Written by anon

21 Mar 2008

For the last month we have had a new employee in the office, being the manager I got to meet her Wednesday a few weeks back.

To set the picture she is 29 slim highly attractive with a stunning figure, She has the longest legs and a great pair of tits anyway after a nice bit of flirting she stayed behind on the first Wednesday I thought she was a bit game, what happened next was such fun after asking her nicely she took her top of revealing a nice black bra cupping her fantastic size 34c breasts, she then lowered her skirt showing a tight little thong and such fantastic arse.

The blinds in the office were open and I could see people still working in the office opposite, I wondered if they could see the sites I could see in my office, I also could hear every breath and word the workers in the office next door breathed. The tension was fantastic!!

My PC was logged on, so I quickly logged on to Yahoo and found a fellow pervert asking wether he wanted to play he took one look at the cam and was straight on line. My new employee was now doing a slow dance for myself and a horny little french man what fun. She was looking hot very hot.

The little french guy was now directing the scene asking her to cup her pert breasts and bend and show her arse, I just sat and watched paitently undressed on a chair with my rock hard cock in hand slowing stroking, admiring the fantastic view in front of me. After pulling her over and slowing removing the thong she slid down onto my cock, it slid in so easily she was absolutly sopping. Her little pussy was tight yet so wet. After fucking her hard for 5 minutes with my french audience I couldnt hold back any longer and filled her up.

Back to reality and tidying up in the office. Hope all wednesdays are like this!!