Written by Heather C

21 Jan 2017

I loved the feel of getting fucked up my bum, but with one thing and another it has been a busy time and I have not had it since. However since Mark brought the baby oil home and fucked me up the bum hole earlier this week my sex drive has been on overdrive. Whilst our shifts have not aligned to allow us fuck time, domestic necessity has taken over. That said I just can't keep my fingers out of my pussy and fingering my clit. I am constantly turned on and myfanny just craves attention. Even at work I can't stop thinking about Mark sliding his cock up my back passage. My vagina is throbbing and moistening just thinking about it. But I have to tell you about tea time tonight as it all came together. Mark was off shift at 6, I was off at 4 and I came home and sorted things out and showered. Yes I had to masturbate before I showered, I almost came in the shower washing my bumhole and my pussy, my nipples were so hard. But I didn't come and I gave my pussy a quick hair removal a swipe of my razor. Yes is was super smooth. When I had dried off I was drawn to the bedroom drawer and the bottle of baby oil. I remember it being advertised as good for your skin. So I lay on the bed and poured some on my skin and started to smooth it into my breasts, o to my belly and thighs and of course my mound. My pussy was already damp and my nipples hard and as I smoothed down I caught my clit and it made me gasp. The doorbell rang. Shit, shit, shit who the fuck was that ? I grabbed my dressing gown and ran down stairs. The outside light showed the figure of a man. I opened the door cautiously only to realise it was our friend Rob. He was the guy whose cock I sucked in front of my husband and ended up letting him fuck my bum whilst Mark my husband slipped his cock into my fanny. To cut it short I invited Rob in, he could see I was freshly showered and asked if I used baby oil as he could smell it. I was Flushed, naked under my dressing gown and with a moist pussy. Talking to a guy who had fucked my bum not long ago. He had called round to chat, but my state of undress, the smell of baby oil and the sexual tension between us was sparking. It didn't take long for Rob to make a move. He flicked my dressing gown belt and said I know what is under their Heather you dirty bitch. I liked his dirty talk. He reached to hold me and I moved his hands brushed my dressing how. Slightly open and my left tit fell out. Rob just reached down with his mouth and started to lick my nipple. My sex was fired instantly l. His hand reached to pull open my robe and his one hand was straight to my tit tilde other to my oily fanny. He groaned and I just shrugged off my robe. Standing naked with Rob licking my tits and fingeringky pussy my knees were buckling when the door opened. In walked my hisbamd Mark. He was not impressed and I rani to his arms. Again long story but he calmed down, Rob was embarrassed and stood still. I was naked and oily but I assured Mark I had not fucked Rob and his cock was still in his pants. To prove this Rob unbuttoned his pants to show Mark there was no spunk stains. However despite pulling down his pants and the tension Robs cock started to get hard. I was tense and naked and I wanted things to be good. I reached over to hold Robs cock and said to Mark open your pants. I reached on and grabbed his cock. Oh the delight and what a lucky girl I had two hardening cocks in my hand. I went into my knees and started to suck my husbamds cock whilst gently wanking Rob. My pussy was getting moist again, I felt quite slutty being naked in front of two clothes men. I switched to Rob, sucking his cock and wanking Mark. I pulled Mark closer and tried to get both cocks I my mouth. I managed to get the heads in and both guys looked uncomfortable. That made me smile. I was holding their balls, their bellends pressed together in my mouth. For a girl of 23, this was fantastic. Enough strip you two I commanded, which they did and grabbing a cock I each hand I led them upstairs. My skin was still oily and Mark had his hand between my legs as I went upstairs. Rob was stoking my back. We landed on the bed and was still holding g their cocks and I pulled them together pressing their cocks together. It made me feel powerful. I told the guys to kiss, But they refused. I wanked them both and told them that I wanted us to fuck together and each other. My husband gave me a strange look and then Rob reAched out out and grabbed Marks cock. Fine by me he said. He started to wank my husband and I reached down to suck Robs cock. Mark started to finger my pussy and the. Rob moved to take Marks cock i his mouth. This was so fucking horny. I said to my husband rather daringly go on return the favour. Rob moved to stoke my bum and looked at Mark and fuckinging hell my husband rolled over grabbed Robs cock and started to suck his cock. This was way out of my league my husband and our friend lying my my bed sucking each other cocks and me getting fuck all ! So I grabbed the baby oil piloured it on my tits down my belly and rubbed it into my pussy. I got there attention and slid in between them. Two hard cocks and I knew where I wanted them. I slid straight into Robs cock, straight up my fanny - a first for him and then I felt my husband pushing his cock against my bum hole. Mark pushed his cock into my bum, the oil helped and I was overwhelmed. I came like mad and the guys were ruttting me. The fucking started slow and they got into a rhythm one in and one out. I came and came again riding an orgasmic wave. Rob came deep in my pussy withMark following quickly delivering his warm sperm deep into my bottom. I was totally drenched in sweat, sticky with oil and dribbling spunk out of both my pussy and bum. I reached down to pull out and hold their deflated sticky cocks. Am I a lucky girl ? Sorry telling the story has me so wet I am going to go and masturbate again with Mark watching me. I will tell you what happened next later. God I am so fucking horny. I love these guys and their lovely cocks and sperm. I love cocks in my fanny and bum. I am desending into a fucking whirlwind of cocks, fanny, bum and spunk. I feel like a new dawn and I will tell you later the next stage. I have a finger circling my clit and moist lips so goodnight xx