Written by cuckinhell69

21 Nov 2017

Now this story is about my young Wife Alex who has a good job with a International company , not only is Alex very attractive , with her shoulder length blonde hair and a body to die for , my mates keep telling me, she is also intelligent and easy to get on with and is very good at her job in the company she works for. I do think sometimes they put on her a lot of responsibility which she seems happy to cope with , but I sometimes wonder if they are paying her the going rate for her job, we have spoken about it before , but Alex says its ok and not too bad a pay when you look in our area.

Then the other night she came home to tell me that she was really busy at work and might have to stay late one or two nights to try an catch up and before I could say anything, she said it will look good for my pay review in just over a weeks time when I have to have a meeting with my Managers about my performance in the office. I didn't want to rock the boat and accepted I would have to put up with it and from what I gathered there might be a good pay rise coming up for Alex in the New Year.

Then on one of the nights Alex had told me she had to work late , I too had done a bit of overtime and was just about too leave for home when she rang my mobile to say , her car had refused to start and a recovery vehicle was coming to tow it back to the dealers . I was just about to tell her I would pick her up when she said she was going back into the office to finish some paperwork off and one of the Directors was going to drop her off home when he had finished some business and clicked her phone off.

I thought I would surprise Alex and drop by to wait for her and bring her home , as I got near her office the recovery truck was just pulling out with Alex's car on the back, as I got near the entrance I realised I didn't have a gate pass on my car ( like Alex's car had) to let me in so I had to park down the road and walk back . I walked thru and suddenly realised how big the building was and that as I have never been in there before and had no swipe card to enter, I was a bit stuck so decided to walk around on the grass embankment that surrounded 3 sides of the building to see if I could see Alex in the office and give her a call at her desk.

I walked along a little way and after passing some offices in darkness came across one where it was well lit up and looked to be well furnished , obviously somebody of importance worked from there I thought, when suddenly the door opened into the office and in walked a well dressed, dark haired guy in his mid 30,s -early 40,s I guessed. I watched as he sat back on his luxury chair talking to some one out of view when in walked Alex thru the door carrying some files he pointed at a table in the far corner of the room as she put them down on it with her back to him .

I noticed that he had leant forward to look at Alex's legs and bum as she leant across the table , glancing at Alex I noticed she had rather sneakily undone a button on her blouse pulled it down at the front with one hand to reveal a bit more cleavage and turned to give the man a big smile. Alex walked over to stand in front of the desk as if waiting her next instructions he spoke to her and she went across to close the door to the office and returned to stand in front of this man