Written by bloke

7 Sep 2013

I had reminded my red headed nurse of her part of the bargain of help to get in to her friends Catherine’s knickers. Id held up my end by allowing her to get laid by two of my mates and she got royally fucked. She was still recalling events on that and subsequent occasions with them so she had definitely not forgotten.

It would have been about two month’s or so after I saw Catherine in the shower and got instantly turned on just by recalling the sight. My girlfriend knew this as she was always winding me up about it. I still didn’t know what plan she had in mind, I did know Catherine was engaged to be married in six months time but my girlfriend had said she had some issues but didn’t know what. It was all girl talk, and was kept from me.

Catherine was brunet, shapely and had a great body which I could vouch for by sight. She was quite quiet but I always got on with her OK. Her boring bloke she was engaged was a trainee bank manager type, with apologies to all bank managers on my behalf, he lived in her home town whilst she was working away nursing. This guy was also her first boyfriend and apparently she had confided in my girlfriend she had never slept with another guy. I don’t know what but I just felt there was something else she wasn’t telling me.

Later that week, My girl had been with Catherine at work during the day and both of them always got on well and seemed to be closer, they had spent quite a lot of time together recently. I saw Catherine on her way out crossing the car park exchanging smiles and glance between our eyes when I arrived. Shortly after crept in to my girlfriends nurses home lodgings during the evening, always a challenge as blokes were banned from coming inside. We drank and then slept a bit, a little hanky panky before going to sleep.

In the morning for the second time, I was awoken early by my girlfriend who said. OK, lets try my plan, then after this no more dares. Im doing this for you only OK. I didn’t agree or believe there wouldn’t be any more dares for a start but if I could see Catherine in the nude again anything was fine by me. I was told to hide behind a clothes rail to the right of her door and stay there. I was still bollock naked which can be good or bad in a nurses home depending on circumstances so I was a bit unsure of myself. Never the less I was full of anticipation and hid my self away amongst the hanging clothes in anticipation. I cursed as I couldn't see out of her door in to the showers as I had done previously.

My girl set the door was half ajar as he had done previously and got back in bed with duvet over her smiling dirtily and I had guessed that she had in mind to see Catherine again in the shower. I was itching to see though the door again but couldn't as I was facing the wrong way and there was a wardrobe also between me and the door. Some time went by and my girlfriend put her lips to her fingers and said shh. I wasn't moving but I did have a hard on which was increasingly getting involved with her hanging clothes which I was hiding behind, could be messy I thought.

I had heard the shower go on and off so some one was in there and I was very wound up in anticipation and I had missed seeing Catherine naked again.

My girl then moved the duvet off her self on to the floor parted her legs over the sides of the bed and started to slowly finger her slit spreading her red haired fanny very wide. I thought of both my mate’s fucking her last month with both their two cock’s up her pussy and wanted my half of the bargain now, I still need the full story on that too.

I was very aroused now and thought I should get out from behind the clothes rail and shag her rotten so I just started to move some clothes on the rail to come out from where I was hiding, the door then opened and Catherine came in wrapped in a towel round her body and a small towel on her hair looking directly at my girls spread pussy.

‘Your beautiful’, she said pushing the door shut and immediately going down on my girl’s spread ginger fanny no hesitation whatsoever. Fuck me, I thought, they're bloody lesbians. I was finding it hard to control myself and nearly fell out of the rack of clothes trying to keep quiet. I was behind Catherine so she couldn't see me but I didn’t want her to hear me.

Catherine removed her towel falling on top of the duvet on the floor, her long brown wet hair falling down to her shoulders and her clear skin looking gorgeous. Her full breasts hanging down with her face to my girls pussy as she just knelt on the end of the bed. Her long legs were tucked up kneeling on the end of the bed sticking her bum out, buttocks parted right in my line of sight. Her pink pussy lips spread and glistening and had natural dark brown wispy pussy hair running up to her bum hole. Very sexy. I had no idea my girl was in to such things and would never have guessed Catherine was Bi, no wonder there were issues with her engagement if her bloke wasn’t giving her what was needed. She fingered her self a little spreading her lips more with one hand and also fingering my girls pussy with her other hand. My predicament was my cock would shortly be sticking out through the rack of clothes I was behind if I wasn’t careful and I could hardly contain myself. My girl looked over and smiled very dirtily. Catherine moved up the bed still kneeling and gently touching my girls breasts and kissing her on the lips. This went on with various fingering and caressing for 5 minutes or so. My girl said in a soft voice to Catherine, ‘this is great, I hope this will help with Mark’, who was her man she was to get hitched. Catherine said ‘I just wanted to experience this before I got married’ and started to caress and fondle my girls nipples. Her bum was still in the air cheeks and fanny spread wide and her fanny was much wetter now.

