into the enclosed area with us. Nick suggested I should get on all fours to prevent sand getting in my pussy and suck his cock. The disadvantage was that I would no longer be able to see the guys. I waved to them to move beside me. I got comfortable, then took Nicks super hard erection in my mouth, the cockring working its magic. I started sucking him, either side the two guys stood only 2 or 3 feet away wanking. I reached between my legs, to finger myself. Nick asked if I wanted the guys to participate. I nodded and he told them they could come closer and touch me.

They'd obviously had previous encounters with Brits and had a limited grasp of English. The main words they knew were, “Cunt, Fuck, Cock, Pussy, Suck, Slut, Cum, Spunk, Prick, Arse” about all they needed to get by. The one to my left moved slightly further back, knelt and began to touch my bum, running his fingers along my crack. I moved my legs further apart. He touched my anus, circling it with fingertip, before sliding a couple of fingers into my cunt. I continued to frig my clit, his fingers brushing against mine as he finger fucked me. He twisted his wrist, added a third and fourth finger, pressing his thumb against my anus, pushing it in to my arse.

The other guy, concentrated on my tits, reaching beneath me, squeezing them, pinching and pulling my nipples, his cock grazing my face. After a couple of minutes, Nick pulled his prick from my mouth, turned my head towards the guy and without any hesitation I took him between my lips and began to suck him. The guy fingering me stopped and moved behind me. I could feel him wanking his cock, rubbing it against my bum, leaving a rail of sticky pre-cum on my skin. I gave my bum a wiggle, until his cock slipped between my legs and touched my cunt. I expected him to push it in, but he just slid it back and fore along my gash. I guessed he was waiting to be invited to enter and fuck me. I looked towards Nick, he gave me a nod, mouthed “Go on” I let the cock in my mouth slip out, looked over my shoulder, remembered the condoms, asked Nick for one. “I forgot to pick them up” he replied. I was in heat, really wanted the guys cock. “You can fuck me. I want your cock in my cunt” I told him.

I watched while he held his hard shaft, shuffled closer and guided his knob towards my cunt. I lowered my head, looking back between my open legs. I could see his balls, his fist wrapped around his shaft. I felt the tip touch my pussy and entering me. I arched my back as he held my hips, drawing me onto his throbbing cock. He slid into me, my cunt stretching snugly around his thick pole until he'd fully penetrated me, his balls nestling against my clit. He began fucking me, I braced myself, savouring the moment of being taken by a complete stranger, whose name I didn't know, watched by still more strangers. I waited until he had a nice steady rhythm, before taking the other guys cock back into my mouth sucking him, more or less in time with the guy fucking me.

He fucked me steadily for several minutes, then harder as he got close to cumming. I heard his breathing quicken. I wasn't quite there but wanted him to cum. I clenched my cunt muscles and was rewarded by his cock pulsing in response, as he shot his load, spurting two or three times in my pussy. He pulled out almost immediately. I stopped sucking the cock in my mouth, urgently pushed the guy behind me, indicating that I wanted him to fuck me too. It never crossed my mind that he might be reluctant to shove his cock into a cunt drenched with another guys spunk. Fortunately he had no such hang ups, ramming his cock, unceremoniously into my highly aroused cunt.

Without a cock in my mouth to distract me I was able to concentrate purely on my own pleasure. I lowered my head, resting it on the mat between my forearms, raising my bum allowing him to penetrate me more deeply. He had a nice technique, pulling out almost completely, momentarily teasing my clit, before sliding his cock back up me. Each time he thrust into me harder. He increased my pleasure by spreading my buttocks, prising my anus open with his thumbs. He spat on me, then flexing his thumbs stretched my anus open, using the saliva as a lubricant to insert them both up my arse.

Simultaneous pussy and anal stimulation really turns me on. He fucked me to orgasm, slowing down, holding back from cumming himself while I climaxed. He waited for my first orgasm to subside a little, before whipping his prick from my cunt, attempting to push his knob between his thumbs and slide his cunt juice coated cock up my arse. He got it partially in before I remembered I hadn't anally douched and just how messy anal sex could be. I moved and indicated to put it back in my pussy and cum inside me.

