Written by made her tell all

21 Jan 2010

After she had left Andy she went to work at various insurance offices then ended up at a large one in birmingham as a team leader. As far as i know she had been faithfull to me and very open wwhen i pushed her about her past but this happened when we were together and ended our relationship. After she had worked there for a few months they changed her shift pattern and she worked 8 till 8 three days a week. one day at a team leaders meeting she was itroduced to two new team leaders that were needed to cover the later opening hours one was a woman and the other was Earl a goog looking black guy who had been promoted from another section. She was in the canteen one day when Earl pushed a note to her it said meet me in the underground car park at break time,she went down to the car park and he called her over to acorner she said she become a little tense as it was very quite but well lit Hi jill you donot remember me do you no she replied well do you remember Bills office when you were working for Andy She said she could not speak as she recalled what happened that afternoon, he was now standing very close then pushed her back against the wall and put his hand up her skirt stright on her fanny and began rubbing it she tried to push him away but he just pressed her harder against the wall the he worked two fingers inside her pants and she said it was so intense that she became wet as he started to recall that afternoon in Bills office were she had taken four cocks in two hours. She said he then told her to get on her knees and to suck his cock and as if in a trance she just went down on him and sucked hill till he came and filled her mouth he told not to get any on his trousers after she had cleaned his cock he said to her next time i am going to fuck you you white slut, and left her there.

On the night time as everyone was going home only team leaders had an underground car parking space. She got to her car only to find it had a flat tyre so she phoned me to say she would be late home. She opened the boot to get the spare out every one had gone and there was only security there she then felt hands on her bum as she was bent over in the boot having trouble it was Earl he lifted her skirt over her back riped her pants off and started to finger her she said she was so turned on that she just let him make her come all the time he was calling her a slut and that she would become his white slut she ten said he put his cock up her and then she remembered how big he was he fucked her hard and fast and soon shot his load as he pulled out she went to get up but was held down by two security men then she felt another cock enter her this was even bigger and spread her lips wider than she had ever known he fucked her slow and steady and all the time she was being held bent over the boot of the car his pace increased till he shot his load up her. She was then helped into the security office wher she was sat in a chair and told to whatch the monitor in front of her it showed her sucking Earls cock that afternoon then she saw herself being fucked by Earl and then Ben, you will do what we want when we want or this goes round the office and to your husband, she said she sat there opened mouthed. She was then told to bend over the table she complied as another cock was fed into her pussy and one in her mouth the two security guards who had held her down where now spit roasting her after they had both shot there loads Earl was hard again right white slut time to fuck that white arse of yours again he fingered her pussy then pushed his fingers in her tight arse lubing it up then he pushed his big cock in slow but firm till he was allthe way in then started to fuck her arse wih long hard strokes Joel then fed his cock in her mouth she said she had never seen a cock so big she could hardley open her mouth big enough to take it in Earl was now shooting his cum up her arse as soon as he pulled out Joel went round and fed his cock in but was having no joy she could not relax enough Earl then pulled her arse cheeks apart and Joel pushed his cock in she screamed in pain but he was in now and started to fuck her he was going like a mad man she said after he had cum they had to help her back to her car where her tire had been pumped up.This had all been planed by Earl.

More to follow.