Written by Nylon_pylon

19 May 2011

It's been a while since I have had cause to write, for those that have read my previous comments you will know I am a 50 year old cd or to be more precise a horny bi guy with a nylon fetish.

Thanks to my job I have full access to most departments at the university in leeds and risk assess all manner of jobs and areas. While completing my reports I often sit in my locked office in my shirt and tie, but under the desk black tights, high heels and mini skirt (I call it the secretary look)

The student union building is by far my fave place, several toilet blocks within the building are a hotbed of gay/bi activity. You simply wait in the cubicle and if someone enters the next one you sit and wait until the guy nextdoor slides his foot closer to yours under the partition and you do the same, if youre allowed to touch feet it's the signal you are both up for a little action. Its always best to take a pen and write little notes on the toilet paper to let each other know what you require and never forget that security do at times patrol.

I have enjoyed several experiences and usually on a monday I dump into a guy of similar age who likes that I wear my tights and heels in the cubicle, to ensure safety I have asked him to follow me to some public but very private toilets several floors up that few students know of, this consists of just 2 cubicles and a wall mounted urinal.

I lean back as I sit on the toilet in my tights and heels legs outstretched he stands between them and shots his cum all over my thighs. He has never seemed to want more than this and I was happy to oblige although he does spend along time stroking my legs before he spurts. He recently surprised me when I had taken up position and he was standing between my legs by wearing a strawberry flavoured condom. In truth we hardly talk much, but as he moved forward his fat cock infront of my face and a smile on his, words were of little use.

He's a nice guy , but obviously wanted this for some time, he firmly held my head and the last few minutes of mouth fucking were quite brutal as he erupted into the condom, instead of leaving he remained standing for several minutes just holding my head saying nothing while his cock went limp. Finally we parted and left in different directions, whilst making my way out I noticed a door open that had always previously been closed.

I entered and found myself on a balcony with several long rows of seat overlooking a large hall with a stage at the front. I had been in the hall before looking up at the seats and wondered how people got up there, it then struck me that I had never fully assessed this area and decided to do so. To cut a long story short I explored all areas, at either side of the stage were the dressing rooms, male and female and a floor below under the stage 3 rooms one for the entertainments manager, a large room for set construction and a fair sized store room.

Having access to come and go as I wanted I often stayed in the female changing room finding the odd pair of fishnet stocking etc and would lock myself in and try them on, l decided I would hide a pair of my own sexy high heels there to enjoy at my leisure and what better place to hide them than in the store room which was full of props and chests of clothing. When I opened one of the larger chests to hide the shoes I struck gold it was full with all kinds of female outfits, my eyes were drawn to a red and black basque that was going to be a tight fit but what the hell, to add to my excitement I also found what I would call a spanish flamenco skirt also in red and black. My day just got better as I found several wigs in different colours and lengths. Taking my heels I ran back to the dressing room and spent the next hour turning myself into a hot spanish slut. I really wanted the long black wig to look good on me but to my surprise a red bob one looked the best of all. Soon I began to stroke my body, tease myself to full erection, watch my reflection in the large make up mirrors, the thrill of spurting my cum too much to bear. For several days I did this, it's an old creepy dark backstage area, prone to so many odd noises that make you jump in fear that someone is moving about, I restrict my times so that only the porters would have keys and a reason to be there and that would be rare. Kowing it would be several months before I could risk assess this area again I had one final day of dressing up, I ran to the storeroom grabbed the basque and skirt along with my hidden high heels, quickly dropped my trousers to reveal silky smooth nylon tights stepped into the skirt and put on the heels and then when I unhooked the basque there pinned to the inside a note saying, I WATCH YOU