My second orgasm was even more intense. He'd fucked me for several more minutes. I started to cum, juices squirting out as he thrust he cock into my cunt. I felt him straining, his cock twitching, then pulse as he ejaculated. That was the tipping point, I squirted on the sand as each orgasmic wave coursed through my body, then lost complete control and emptied my bladder, pissing on the sand with everyone watching.

He kept his cock inside me, forcing the last drops of spunk from his cock, pulling out as my piss flow reduced to a trickle. Piss dribbled down my thigh, mixing with some of the first guys spunk, more seeping from my hole adding to the cocktail. I kept still, letting them all see my just fucked hole, only moving and sitting when Nick asked if I'd had enough. I hadn't, but I don't find overweight older guys attractive and though it probably sounds unfair that pretty much described those who were watching. His cock was nice and hard and I said I wanted him, if he didn't mind fucking me with the other guys spunk still in my pussy.

The piss had more or less dried as I lay back, spread my legs and Nick mounted me. Once he was inside me I raised my legs around him, ensuring that the guys and a couple of women who'd arrived, had a clear view of Nicks cock, pounding away at my pussy. He was incredibly hard, had his usual staying power, assisted by the cockring and fucked me for 10 or 15 minutes.

We were both absolutely drenched in perspiration by the time he came inside me. A couple of bottles of water poured over us did little to cool us down. We lay in the shade, most of the people drifted off, looking for more action I imagine, though a couple of men sat nearby, wanking, watching the spunk still leaking from my pussy, perhaps hoping for an invite to fuck me. I was hot, sticky and thirsty and after about 30 minutes wiped my pussy, slipped my string and sarong back on and we headed back to the apartment.

After a shower and a rest we went out for dinner. I was hoping we might bump into the Dutch couple we'd met the previous night. I'd fancied the guy, Nick was certainly keen to fuck the woman. I was fascinated by her piercings and interested in asking about them, finding out more and perhaps having my pussy and nipples pierced when we got home. We spent a couple of hours strolling with me flashing. Unfortunately we didn't see them and after a light dinner returned for an early night, though I didn't get to sleep particularly early, thinking about what I'd done earlier, imagining what might happen the next day.

We spent until the afternoon by the pool. I sunbathed topless and my tiny string got me plenty of attention. This time we went directly to the dunes, stopping to watch a couple having sex before finding a spot for ourselves. It was a bit of a disappointment in some ways. Partly my fault. It wasn't as if there weren't any men who wanted to fuck or play with me, it was me not fancying any of the ones who came over. However, I enjoyed Nick fucking me, watched by about a dozen men. Later I “entertained” a group of men and women, masturbating while they watched and Nick persuaded me to let several guys wank over me. They took turns cumming on my body and I smeared their spunk onto my tits with one hand and rubbed it into my cunt with the other.

We called into a bar for a couple of drinks on the way back to the apartment, decided to stay in that evening, stopping at a supermarket to buy something for dinner. We had dinner on the balcony before I went to the bathroom. I wanted Nick to fuck my arse later and douched first, then showered and washed my hair. It was dark by the time I went back out on the balcony. A lovely evening, no need for clothes, not that I really needed an excuse, I adore the freedom of being naked and the thrill of being seen.

I settled on a lounger, in the open part of the tiered balcony, legs open enjoying the feel of the cooling breeze on my freshly shaven pussy. With the wall lights I was well illuminated and after about 15 minutes I was spotted by a group of English lads having a party three apartments along on the tier above, their balcony looking down on to ours. I gave them a wave to show I didn't mind them looking, then moved the lounger so they could see me better

They naturally called their mates out to ogle me and my good intentions of a quiet drink then bed and sex with Nick were soon forgotten. He brought me a drink then leant against the railings watching me flashing the guys and playing with myself. Their raucous calls for more only encouraged me. Fortunately the two apartments above were unoccupied. Anyone looking from the two apartments beyond the guys couldn't see everything, though it wouldn't have mattered as they were occupied by the same group. I asked Nick to fetch my largest dildo, a black penis shaped monster about a 12 inches long and 2 ½ inches in diameter. He lubed it for me, then squirted some on my pussy and worked it into my hole with four fingers while I held the dildo. “Want to see me fisted first?” I called up. Silly question really. Nick, began to swivel his hand, rotating his fingers stretching my cunt. He folded his thumb into his palm, and closed his hand pushing it in up to the wrist. I rested my hand on my tummy, pressed down, feeling his hand, wrist and forearm inside me. He began fisting me, pumping his hand and arm in and out of my cunt for two or three minutes until I told him I wanted bring myself off with the dildo. With my cunt lubricated and distended I easily shoved the thick plastic prick into my hole and put on a filthy show, fucking myself with it until I came.

