17 Nov 2016

I had a gala dinner to go to after work today. Whilst I was getting ready there was a knock on the ladies bathroom - it was around 6.15pm so no one was in the office at this point. In walked the romanian builder who I occasionally fuck. Feeling particularly horny I pushed him into one of the cubicles and locked the door. He pulled me into him, kissed me and then turned me around. He grabbed my breasts under my top as I pushed my ass against his growing cock. As I started grinding against him and he played with my nipples we both became extremely aroused. He started undressing me, pulling my trousers and thong down - he started playing with my already soaking pussy. When I couldn't take it any longer I turned around, stared at him and got on my knees. Taking off his trousers to reveal his throbbing hard cock! I couldn't wait any longer and took his entire cock in my mouth, playing with it as I slowly sucked and licked every delicious inch of him. He tasted amazing! He then all of sudden grabbed me, pulled me up and turned me around and slowly entered my tight juicy pussy. There we were fucking doggy style over the toilet in the cubicle of the ladies bathroom in the office. He fucked me so hard I came almost instantly! It was incredible and after 10 minutes of him pounding my tiny pussy he came all over my ass. I loved every second of it! X