Written by dave

18 Apr 2016

my wife and I have had this fantasy for a long time of her fucking a very old man , my wife lynne is 32 with a cracking tanned body ,big tits, shoulder length blonde hair and long legs ,not skinny legs and not fat either . one night we went out on a Wednesday night , when she got dressed she came into the living room , I said fuck you cant go out dressed like that ,she had on high heels , a small top ,I could see she had no bra on and a very short tartan skirt ,under it she had a little white g string on.

she said what if I wear a small coat ,so I said ok ,the coat came to mid thigh ,

we had been in the pub for about an hour ,it was dead only about 10 people in ,we were sat at a high table on stools ,she had her coat open so you could see a bit , then in walked jim ,this old bloke we know .a big bloke in his 70s , we invited him over and he sat near lynne , he could see a lot of leg ,couldn't take his eyes off them ,any how she goes to toilet and he says fuck dave what's she wearing has she got a bra on, I told him no , we were talking about how quiet it was when he said I have drinks back at mine if you fancy it ,lynne came back and as my car was nearby we said ok ..I got in and they got in the back ,he was saying to her about her clothes when she took her coat off, she said what these do you like them , he said fuck me I wish I was a lot younger ,.

we get to his flat ,which is upstairs ,we went in lynne went first ,and I said after you ,as he walked up he could see her panties . we walked past his bedroom to the living room , the door was open and I noticed he had a big bed . in the living room we got drinks ,we sat on a couch and he sat in a chair about 4 ft away I decided to tease him I slid my hand up lynnes leg opening them so he could see he panty covered shaved pussy ,he got up and went into the kitchen ,and 5 mins later he had not come back so I said go see were he is , she came back and said he is doing a bit of cleaning shall I help him so I said go on then , they were in there for a long time ,then she came back in , she sat down and said look , she opened her legs and she had no panties on, I asked what had happened and she told me he had fingered her and licked her out , she said you wont believe this but he has a very big cock , he cant come in because it wont go down , I said, tell you what tell him I have gone for you some smokes and will be about 30 mins and see what happens. when I had gone she told me ,they had sat back on the couch ,she had lifted her top ,and he had sucked her hard tits and played with her pussy , , they had gone to his bed , and the next bit I knew of because I quietly opened the front door ,crept up stairs and had seen them fucking through the partly open door. her still dressed in her skirt and heels with her top up ,and his big arse going up and down with his big cock slamming into her . I had left and when I came back 20 mins later they were sat on the couch and chair. when jim went into the kitchen again I felt her soaking wet pussy full of his come , then we went home and I fucked her again with her telling me the full story, that he had made her come 4 times once with his tongue and the rest as he fucked her , and would I mind if she did it again,

will let you know