28 Jul 2017

We have got into this scene I think more by accident we didn't set out or plan to do it, if anyone it was my wife Jill who got us started we got to know a young man James socially he used the same pub as us over time we got to know each other and got more friendly

We had been drinking one evening with James and on the way home Jill said what a nice guy James was and I agreed in this conversation about James Jill said jokingly she could do him a favor

So I said why don't you she laughed saying don't be drafted, after we got home and gone to bed somehow the subject of James came up again, talking about him at that point in a normal way as we chatted I thought I would try my luck seeing as Jill didn't seem to want to go to sleep, I was rubbing her thigh as she was saying James didn't seem to have a girlfriend by then my hand was between her thighs and she snuggled into me and she got hold of my stiff dick, I whispered maybe you should be his girlfriend my finger had found her pussy at the same time she felt ready so I rolled onto her as I did I said this is James cock

I fucked her slow and gentle and Christ she seem wet after a few minutes I got faster she grounded then gasped as she cum seconds after that my balls tightened up and I shot my load

I am sure Jill was think of James when I shagged her,, some days later James came up in a conversation and somehow it got to age difference Jill was saying how James must look on her as a mother figure he was twenty two and she was forty I joked saying he could be your toy boy it got laughed off

Over the next month or so when ever we bumped in James I noticed Jill payed him more attention, it was a few weeks after that there was only a few in the pub it was dead we sat chatting to James then out of the blue Jill said to me this is boring let's go home then she said to James you can come with us we got some drink

Before I knew it the three of us where walking home together

Once in doors we had a drink and where talking as time went by I noticed Jill was drinking more than normal they both sat on the sofa an hour later she was joking with James but as she did her hand was on his thigh she was soom closer to him, James keep looking at me I made out I didn't notice, just watching my wife started to get me aroused, as I had a semi stiff on I thought I better get out of there before it got noticed so I went to the loo I needed a piss eany way

In the loo I wondered what should I do go back and put a stop to it or

just let things go, was Jill pissed or was she drinking to use it as an excuse or had I got it completely wrong it was just a bit of fun

I when back to the front room but I only got as far as the door, inside there was my wife kissing James she had him pressed back on the sofa, I stepped back not hiding jest back looking in from the hallway

I felt lost not knowing what to do but I did nothing just stood there watching I couldn't really believe what was happening or what my wife was doing

She was making all the running, she had her hand under James top and she was kissing him, her hand then when down to his crotch

That was when he started to feel Jill's tits he was now getting into it

moments later Jill was pulling at his jeans trying to undo them

She seemed to struggle with them, James helped he even pushed them down onto his thighs, my wife's hand went into his pants, it was then she stopped kissing him and looked down with a surprised look on her face, James did no more he pushe his pants down to his jeans I think that sobered Jill up I know it surprised me James had got some cock on him it was a hell of a lot longer than mine and it had to be twice as big he was circumcised I could see why, the helmet was long and wide bigger than his shaft

Jill got hold of it with a look of disbelief her thumb and fingers didn't meet round it, it looked really stiff the big vein at the back standing out, Jill started slowly rubbing it I didn't think she was sure what to do with it was that big and she is used to a foreskin on mine

James started to take over more now he was undoing her blouse he pushed it off her shoulders she got one arm out it hung on the other arm the one holding his cock

Jill is quite well endowed she has quite a large bust I could see her tits rising and falling she was breathing quite heavily she had to be excited,, I watched her hand moving up and down his cock when it was at the bottom there plenty of room to get another hand on top I would say I have a hand full and plus a little bit

Jame then pushe Jill down towards his cock, Jill has never really been into give oral that mutch she will do it sometimes

This time she surprised me, she went right down to it, then licked round the head before trying to get it in her mouth once in it was like a huge gobstopper she didn't get much more than his helmet in but she was not making a bad job of cock sucking

James undid her bra when she was bent over, she spent a lot longer sucking him than I thought she would I would say it got a bit much for him he pulled her up as she sat up her breasts slid out from under her bra dropping down, her nipples cover quite an area on her breasts the nipples are long and dark but I never seem then quite as stiff as then they stood right out they started kissing and it was him kissing her this time

It was long passionate kiss, his hand went between Jill's legs she parted them for him the way his arm moved he was fingering her

What followed seemed clumsy and rushed James desperately pulling his jeans off then he was trying to get Jill's knickers off she lifted up to help then tugged her skirt up to her waist

He was between her legs she moved herself to the edge of the sofa parting her thighs as wide as she could

