Written by Jon_Lane

21 Apr 2011

I am fortunate to have a relatively secluded garden and in the good weather I love to walk around it and lie down naked. It is completely secluded apart from the house at the back where there is an attic window and also a section near one of the fences where I an be seen from a rarely used public pathway. I was on speaking terms with the owner of the house and he had told me previously he rarely uses the attic room and he uses it mainly for storage.

Although the garden is secluded I sometimes like to play a daring game and go into the parts of the garden where I could be seen, I don't know whether I ever have been but it gives me a thrill to think about it the possibility.

One summer I had spent a good deal of time naked in the garden just enjoying the sun on my body and the peace and tranquility. Occasionally the sun and my nakedness would make me feel very horny and I'd have a hard on for hours before wanking myself off. One day I was lying on the lounger with my cock erect when I thought I saw some movement in the neighbour's attic window. My cock subsided quickly and I covered up as I watched the window for any further movement but there was none and I wondered if I had been seeing things. I stayed covered up for a while, just in case I kept covered up with the towel I kept by me for such events.

The next day I was again out in the garden, lying on the lounger and again I saw some movement in the attic window. I covered myself and just watched the window for further movement. This time I saw my neighbour appear in the window and he stayed for a minute or so before he went. I have to say that I was a bit fed up thinking he was now going to be using his attic more and that would put paid to my naked times. I went in and decided to go out for the day such was my mood of disappoinment.

Thinking about it I began to make a decision that this situation shouldn't stop me enjoying the times I could be nude, if my neighbour was offended he could tell me or at least we could have a discussion about it and he would know I meant no offence. The next morning I went out early, had a good walk round the garden in the altogether and then went in to make myself a cup of coffee and back out again to enjoy the sun. I was still mindful of the possibility of my neighbour going into his attic room and I kept a watchful eye. I had decided I would wave to him if I did catch sight. By lunchtime there was no sign so I began to relax a little more and must have dozed off only to be wakened by a a low flying helicopter. For a while I was half asleep when I began to realise that my neighbour was standing in his attic window, I focused my eyes and waved to him. He waved back and smiled and then went away. So, a seemingly friendly reaction and it made me feel much better, more relaxed about the whole thing. I wondered if we would ever get to chat about it - I wouldn't push it though.

All that week was glorious and I spent 24/7 nude in the garden and the house - it was wonderful. I had not seen my neighbour for several days since I had waved to him. It was on Saturday before I saw him again this time quite differently.

I was lying on the lounger, my cock a bit twitchy and I looked up and saw my neighbour in his window. It is a long window and he was stood in it, completely starkers . I couldn't believe my eyes. This time he waved to me, I waved back. and he stood there for about five minutes just watching and then he waved again before disappearing. I didn't know quite what to make of this but he was obviously trying to give me a message of some sort.

The next day he appeared again, totally nude but this tim he was clearly sporting an impressive erection, he stood and pressed it against the window before begining to wank. My cock rose to attention at this sight and I began to mirror his wanking movements. I shot my load pretty quickly and judging by his movements he did too and then once again he went.

The weather wasn't brilliant for several days following this but about a week later I was again out in the sunshine naked as nature intended and it wasn't long before he appeared again in the window also naked. This time I waved for him to come over to me but I didn't think he understood as he still just stood in the window with his cock jutting out before him. After about ten minutes he disappeared and the next thing I heard the side gate open and there he was but obviously clothed. We went inside and he stripped and asked me if I would let him wank and suck me off in the garden, I said that I would on condition that I could do the same as him. We went outside and he took hold of my cock, glistening with pre-cum and began to slowly roll the foreskin backwards and forwards. I reached out and took hold of his hard cock, thicker than I had appreciated and about a seven incher. He was wet with pre-cum too and I wanted to taste it. I knelt down and put it in my mouth, it's salty tang was delicious.

He then asked if we could go to the part of the garden where we might be seen to add a little more excitement to the proceedings. We walked over to thay area and resumed our play, this time we lay down on the grass and he took me in his mouth and I took him in mine. I knew it wasn't going to be long before I came even though I was trying to prolong the pleasure. I pulled out of his mouth and asked him to desist from touching me to allow me to go on a little longer. I concentrated on his thick veiny cock and then I thought I heard laughter, I asked him if he had heard it and he said that he hadn't. I carried on playing with his cock and then heard the laughter again, this time he heard it. I jumped up and looked through the hedge, but whoever had been there had gone but not before shouting 'perverts' followed by more laughter. I was a bit panicky at first but my cock soon rose again when I felt my neighbour's hand begin to wank it. The panic was replaced with an increased excitement and soon I was fucking my neighnour's mouth until I reached the point of no return and I shot my spunk straight down his throat and all the time he was wanking himself. I wanted his spunk down my throat but just as I went down to recieve it he shot his copious load all over my face, hot and thick streams of spunk ran down my face and dangled from my chin. I loved it.

We now regularly meet up and in the good weather we go nude in the garden and usually end up having a mutual wank and suck and finish off with a nice civilised cup of tea!