Written by bondiboy

30 Nov 2007

This happened 2 years ago on holiday in croatia. My wife is 28, slovakian and has a great body, esp her lovely shapely behind. The first day of our holiday we ventured down to the beach as we love beach type holidays. We strolled down the long beach and noticed quite a few women topless which wasn\'t unusual but then we noticed a few people totally naked and before we knew it we were in the middle of a nude beach!

We didn\'t really want to turn around and go the other way and make it look obvious we were novices so we put our towels down and lay down with our swimming gear on. We were contemplating whether or not to take them off as we\'d never been on a nude beach before. I lay down for a few mins thinking of what to do and got up to find the missus completely starkers! I was quite surprised to see her do that as i thought i would be the one persuading her to strip off. Although she is a flirty type and has a bit of an exhibitionist streak in her, albeit on a subtle level, I surprised at her willingness to \'blend in\'. My shorts were off in no time and we both lay there taking it all in. I was really turned on with my wife naked and everyone being able to see her great body. There were a lot of eastern europeans on the beach with great bodies so i was getting a great view of neatly shaven pussies as seemed to be the trend.

Particularly liked it when the wife went to the water, watching her ass cheeks move from side to side and seeing guys reactions. There was an oldish looking guy in front of us lying on his front. My wife has always had a thing for older men and she noticed this guy was situated in line with her so his view was right up her pussy. She purposely put cream on slowly massaging it into her tits then moving onto her tummy and then between her legs. She had her legs spread quite widely and would slowly expose her fanny lips, rubbing cream onto them. The guy had sunglasses on but was clearly watching proceeding with his head looking up every now and then. Everytime she went into the water the guy would turn on his side watching her ass.

Another couple arrived and sat down behind us - they seemed in their early 40s and quite attractive looking. The guy had a huge cock which lucia (wife) noticed straight away. Soon they were sat down and he started to put cream on his wife\'s back then tits as she sat up. His hands then started to turn towards her belly and reaching towarsd her pussy. They were sat at the back of the beach and in a corner so were quite well hidden from the rest of the beach- we were the only couple who had a good view of what was happening. They seemed to be getting carried away, esp him, with his hands massaging oil into her breasts and front. He was sat with his legs wrapped around her body so u couldn\'t really see his cock. Lucia moved to the side slightly and saw his by now erect cock protruding into her back. She noticed that he was making glances at her while massaging oil into various parts of his wife\'s body which really turned her on. Lucia then thought she would join in the fun and started to massage cream onto her tits whilst glancing at him from time to time. She then started on her legs before working her way upto her by now wet pussy, in and out of her lips. The guy was taking more and more interest of lucia now and his wife had turned on her side so he could put cream on her legs. His hands were now on the back of her thighs and he started to massage oil into her ass then her pussy from behing. Lucia was now really turned on and was getting more blatant with her suncream mastrubation. I was lying on my front, the only option with my erect dick, and pretending to be asleep but with the eye opening now and then.

Lucia then went in the sea with her lilo and within minutes the guy had followed her in. I loved watching her getting on the lilo as with all her cream on she always took ages getting on it. The guy was hovering just behind her as she went to mount the lilo. I knew he was gettinga great view from behind and luc knew as well. Even when she finally got on it he would be not far away, always behind her to get a great view of her ass and pussy from behind. After a bit she came back to lie down and he followed around 5 mins later, prob while his dick came down again. She whispered to me what happened and i told her to keep teasing him. She put cream on my back whilst i lay down but did so that she was on all fours with her back to the guy. She would arch her back right over me to get the cream out of her bag thus giving him a great view of her soaking pussy. She spent around 5 mins creaming me whilst i was close to creaming myself against the towel! She then turned aroudn towards the guy and applied cream all over her while he watched smoking a cig, wih his dick half erect. She started to read a book cross-legged facing the guy (the sun was that way anyway) and every now and then she would stroke her pussy with a single finger and even at one stage put her finger to her lips to lick it, all the while reading a book like she was oblivious to teasing the guy. The guy\'s erection was getting bigger and he had to raise one of his legs to hide it from possible onlookers. He started to put cream on his penis, to be fair u had to anyway cos of the sun being so strong, and was literally wanking himself off.

His wife got up and walked towards a beach bar, presumably to get a bite to eat. I told luc i was going for a walk and told her to keep on teasing him, thinking that just the 2 of them, something might happen. I walked back over the road overlooking the beach to get a good vantage point. Luc told me later what happened but i could see for myself. She walked over to him and asked for a light for her cig. She got close to him as it was windy and knelt down, almost in touching distance of his dick which was still half erect. As she bent down towards him to shelter from the wind and he lit the cig, her face was literally inches from his cock. She then sat up and smoked after he asked her name and invited her to sit with him. They were sat face to face, luc with her legs in a yoga-style position thus really exposing her pussy. She felt a strange erotic thrill from being soo vulnerable and close to a stranger both naked. They chatted for a while and he then told her she needed cream on her back and shoulders as she was burning slightly. He then reached for his no 8 oil and with her sat up started to massage it into her shoulders and back. Before long his hands started to wander to her sides and slowly clipped her breasts. He then had his fingers on her nipples, slowly massaging circles. He asked her if it felt nice, she giggled and replied yes. By now lucia could feel his dick getting hard and pressing into her back. His hands were now rubbing her tummy, similiar to the way he rubbed it into his wife\'s. He then told her to lie on her front so he could cream her legs. She bent right over into his face and lay down. He started on her legs but then moved towarsd her ass and spent a good few mins massaging her lovely ass cheeks. He then inserted a finger close to her asshole before sliding down to her pussy which was dripping wet. He realised this which seemed to encourage him more, slipping his fingers in and out and at one point putting his fingers to her mouth which she duly licked. By now he could see his wife in the distance making her way back. Lucia duly moved back to her towel but just before the guy said he would love to come over her. Lucia replied she would like it too but it wasn\'t possible. She said instead that she would apply cream to her body like previously and if he lay on his front he could come without anyone knowing. His wife came back and he lay on his front. After his wife laydown on her front facing away, my wife then started to apply cream on her tits then her fanny, really seductively and licking her lips. After about 5 mins the guy then turned on his side towards luc and shot his load which made lucia gasp with pleasure. She then told me had to finish herself off at the same time before going on her business like nothing had happened. What a day. After she told me what heppened we found a secluded spot on the beach late on and i shagged the ass off her from behind like never before!