They'd obviously enjoyed watching me. “Come up here we'll give you the real thing. All of us if you're up for it” several of them urged. I asked how many there were, “Twelve” came the reply. After what had been a bit of an unsatisfactory visit to the dunes I was keen to be fucked by some fit young guys. I quickly asked Nick if I should go. He asked if I thought I could manage to take on twelve guys. “I don't know, but if you don't mind, I'd like to try. After all you did promise I'd get lots of cock” I reminded him with a dirty grin. He told me to go for it. Getting up from the lounger, I called up to the guys that we'd be about fifteen minutes.

I had a quick shower to freshen up and put on some make up. That's all I put on. There didn't seem much point dressing to walk a few yards along the hallways and up a flight of stairs. A couple of them were waiting at top of the stairs, their eyes out on stalks when I appeared through the fire doors, completely naked. We went into the apartment, Nick dropped a handful of condoms on the table, a drink was pushed into my hand as introductions of sorts were made. They'd arrived that afternoon, had been planning on going out “on the pull” but a bird in the hand, or perhaps I should say “Pussy on a plate” had changed their minds. They were younger than I'd thought, the youngest, a guy called Rob, only just 18 and it transpired, a virgin. They ribbed Rob mercilessly, pushing him forward, when I asked who wanted to fuck me first.

I played along, sitting on his lap, placing his hand on my pussy, pressing his fingers into my cunt. I could feel his cock stiffening in his shorts as I wriggled my bum. All his mates started loudly urging him to fuck me. Although he was fingering me he was blushing furiously and when I slid off his lap to pull his shorts down, with the intention of sucking his cock, he said he couldn't do it with everyone watching. I took pity on him, grabbed a condom, and led him into one of the bedrooms, closing the door firmly behind me. He relaxed. I pulled his shorts down, took hold of his erect cock, gave it a kiss, before laying him on the bed and straddling him. I put his hands on my tits then pressed his cock flat against his tummy, lowered myself and slid back and fore, sliding it along my slit, rubbing it against my clit. I thought he was going to cum, so stopped and gently squeezed just below the glans. When I thought he'd calmed down I raised myself up, held his stiff cock steady and guided it into my hole.

It was all to much for him, I'd only moved up and down on him maybe 5 or 6 times before he groaned, went rigid and ejaculated. He started to apologise, he told him to be quiet, and keep still, knowing that if his mates overheard they'd give him a hard time. His cock was inside me, still quite stiff. I continued to ride him, whilst frigging my clitoris, making all the right noises, pretending he was fucking me until I noisily climaxed. “Give it an hour or so then fuck me again I'm sure you'll last longer” I told him as I climbed off. Only then did I remember that in my excitement I'd forgotten the condom. With his spunk dripping from my pussy, when we went back into the lounge, they were all convinced he'd fucked me for much longer and made me cum.

The ice had been broken and I was faced with most of the other eleven, with their cocks out, already hard or stroking them erect, some rolling condoms on to their pricks. They were all eager to fuck me next. with Nick capturing it all on his phone, I got stuck in, playing with their cocks, going from one to the next, sucking them, before choosing one to fuck me. Over the next hour about half of them took turns fucking me, in the bedrooms, lounge, out on the balcony. We stopped for around half an hour while I had a drink, freshened up and went to the loo, before resuming with a guy who had quite a large cock. The condoms Nick had brought had all been used and he fucked me bareback.

I was being fucked in one of the bedrooms, most of the guys sitting drinking, while they watched, some recovering, others waiting for their chance to fuck me. I was on top of the guy, facing him, riding his cock, when Nick joined us on the bed. I turned my head, he'd put on a cock ring and was rampant. I began licking and sucking his cock and balls, while he began to caress my bum, prior to teasing my anus. I'd been fucked so many times by then the tops of my legs, around my cunt and anus were slick with spunk and he had no difficulty pushing a couple of fingers up my arse.