My girl said ‘but don’t you want more male sex, you've not done much have you’, ‘No’ said Catherine, ‘Ive never had the chance really being with Mark’. ‘But if you got the chance would you like to go with a really randy bloke’. ‘Of course’ said Catherine. My girl, said ‘Well my boy friend wants really likes you and wants to shag you rotten’ she giggled. Catherine said, ‘He’s nice, I bet he’s very good in bed, but he’s with you’, may be one day’ giggling as well. Catherine continued to suck my girls breasts and My girl had her hand to Catherine's pussy and was pushing her fingers in and out of her pussy and gently rubbing Catherine's clit, and spreading Catherine’s fanny lips wide with Catherine’s bum in still in the air. My girl continued to rub Catherine's clit which Catherine was loving and said ‘If you really would like to have him shag you, how about today, he’s standing right behind you’.

Must be a cue I thought as I pushed out of the clothes hangers with a big rattle and swishing noise. Catherine just stared at my girl in the face not saying anything in shock. ‘Oh God’ she said not moving, ass still in the air, ‘really’, she turned her head to face me now looking very red in the face her long strait brown hair hanging down. My girl was still frigging Catherine and Catherine was trying to clamp her ass cheeks together. I smiled and said ‘Your very beautiful’. Catherine didn’t move seeming not knowing what to do. My girl said ‘Please kiss me, I know I should have said if you have me you also have him, but I forgot’. My girl pulled Catherine’s head down to her peach coloured nipple and pushing her breast in to Catherine’s face. I hadn’t made a move yet. Catherine said ‘Oh God, Oh God, just do it, I wont tell Mark’ she was very flustered.

My second cue, I guessed, I moved over and gently touched her, Catherine had a very smooth clear skin, very soft and tender. I gently spread bum again and went down on her licking her sweet slit up and down and then pushing my tongue as far up her pussy hole as I was able being as gentle as I could. She shivered saying ‘Oh God, Oh God’ again. I must say I don’t recall her mentioning about any religious tendencies before but took it that I was doing the right thing.

She was groaning quietly now sucking my girlfriends nipples and I stood up offering my cock to her pussy, I held her lips wide apart with my fingers which were silky smooth and sopping wet as I gently entered her fanny. It felt like her pussy was tight but so soft I could hardly feel her on my bell end. I slowly pushed in and out being careful not to break in to a fast fucking rhythm and have her reject me.

My girl had a big toothy smile like a cheshire cat chuckling.

I did speed up coming after about three or four minutes, which was much too soon. Catherine shuddered with a sort of trilling noise.

I turned Catherine over on the bed being gentle, my girl moving out of the way for Catherine to lie on the bed bum at the bottom edge I raised her legs and entered her succulent hairy pussy again, my girl had then sat on the edge of the bed fingering Catherine’s clit and kissing one of Catherine’s large breasts as I fucked her. I went at it much harder now pushing right in to her pussy and rimming her ass hole with my finger, I looked down to see see Catherine’s vagina tight around my cock and her inner lips pulling in and out as I thrust my cock in and out of her. Catherine came again quite quickly, making that trilling noise again as she was trying to hold back a squeal. My girl didn’t stop rubbing Catherine’s clit so as to keep her coming and desperate for more cock, Catherine reached down pulling her Ass checks far apart and raising her knees to her chest pushing her open wet fanny right back on to my cock. I couldn’t stop my self coming in buckets up her silky vagina. It was the best fuck Ive ever had, just beautiful.

Catherine was panting and looked very flustered. She eventually got to the edge of the bed sitting up breathing heavily and stood up. Saying ‘thank you. thank you so much, you’ll not to tell any one will you’. She seemed a bit embarrassed, Moving to the door, She picked up her small hand towel she had on her hair when she came in, which I don’t think would not even have covered her breasts leaving the room to go back to her own room pussy glistening. Having a filthy mind, I smiled hoping she would be caught on the way by other visiting guys.

My girl was giggling, and smiling. Happy now she said, OK I said she said, thats your lot.

I wouldn’t have missed it for the world. In fact after many beers discussing the episode with my girl, she said she wasn't a lesbian persay she just liked beautiful bodies ad didn’t mind a bit of Bi if it helped me get my end away and quite enjoyed a bit of pussy. I perfectly understood as I could relate to that.

Catherine eventually saw the funny side of it and didn’t regret it at all apparently.

My girl and Catherine stayed friends for a long time but have lost touch in the last few years. One day, Id always hoped Ill see her again.

For my part, even if some one mentions the name Catherine my cock stands to attention immediately.