Written by Gary

8 Oct 2013

This some thing that go's back a number of years, we been married six years at the time the youngest kid was at school, I think the fact Mandy my wife had time on her hands also she come from a teenager to motherhood in a very short time ans maybe thought she lost out some how any way what ever it was she got mixed up with a bloke and started an affair, it took a few months before I found out like most things you try to do behind some ones back you slip up make a mistake some where along the line in the end

When I did find out all hell was let lose I found the bloke one night and gave him a right hiding in a pub car park, Mandy and me almost split up if it not been for the kids I think we would of done, it took a long time to patch things up and for me to trust her again time heals, years past and we quite happily married the kids grew up first one then the other moved out leaving us alone still quite young Mandy early forties I am in my fifties

Mandy always been a bit flirty in a good humored way, she will dress a little sexy when we go out but that's my wife and I am now sure she never strayed after that first time

It was about then two things came about which was going to change out life and future the first one was I started having problems with my erection lets say it let me down some times and it got worse over a few months it turned it was coursed by another problem which is going to take a long time to sort out and given me some embarrassment

The other thing was we went on holiday when you are away things are not like being at home you are more carefree the sun and booze you not normally have you are relaxed

We both like to go out and have a drink so on holiday no driving we got the chance

So we out most nights hitting the town well the local bars most full of kids off there heads on cheep booze a tad to much for us so we found a couple of more quieter places still quite crowed but not so loud, so they became out regular hornets

After a couple of days I think we got recognized not only by the bar people but a few of the local Spanish, Mandy got asked to dance by a couple of guys she looked at me as if to say what do I do I gave a nod no harm in a dance I don't now a days used to I am more and watch with a beer now

One gut took a interest in us well Mandy not so much me I think, he was plight and asked me if I minded any way as time past he ended up sitting with us Tony was his name

On the way back to the hotel I was saying what a nice chap he was Mandy agreed, the next night Tony is there we had a nice night with him Mandy danced a lot he asked a lot of questions about us I didn't get what his motive was or what he was getting at, funny things like you like your wife dancing with younger men like me I said you are fine yes good to see her enjoying her self,good he said we have lots of couples come her on holiday so there wife's can enjoy there self a lot of husbands like that, in my incense I said yes I like to sit back and watch her have fun, a huge smile came over his face

I will look after her for you I added yes you do that she will like it I am happy if you do,I was thinking he meant dancing, after that his dancing got how should I say more intimate even suggestive, Mandy lapped it up telling me what a good dancer Tony was she also flirted a bit with him but that's Mandy I noticed when they danced he have a hand on her bottom he would hold her tighter than before but she didn't seem to mind at all so I let it go,the next thing Tone asked was what we where doing the next day I told him a day in the sun on the beach, he said no I take you to a good beach any way that got agreed mostly by my wife on the way back to the hotel she was full of her self going on about Tone how nice he is and so on

Next day Tony picked us up we drove some miles out of town down a track to a beach a few shops and a bar he got a sun shade and we walked along the beach set it up

The three of went for a swim payed about in water it was lovely, after a time I had enough so went back and left them to it, I dozed off the next thing I remember was a squeal and Tony chancing Mandy up the beach she had a bikini on and her tits bouncing

They almost fell beside me laughing, after a few minutes my asked if we had an thing to drink no I said I go and get some I stood up looking down at then asked what they like for the first time I notice Tony he was young in his mid twenty I guess quite god looking but what stood out was the bulge in his trunks quite impressive to say the lest, so I left them to fetch some drinks I got to bar it was hot so I had a beer well two the got what was need and went back I came back from the sun side of the shade so they didn't see me coming nor could I see them the first thing I sore was four feet one set toes up the others two between them toes down dug in the sand as I got closer I could hear moans and gasps, then I could see what was happening Tony was on top of my wife fucking the hell out of her both naked his ares going up and down I stood and stared they hadn't a clue I was there Mandy had her eyes closed his back to me I couldn't get over how energetically he was fucking and he had a huge set of bollocks swing away under him I could plainly see my wife's vaginal lips stretched round a very wide shaft being forced in and out with each thrust, I don't know if I was in shock or jest mesmerised by what I was seeing witnessing I stood there some moments time stood still, they where still unaware of me

I could see Mandy's head rolling from side to side she cried Tony her knees bent both feet on the sand she lifted then bucked under him her mouth open he seemed to go faster she made noises more like she was dying she had arched up her body shock with each thrust

there was jest a AAAAARRRRRR sound coming from her, he thrusts about three time very hard gasping with each one then collapsed on her he bum cheeks clinched he jerk a few times

It was like the world had gone into slow motion for me, Tony rolled off Mandy onto his back I was still staring it was the sight of his cock Christ it lay on his abdomen going up his mummy it was huge and that thing had been inside my wife, Mandy was staring at me with a look of fear as much as any thing,it was Tony that broke the spell I head him say we can see you liked what you sore I looked down my cock was as stiff as its ever been I couldn't hide it in my trunks Tony had a big smile on his face, me or my wife didn't know what to say we jest looked at each other It was Tony saying sit down are you next took me out my trance, I found myself sitting by me wife god what situation I sat there with my wife who jest been fucked by some holiday stud it was now obvious that's what he do for husbands its unreal this is happened Tony was oblivious we not planned this or didn't want it to happen or I didn't , I was in shock I am sure I was jest staring at my wife's crotch her pussy looked puffy the lips rollback still parted it started to leak his sperm, I heard her say Gary are you okay you alright you white lay down they both seemed worried about me

After a time Tony said he was going in the sea, we had a chance to say some thing to each other Mandy was telling me she loved me and how sorry she was it was a short conversation before he came back but in that time I gave permission for my wife to take Tony as her holiday lover, it was the strangest of situations when he got back we where kissing Mandy got hold of my dick in my trunks which was still stiff she pulled them down and started to wank me Tony jest looked on I would say his seen this many times not many strokes and I cum over my tummy, we all lay there in silence Tony started to cuddle up to my wife it wasn't that long before he was touching her up then they where snogging what happened next I think was for my benefit Tony showing off, he got him self up by Mandy's head letting a almost limp cock dangle in her face till she started to lick the end then suck on it, it was amazing to watch it started to grow it got longer and a hell of lot fatter

as it became erect, he was thinking we wanted him to do this I have to say I was very impressed by him not looked at other men's cock before he is quite some size putting me to shame I guess some thing like eight to nine nine inches with a huge girth plus the biggest pair of balls I have ever seen, as I watch he mounted her again on her back even this time she gasped as he went in I jest sat there watching after a time he got her on her knees and shuffled her round to get her head over me with out saying she started to suck on me I was more than surprise I stated to get hard with his movement as he fucked made my wife move over me it was like I could feel him fuck her that all added to the my sensation with out warning almost I felt my balls tighten and my cock exploded in her mouth she had little chose but swallow it a real first he knew I had cum so he went to town shagging Mandy he fucked the hell out of her for ages this time she had climax after climax on his cock till he blew his nuts inside her

It was into the afternoon we all three walked back I did get a impression every one we sore was looking at us and knew what we been doing of course it was in my mind, Tony drove us back to the hotel we had a very long hart to hart chat once in our room it was decided this was a holiday romance no more no one would ever know, well Tony was back that night I was watching from one bed as my wife fucked in the other every day after that he sleep in our room fucking my wife I never imagined she be so willing and the things they did and tried was unbelievable even getting me to join in some time there a strange thing I always got a hard on watching, we came home saying that's it no more that is why we sit in our front room now Mandy all dressed up waiting for the door bell to ring well some thing else