James was holding his cock as he shuffled a little closer there seemed to be some fiddling with Jill looked down a she sat there , then James looked as if he moved forward her head went back I heard her gasp Jesus Christ out loud, his cock had to be in her, James pushed she was looking down again her eyes closed as she cried out OH God

James gave a hard thrust as Jill went AAAHA Christ and he was right up her, god know what it felt like she had never had a cock like that in her before definitely one not that long nor as big as that,

it must of really stretched her pussy

They seemed to keep still then James backside move back there was a loud moan coming from Jill then before I knew it he had pushed back in that made her gasp he did that slowly a few times I thought taken more out each time before going in she gasped with every inward stroke, next I watch him pick her legs up something else I had not done in a very long time now her pussy was completely exposed when he drove his cock in this time she cried out he must of got a little deeper like that as he had her legs pushed apart

It only took a few more moments before Jill started to make the noises she make before she climax as Jomes movement got faster I heard OH Yes Yes then a gasp she was cumming alright

It is hard to say if James realized he was speeding up now, the sofa got pushed back right on to the wall, his thrusting got faster and faster his ares was going like a machine gun, Jill was going crazy bloody hell I never expected this Iam sure my wife didn't

James was fucking at one hell of a rate it seemed as if Jill's climaxes just ran into each other I had never heard her make a noise like that at one point I am sure she was saying stop Jame either didn't hear or he just wanted to cum as well either way he carried on

It seemed he was fucking as hard and fast as he could he managed to carry on for what must have been ten minutes with out slowing at all

There was a loud grunt he gasped he was up her his ares clinched he shook with each gasp he was pumping his load into my wife

After some seconds he became still Jill looked as if she was trembling under him he slumped over her her arms went round him

I had moved into the doorway I was just inside as they had been fucking, they lay together her arms round him his cock still inside her, as I stood there, James in the end leant back the end of his softening cock just in her I could see spunk running out, as he move back it flopped out and there was my wife's pussy the lips rolled back and still open a long string of spunk hanging down and more coming out her hole

It was then she noticed me there was for a few seconds panic she tried to push James away , that made James look round seeing me he panicked it was scene of confusion for a few seconds both trying to cover up, I walked in and sat down it was a very awkward and embarrassing silence that seemed to last forever but was only seconds with both of them looking at me, all I said was well and that did it Jill said sorry I said no that is fine, a silly thing to say I know I was a bit lost for words it is not every day you watch your wife being fucked by a young stud half her age

It broke the ice James still look scared but he could see nothing was going to happen he got his pants on Jill put her blouse on and pulled her skirt down, it was still a strange situation to be in but slowly a conversation started, with out going into that I got them a drink Jill when to the loo to get cleaned up I guess it was all unreal sitting there after what happened

An hour or so later I said is James going or staying my wife's face well she looked at me and asked what I meant, so I said again is he staying here tonight as there was no reply I said it looks like he is I will go in the spear bedroom and at that I left them

Sometime later I heard them coming up, I guess about half an hour or more later I head our bed started to rattle, Jill cried out she started to make a lot of noise the bed was now banging on the wall Christ she was getting it she really was and it went on longer than it did downstairs

In the morning I got up about eightish I looked in on them they looked to be asleep , I had been down start almost an hour when I heard a hell of ratick upstairs our bed was banging away bloody hell they at it again, when they did come down they both looked sheepish James got dressed and said he had to go, now we where alone neither of us really knew what to say it was a bit awkward

Anyway Jill was concerned about me I had to convince her I was fine she said she got carried away last night so I helped her say you had a bit to drink she said most likely but when she asked why I wanted James to say I at first said I don't know then said no I wanted him to this told her I was really okay about it

I had just asked if she wanted to see James again and she said she would very much like to and I had just told her I hopped she would

At that point our son walked in he was surprised to see his mum in a dressing gown that late she is normally up and about early, she said I am going to shower and get dressed and left me with him, I couldn't say your mums been fucking by a boy your age all night could I I said we had a late night, he wanted me to go over to his to help him do a few things, so I was away most of the day

When I got home I found a happy wife, she wanted to make sure I was alright about James after telling her I was she asked would it be okay if he came over that evening, I didn't quite expect that but said yes, she hugged me told me how wonderful I was and she loved me

I did say I don't want anyone finding out she agreed and I told her he can come over when ever she like to invite him

That Friday night changed thing for ever I wouldn't say in a bad way now we are used to it, the first couple of weeks Jill was like a kid with a new toy and James is almost part of the family now there is a lot more to be told but would like to know what you have to say