After a minute or two he moved behind me, withdrawing his fingers. “Leave them in” I sighed. He had a better idea. I hadn't noticed his absence, but he must have slipped out to our apartment and fetched my anal lube and the last few condoms. “I'm going to fuck your arse. DP you” he told me holding up the tube. We'd done it often enough with a dildo in my pussy which I adored so could hardly wait to experience taking a hard, throbbing cock in my cunt and Nick's, larger, equally stiff prick in my arse. Only as an afterthought did it occur to me to ask the guy whose cock I was riding. He said he had tried to persuade a girlfriend to let him and a mate DP her without success and it was cool for Nick to fuck my arse.

I continued slowly rocking on the cock in my pussy while Nick lubed his cock, only stopping when he put his hand on my shoulders and pressed me down on the guy. He raised my bum a little, spread my buttocks and worked his thumbs into my bum hole. As usual he pushed them both in, prised my anus open, sliding his cock in as he withdrew his thumbs. Once his knob was inside me he penetrated my arse easily, his shaft sliding smoothly up my bum.

Crouching behind and slightly above me he began fucking my arse. He gave me several long deep thrusts. The guy underneath kept still until I started to clench my cunt muscles on his prick and told him to fuck me too. He was a little jerky to begin with but soon got the hang of it. I moved with them, pushing back against both their thrusting cocks, and was rewarded by the awesome sensation of their cocks almost touching each other through my cunt walls. It was phenomenal, so much better than using a dildo in my pussy. They fucked me for about 10, maybe 15 minutes, sometimes both together, sometimes one keeping still while the other pounded my pussy or arse. I came 3 or 4 times with varying intensity before I felt the guy pumping his spunk into my cunt. Nick realised he'd cum, lifted my bum higher so the guys cock slipped from my pussy, rammed his cock fully up my arse, fucking me hard while I frantically masturbated until he came in my bum a minute or so later.

Once they knew that I was into anal sex as well as fucking and sucking it was inevitable that some of them would want to try anal sex. About half of them wanted to fuck my arse. The last of the condoms had been picked up off the table. Some used them, most didn't. Naturally having witnessed Nick and their mate Double Penetrating me, others wanted to try it. Three of the times I took a cock in my arse, I ended up stopping to allow one of the others to position himself to fuck my pussy too. The others watched or swapped around, pushing their cocks in my mouth.

When the guys who wanted to fuck my arse had finished, two guys who'd fucked me earlier were hard again. They asked if I could take both their cocks in my cunt. I was more than game to attempt it. One lay down, I climbed on top in the reverse position, guided his prick into my pussy and laid back on top, legs wide open, offering my cunt for the second guy to penetrate me. He crouched between my legs. I reached down pulling my hole wider open while he pushed the end of his cock in. With almost embarrassing ease my cunt stretched to accommodate him. He slid his cock in on top of his mates and they both fucked and eventually came inside me.

I think I probably sucked all of their cocks. Most of them had me twice, some three times, fucking my cunt, arse or both, including Rob, the now ex virgin, who fucked me in front of everyone the second time and lasted a reasonable amount of time before cumming. I lost count of how many times I orgasmed during the night, aroused as much from the eroticism of my debauched behaviour as the actual sex. By the early hours I'd been well and truly fucked in all my holes and was just too exhausted and sore to continue. Several of them had recovered and were hoping to fuck me again. They had to be satisfied with wanking over me, where I lay on the floor, squirting their cum at my cunt, on my tits, face and hair.

I sat up, when the last one squeezed the last dribble of sperm from his cock, into my mouth. Spunk ran down my face, more on my tits, dangling from my nipples, on my tummy, cunt and thighs. Nick helped me to my feet and I stood ready to leave. I could feel their spunk trickling down my body, dripping from my cunt, oozing from my arse. They all had a good grope as I made my way to the door. Nick picked me up, leaving a trail of spunk on the tiles between their apartment and ours. Nick took me into the shower, and washed their cum from my hair, my face, my body, held the shower head between my legs, sluicing semen from my pussy. He dried me and took me to bed for some well earned sleep.

