Written by ScotMaster72

26 Sep 2013

I posted the first part of this last week, having left Grace to think about whether he was willing and able to become Sirs dirty little whore. The text the following morning all but confirmed that yes she was. I gave her instructions on what to wear to work that morning, knowing full well that I would be visiting her office later that afternoon on other business. I arrived at just after 2pm, met her boss, did what I had to do and as I was leaving his office, I bumped into Grace. Instant reaction was to take a step back and see if she had complied with Sirs instructions. At first glance, it was yes. Crisp white blouse, buttons undone to just at the top of her cleavage, above the knee red skirt with red stilettos. Well done Grace I commented, she said thank you though I was late for work as I had to go early morning shopping for the skirt and heels. I took this as a welcome early sign that she had a some sort of commitment to being my whore.

After some chat and organising to meet later, the only thing left to check was Graces underwear that day. When I asked her, her eyes dropped to the floor as she replied. I knew she was lying and therefore she would be receiving her first punishment later that night.......... We met at pub car park a few miles just outside Ayr, I knew she was wanting to avoid anywhere local as she was yet to tell her boyfriend it was over. I went into her passenger side and asked the underwear question again. She now knew I would be physically checking so had no option other than to admit she had lied. I told her to lift her skirt up, she had nude hold ups on and white thong. No suspenders as instructed and there was to be no thong. This was quickly removed by Grace, leaving Sir to see her newly shaven cunt in all it's glory. All in all I gave her 9 out of 10 for first day obedience, a very good effort but she was left in no doubt that more was needed.

Into the pub, I got the drinks whilst Grace went for a seat, she opted for the comfortable leather settee in the corner. She was quickly ordered back to the bar to sit on the high stools, facing which was a group of 6-7 males at a table, perfect height for looking at Graces legs. After a couple of minutes chat, I raised her skirt up to reveal about an inch do stocking top at most when she crossed her legs. Her initial reaction was to reach down and fix it, the look in my eyes said "don't even think about it"!! I told Grace that she could have a few drinks and leave her car at the pub, she had already told her boyfriend she was out with the girls from work. She was now becoming aware of the admiring and downright dirty looks coming from most males in the pub, especially the table opposite. After another couple of glasses of wine for Grace, I could tell she was enjoying it, to the point where he was hitching her skirt up even more. I then told her to much amazement that I was leaving her alone in the pub for the next couple of hours and I would come back to collect her. She asked why?? I simply said she was now on the first steps to becoming my whore. He asked if there were any rules, I told her simply that she was to gain maximum enjoyment however she saw fit.

I returned a couple of hours later, no sign of Grace at the bar. As I was about to phone her, she appeared from the ladies looking only what can be described as in tatters!!! I have her a knowing smile and told her to get in my car. On the drive back to mine, I deliberately didn't ask any questions and when she wet to talk, I told her to keep it for later. I could tell by the blouse buttons being in the wrong holes, the skirt having probably a mixture of wine and spunk stains on it that she had indeed enjoyed herself. When we reached my house, she was ordered to bed over the dining room table, skirt up. My initial intention was to punish her arse with my belt for her earlier non compiance with the suspenders. Belt removed ready to dish out some retribution, I could see spunk starting to ease out of her cunt. I made her count to ten, one for each belting on her arse. Initial pain turned to more pleasurable screams as I neared ten, confirmed by her cunt oozing more and more spunk. Still bent over, my whore was made to tell every little detail of what happened.

As soon as I had left the pub, 3 of the boys from the table opposite came to the bar to get a round in, needless to say they got chatting to my whore who was loving the attention. She was invited to sit down at their table and noticed soon after how many wine glasses suddenly started to appear in front of her. She said at first that there was some banter but soon turned into dirty talk. Grace then felt a hand on her knee, working its way slowly up to her thigh. She made no attempt to stop it, indeed she was actively encouraging it by opening her legs wider under the table. Soon the hand reached her cunt, to which there was the a shout across the table "fuck me boys, she's shaven"!! All pretence was now over, it was open season on my whore. By the time that Grace was telling me this part with her still bent over my dining room table, I had 4 fingers in her spunk filled cunt, hair pulled back with the other hand demanding to know the rest of the story.

With one of the guys hands on her cunt, rubbing her clit, Grace moved her hand to the guy next to her who she assumed was rubbing her clit. She said she could feel his cock hardening through his trousers. At this point Grace leant over and whispered that she was going to the ladies. Not surprisingly she was only a coupe of feet inside the ladies when the door opened, not 1 but 2 of the guys had followed her in. One very roughly sticking his tongue down her throat, the other with his hand up her skirt, quickly getting a couple of fingers inside her soaking cunt. Grace said it only took her about a minute to cum, so turned on as she was. Both cocks now came into view. One in her hand, one in her mouth. She said she sucked for only a short time before feeling a torrent of spunk going down her throat. She was past the pint of caring now as she led the other cock into the cubicle, sat him down and straddled her cunt on top of his cock. She said it was average size but anything would have done for her at that point. She was nearly ready to cum when she felt that familiar feeling of hot spunk being deposited inside her. She was left alone now in the toilet, in her words "still horny as fuck" . As she got herself straightened up, another male entered, except he wasn't with the group of guys at the table. He said he had watched the other 2 follow her in.........

Grace was now in the throes of cumming repeatedly as I pulled her head back and by now having my fist in her cunt as she was telling me this. It was getting harder and harder for her to finish the story off through all her screaming. She said that the new cock in the toilet forced her on her knees in the cubicle and said she was a dirty bitch who would take any cock. How right he was!!!! Once she had him hard, he bent her over and fucked her for a few minutes. Grace not knowing how soon he would cum decided I rub her clit frantically, thankfully for her, just in time to cum before she had a second load of spunk shot up her cunt. It was at that point that I had reappeared at the pub.

Suffice to say, Sir made good use of his whore that night, Grace is keen to put the version of events into her own words which will follow soon and how she has been transformed into Sirs filthy little whore.