Written by Wifeylikescock

25 Jul 2009

About 20 odd years ago - I had my first experience of two cocks. I was in the office on the sixth floor where there was a snooker table. Myself and a guy from the office had decided to play a game of snooker after work. I was really enjoying myself - probably flirting a bit if I am honest - as I knew he fancied me. I was wearing a short black denim skirt, black jumper and knee high black boots - oh yes and stockings. Didn't really occur to me but everytime I needed to take a shot I had to lean over the table and he got an eye full. Before I knew it another guy came into the room to watch us playing snooker however he decided I needed a few extra lessons on how to play and as I laid on the edge of the table he reached over me to show me how to stretch across for a better position. This carried on for awhile and I became aware they were both standing behind me every time it was my turn. The conversation got more and more saucy and I felt myself getting quite wet.

I started to wonder whether they had large cocks, where they straight cocks or slightly bent, cut or uncut - were they getting excited as I was or was I just imagining it. I didn't have to wait long to find out as the taller chap told me to look at his trousers - when I looked down I could see he was stiff, his cock sticking up in his trousers. He said he really needed a bit of relief and would I be prepared to help him out. I agreed but through we ought to go to a smaller room where we could lock the door - just in case others were still in the building. We walked along the corridor to one of the offices which had a desk and a couple of chairs - I turned around and both guys were with me. One sat in the chair and started to rub his cock through his trousers while the other stood behind me and pulled up my jumper over my head, I stood there while he came round and started kissing my neck, and working his way down to my breasts - it felt good his hands were warm and gentle.

I then undid his trousers - telling the other guy to get his cock out and wank properly - both there cocks were large and really stiff and I could see they had been leaking. I was then told to lay face down on the desk - I felt my skirt being push up over my arse. I had one cock in my mouth while the other used spit to lubricate his cock as he pushed my pants to one side and slowly pushed it in my pussy - they were talking to each other saying how good it felt - I just wanted their cum all over me. They swapped round and I could taste my juices on the cock I was sucking - I thought I was going to cum - it wasn't going to last much longer I could tell. I suddently became aware that the guy behind me was slowly pushing his cock up my arse - I hadn't been fucked like that before - it felt uncomfortable at first but when I relaxed and let him in it was good - I could feel both cocks were ready to explode - they did not disappoint as the guy fucking my arse - said he couldn't hold back any longer and pumped away holding my arse cheeks apart and shooting his cum up my arse - I was sucking hard on the cock in my mouth - I felt his balls tighten as he cried out that he was cumming - he removed his cock and wanked shooting spunk all over my face.

It was never to be repeated but certainly an evening to be remembered.