I was alone in bed when I awoke, laid in a damp spot from the spunk that had continued to seep from my body whilst I slept. It was mid morning, I made a coffee and joined Nick on the balcony. He asked how I was. I confessed that my pussy was a little sore and tender. Then I asked the question that had been praying on my mind when I woke. “Do you think I'm a Slut, letting so many guys fuck me?” I asked. “Of course I don't think that. I know you're a Slut and I love you all the more for it. I'm proud of you and you should be proud of yourself. Not many women would be willing to do what you did last night” he replied. That set my mind at rest and actually I was rather pleased with myself.

I'd learnt two important lessons. The first, not to be so ambitious and greedy in future, at least not until my pussy was more accustomed to taking multiple cocks. It was my own fault for continuing after they'd all fucked me once. I had some marks on my bum and tits which I'm not sure how I got and bruising on my inner thighs which I think was mostly from when I took two cocks in my cunt. Even worse, my pussy was tender until the last day, though sitting in the cool sea was soothing. Fortunately my bum wasn't as sore and Nick was still able to arse fuck me. We spent time at the nude beach and visited the dunes. I was a spectator until the next couple of days, and jealously watched other women being fucked and saw Nick fellate a guy and him being given a blow job by a young guy.

On the final afternoon we strolled to the dunes. I didn't want to leave without being fucked there again. My pussy had recovered sufficiently for Nick to fuck me, followed by a guy of about my age who had watched us and I fancied. Nick had bought some more condoms. I rolled one onto the guys cock before kneeling on all fours and inviting him to fuck me doggy. That was the second lesson I'd learned. You can never have enough condoms. Much as I prefer being fucked bareback it is only sensible to use protection, particularly as I intend to continue to allow strangers to fuck me and indulge in anal and double penetration.

I was disappointed that we were there for only a week, but Nick promised we'd return in a few months. That cheered me up a bit, but the wait!! “Surely I'm not going to have to wait that long. Aren't I supposed to be a Slut? I asked teasingly. “Don't worry. I fully intend to ensure you're more than satisfied” he told me.

This is as far as I'd originally written and as I said at the beginning, I felt the majority had lost interest, so I'll add a couple of paragraphs to tidy the end and finish the story.

My sexual adventures have continued since we returned home. A few days after we returned Nick came home with a package containing a strap-on dildo. He asked me to put it on and fuck his arse. While he showered and douched I stripped naked, buckled and adjusted the harness and attached the 8” cock shaped dildo. I was waiting on the bed, stroking the dildo, wanking like a guy when he joined me and knelt on the bed. After I'd carefully lubed his anus and the dildo, I moved behind him and being as gentle and careful as he was with me, inserted “my cock” into his bum and fucked his arse while he wanked. I urged him not to cum and he held back, stopping wanking each time he was close to cumming The horniness of fucking him, combined with the sensation of the base of the dildo, stimulating my clitoris gave me an orgasm. I withdrew the dildo from his bum, wriggled under him, took his cock in my mouth and sucked him off, greedily swallowing his spunk when he climaxed.

I've had a few more sessions with Lucy, and she's joined us with three guys, one of whom is now her boyfriend. The most I've had in one night is six, and I managed that easily and could have taken more. One of them was Bi and I had the pleasure of watching him and Nick performing sex acts on each other and Nick fucking his arse. Not having to rely on one hard cock to satisfy me is part of the attraction. What woman doesn't at least dream about having two, three, four or more rampant cocks, sliding into their cunt, one after the other? I find the the depravity of having several guys fuck me intensely arousing, even more so if two guys fuck my arse and my cunt simultaneously.

I'm unsure what the definition of a gangbang is, but my personal opinion is that the twelve guys who fucked me at Maspalomas might not be considered enough to qualify. Maybe one of you can tell me, because Nick has arranged a party for New Years Eve with just me and Lucy as the only females. I know that he's received more than twenty acceptances and he's promised me a special surprise. I think that I'm going to get Blacked, at least that's what I'm hoping.

I think I can now be considered to be a slut, but I'll leave that for you decide.

Wishing all who've got this far and enjoyed accompanying me on my journey of sexual discovery a Happy Christmas and a Prosperous and sex filled New Year.

Carolyn xxx.

PS I've just remembered I was going to tell you about my trip to York. If you're interested leave a comment and I'll post in the New Year