18 Aug 2016

I was out running the other day but just wasn't feeling it at all so I stopped at started going back home. I got near my house when I saw a lady roughly in her 50s struggling with her shopping so I asked if she wanted some help, she said yes please so I grabbed a couple of bags. We were just talking as we were getting to her house when she offered me a drink when I got in, I said yes. She was attractive for an older lady in quite good shape, I started hoping I would have a bit of fun, she was flirty so I thought I was in for a chance. Anyway when we got there her husband answered the door so I thought no chance, but I was wrong. I got in the kitchen with the bags and noticed hubby was giving me a good once over, I smiled at him and asked if he was ok, he replied yes and looked at my crutch, I was getting hard with the attention I was getting. We started talking about this and that and he kept mentioning what good shape I was in, I thanked him and just waiting to see what was going to happen. The wife came into the kitchen with a big smile on her face, she was wearing a dress with no bra on as she stood smiling at me I couldn't take my eyes off her big flabby Tits, she seemed to like that I was looking at them as she grabbed them and asked if I wanted a feel?

Well I walked over to her and pulled her dress down at the top to release her tits, they were big and saggy but I love sucking on big tits like that, big nipples which I started sucking on. She was groaning very softly as I played and sucked her tits, it wasn't long before she asked me to play with her pussy, my hand went straight up her dress to feel her naked pussy, and boy she was wet. Hubby asked me to finger fuck her hard, I did exactly that, being old I had 3 fingers up her no problem at all, she was moaning louder now. Sucking on her tits was great and fingering her pussy was even better as she came to a big climax. I was so horny I wanted to lick her pussy, I asked her and she sat on the kitchen table and opened up her legs, I went straight over and started sucking on her clit.as I licked at her pussy hubby asked me to stick a couple of fingers up her arse, I duely did exactly that. She was so loose everywhere I got a couple of fingers straight up her and started finger fucking her hard and fast. She was moaning louder again just before she came again, her pussy was tasting nice still so I carried on licking it, I could hear hubby wanking himself off just beside me, he was loving it. I stopped licking her pussy and asked if I could shag her, she asked how I wanted her, I said turn around so I could fuck her up the arse, she turned around and opened up her arse, I plowed my cock into her arse and started pounding her. I was so horny I didn't take long to cum in her arse, I emptied my balls deep into her arse. I pulled my cock and and took a couple of steps away, wife turned around and hubby sat her on the table and started fucking her pussy, he lasted longer than me before he shot his load in her pussy.

We had a little small talk but nothing mayor, we did arrange to meet again soon.