17 May 2018

Norfolk Broads Summer 1972

The same Girlfriend and I had had a holiday camping in North Wales for one week all went well nothing untoward to recount we then had a second week booked on a cabin cruiser on the Norfolk Broads. Sounds nice

Does anyone realise the driving time from up near Anglesey to the Norfolk Broads and to cap it all we had a really fast car (not) an Austin A30.

Anyway needless to say we arrived late and stressed picked the boat up moored for the night at the boatyard, moored next o lots of other boats.

Now the girl I was going out with was a bit of a screamer and so we didn’t do much that night in view of the very close proximity of the boats moored each side of us.

Jill had a few fantasies she wanted to do, one of which entailed getting fucked on deck.

Not to be undertaken in a very busy boat yard in the early 70’s unless you wanted to be arrested

I had never been on a boat before but she had had many family holidays on them

The next day was a lovely day and Jill knew just where to moor. We had anchored off shore on Hickling Broad a very big lake.

We were laid on a mattress in the stern well an area just big enough for us to put the cushions down off the benches and Jill was riding me reverse cowgirl fashion and

all that could be seen was her head above the transom looking aft. Jill was having fun and being quite vocal.

When all of a sudden from the bow of our boat another boat slowly pulled alongside drifting slowly past us about 15 feet away. The boat was much bigger than ours and seemed to be a small day boat carrying about 12 people they were obviously tourists with cameras and binoculars. To make things worse one guy had a video camera (very new in those days)

about the size of small TV perched on his shoulder.

He walked along the length of his boat so he could keep us in shot. Jill jumped off me, her tits bouncing and her cunt bright red from the fucking. The boat slowly drifted away turned and came back towards but we were by then both cowering inside our boat.

Ahh the joys of boating. lol

I am convinced this gave me the urge for exhibitionism

Later that summer I went off to college and our relationship fizzled out over the next 8 months as I dated a number of girls before meeting the utterly fantastic Q.