Written by sue

12 Apr 2019

my husband and i have just got back from gambia , i, sue have got shoulder length blonde hair , i am size 12 with 34b boobs and have been told ,great legs ,i am 37 . our holiday hotel was made up of small bungalows spread out over landscaped grounds, we spent a lot of time around the pool and got talking to ady , an old man that helped about the hotel, moving cases odd jobs etc we found out his family lived in a village ,miles away ,he was married and had 10 kids aged 10 to 54. we saw him most nights ,some times behind the bar. on the 4th night my husband said lets tease the old bloke ,get him to mend a lamp or something ,and wear something revealing when he does it, so next day i asked if he would come and fix our light fitting ,we arranged a time , just before he turned up i took a shower and when he knocked on the door i answered it in a very small towel wrapped around me , it was that small it just covered my bottom . when he was sat on the bed looking at the lamp i bent down about 10 feet in front of him to pick something up , i kept my legs straight knowing he could see my shaved pussy. this teasing continued for a few days and on our last night , i told my husband i was going to try and get him in bed , later that night we got each other worked up sexually , then i got ready ,i put on a quite short thin white dress , a tiny thong and my 5" heels ,no bra. we went out for a few drinks at the hotel bar , ady wasn't at the bar but we saw him cleaning the pool .about 11 my hubby went home and i decided it was time , i sat on a sunbed watching him clean the pool ,and when he had finished he came and sat on a stool in front of me and as we talked i let my legs part so he could see my white panties against my tanned legs. i asked if he lived on site and he said sure ,do you want to see . we set off too the back of the complex through a small gate and down a path to a ram-shackled 3 story building, he pointed up to the top floor so we went up , inside it was basic , a bed ,a chair and bits of furniture , outside was a balcony , i asked about his kids ,so many of them and he said i drink this ,showing me a bottle , he said it was palm juice , it made him strong and virile . he said he was going to have a shower , so i went onto the balcony , i heard the shower turn on then 5 mins later turn off , then he came out naked ,turns out he didnt have towels he just dried naturally , i looked down and his cock was hanging down it was blacker than him and very long , i pretended to be embarrassed and turned round , and when i looked back he was sat on his bed playing with it , he said you want to touch , i said no , but i knew i wanted to , i watched him stroke it and it got harder and much bigger , i walked over ,sat on the bed and touched it , it was huge it must have been a foot long, i grabbed it and started wanking him , it started leaking pre cum which made it slippery , then i bent down and started licking it up the shaft and sucking the tip , i was soon taking what i could in my mouth and at the same time he ran his hand up my thigh and into my thong , he worked my thong down my legs and said i need to fuck you , he pulled me back onto the bed ,sat up between my legs then got on top of me , i guided him in but it wasn't slow , he started fucking me hard god it felt like he was in my stomach , as he fucked me i could feel my first of many orgasms cumming , then i felt him cumming , he clenched up as he came in me ,lots of it ,for a man 78 yrs old he had some staying power, he pulled out but was still hard , then he lay on his back , got me to take my dress off and got me to mount him , this time i fucked him slowly , he touched my tits as i rode him ,he also sucked my nipples , i came again but he couldn't , he just kept hard , i also tried to get him to lick my pussy but he wouldn't . he fucked me 3 more times over and hour and half cumming one more time , i got back to our bungalow about 2 in the morning ,we had sex as i told him what i had done ,and even got him to lick me out , which made me come again .

we left that day so i didn't see ady again , but we might go back later this year or next