Written by mb

23 Oct 2010

So I fancied an afternoon on the beach solo, my partner was off for a round of golf and I was left to my own devices.

I headed to the nearest beach and wandered some way along until I reached the part I knew was nudist, as I enjoy going topless but only around others similarly half clad. I was feeling a bit adventurous, so I headed to the dunes - I noticed a topless lady in one sunken dune, her tits soaking up the sun and parked myself in the dune alongside her, equally private, in a sunken spot.

I decided to go all out and took the lot off and started to read my magazine, enjoying the warm sunshine on my body.

It wasn't long before I noticed an older guy, naked, standing further in the dunes, his large cock bobbing about. He must have been about 60, in good shape, shaven head, solid build. He was staring at my large tits and as he did so, I felt my cunt grow moist with excitement and my nipples harden.

I decided to apply some sun cream and did so slowly, caressing my tits and inner things, opening my legs wider. He had moved closer and in the direction of my feet, clearly to have a good look at my closely shaven cunt. He dropped to his knees and started to stroke his cock. It was bloody big, with balls like a bull. I kept stroking my tits and staring at him, licking my lips. I opened my legs wider and could see the look of lust and desire in his face.

The excitement and fear was growing in my belly and cunt. I wanted to taste this stranger's vast cock. He moved closer - sensing he had a willing and horny youngster - his for the taking. He kind of waggled his cock in my direction and again I licked my lips and opened my mouth slightly.

Oh Christ, he was next to me, no going back. He cautiously knelt by my head, I turned my face to his cock and slowly opened my mouth - he put the head of his cock in my wet mouth and moaned quietly as I sucked his head and licked the helmet with quick tongue movements. His cock tasted musty and salty. His hands started to feel my ample tits and his fingers twisted my rigid nipples. It felt so good. He slid his cock deeper into my mouth - but I struggled to accommodate his cock, it was too big and started to choke me. He lifted his cock out of my mouth and repositioned himself by my cunt, his head dropped to lick at my warm, wet juices, his fingers pushing into my cunt, lubricating his hand. Oh oh oh.

I could feel myself starting to climax and I didn't want to come too soon. He slid his thumb into my arse - wow I was so hot and horny I was lost in the lust. Moaning and writhing to his touch.

He moved on top of me, his cock retuned to my mouth as he licked at my pussy and arse, fingering both holes whilst bouncing his cock in and out of my willing mouth. I felt his heavy balls as they slapped about above my face. I sensed his climax was starting to build and I wanted to feel his huge cock in my cunt.

So I pushed his cock away from my face and pulled his face to mine, kissing this old guy deeply, tasting my juices on his rough tongue - as I parted my legs and let him slide his cock into my cunt - christ he was big - too big. I moaned as he sunk his cock deep into me. He started to pump me, as I slung my legs around his shoulders.

This 60 year old guy was breathing heavily as he pumped me, I knew I wouldn't last much longer. My cunt twitched with its orgasm, pulsating around his huge cock, taking him over the edge. With a massive grunt, he unleashed his balls and filled my cunt with his heavy load. As he pulled out moments later, I felt his juices trickling out of my well stretched cunt. He nodded at me, then sat up and departed.

I wondered if he'd be back for second helpings the next day. Should I go back for more?