Written by Barry T

22 Jun 2017

I’m Barry, I’m 51 and married to Angela 45. We are new to this swinging thing but wanted to share our first experience with you. We had talked about it on and off for years but never had the courage to go through with it. I was the one who was more keen than Angela but in the end it was her who instigated our first experience.

I had always imagined it would be a case of meeting a couple in a hotel and if we got on going to a room for sex but what happened was completely unexpected.

We spend our holidays in Portugal, in the same hotel every year and this year was no exception. We had no plans to have sex with anyone else, in fact we hadn’t discussed it for over a year I guess. Angela is a very attractive woman, she looks after herself by going to the gym 4 or 5 times a week and even runs the London marathon every year for charity so keeps herself in good shape.

This year, instead of the usual couples staying at our hotel there were a group of 6 lads. Not rowdy or anything, in fact they were very well behaved. They were all from the same university and were part of a university rugby team that had played a few games in the area and had stayed on.

We chatted to them most days and two of them took a shine to Angela, flirted (politely) and Angela responded. One evening in bed I made a joke about her having her threesome without me, just these lads. We had a laugh about it but I say the look in her eyes that was telling me that deep down she wanted to do it.

That night we had great sex and I think the thought of these lads added to the excitement. A few nights later we were at the bar chatting to these lads. We had all had a few beers and Angela had had a few glasses of wine. One of the lads said how hot He thought Angela was, then apologised. I told him not to apologise and that it was a nice complement. I said something stupid like, isn’t she a bit older than the girls you usually go for, (luckily for me Angela wasn’t within ear shot). He looked at me and said ‘no chance’, ‘If she wasn’t with you I would fuck her brains out’. His mate told him to stop being a prat.

I decided to take it one step further and and leaned in so the two of them could hear and no one else and said ‘ If Angela had the chance I know she would fuck the two of you’. They looked at each other and asked if I was serious, I told them I was deadly serious. Thinking back now it was the alchahol making me brave.

I left them at the bar and went to sit next to Angela. The lads stared at us whispering to each other.

I told Angela that they had just told me that they wanted to fuck her brains out. She shot me a look that made me think she was going to slap me so I moved back. She asked if I was serious and I told her I Was. Angela then asked if I was ok with that, I was thinking that I had to be careful because if she was only joking about what we had talked about a couple of nights ago I was in deep shit so I just shrugged my shoulders.

Angela was quiet for a good while and I thought I had screwed up. Then she asked if I would really be ok with it and that we had discussed it but was I serious. I said I was but she had a loss of confidence and said that there was no was two young men would want to have sex with her. So I said ‘ so if they came up to the room and you were in bed starkers are you telling me you wouldn’t fuck them’. She told me not to tease her and I said I wasn’t. She went quiet again, the two lads still staring. I told her to go to our room, get undressed and if they came up great, if not there was no loss.

She held my hand, gave me a kiss and disappeared. I was getting stressed at this point. Was it something I really wanted, to watch two your studs fucking my beautiful wife, but to be honest, my cock was getting excited at the thought. I went back to speak to the lads and asked them if they could keep a secret. They kept looking at each other for support and both nodded. I asked them if they were serious about wanted to fuck Angela. One of them said that if I was sure, so I said that we would give it 10 min and go up.

Thinking back now it was funny. They finished a pint in under 10 seconds and were going to order another one but I told them she wouldn’t appreciate them smelling like pubs. After about 5 min I told them to follow me.

When we arrived at the room I went in first, Angela was sat on the bed fully clothed, I asked her if she had changed her mind and that they were outside. She asked if I was serious so I told her that I loved her and for her to get undressed and get into bed.

She took her clothes off and slipped under the sheet, I wanted to fuck her myself and remember thinking how hot she was. I ushered the lads in and told them to get undressed in the lounge. In seconds, they were starkers. I decided I didn’t’ want the bed to be covered in other mens cum so asked Angela if she wanted to go into the lounge.

I sat on the bed as Angela walked to meet her studs. I could hear some muffled talk and then nothing. I waited a few minutes, I could hear something but not what I expected. I walked into the lounge and Angela was on her knees, one young man with his impressive cock in his hand running his bell end around her lips, the other at her side with his cock in her hand being wanked.

Then the first lad takes hold of her head and slides into her mouth and starts to rock, fucking her mouth. Angela starts to groan, going from squeezing her breasts to taking hold of his cock and them his backside to get as much of his member in her mouth as possible.

I watched as they swapped, first one in her mouther then the other. Then she lay on her back on the rug as one lad finger fucked my wife before eater her pussy whilst the other slapped her mouth this his cock.

I could tell the hard floor wasn’t ideal so told them to take her to bed. No one said anything, they got up and led her to the bedroom. I followed and watched.

I was so hard I just got undressed and pleasured myself as first one then the other slid into my wifes cunt.

For the next 30 or 40 min they took it in turns to fuck her hard, first pussy then face, then a titty fuck.

Angela eyes were rolling, she was squealing, bucking seemingly trying to get whoever was inside her at the time deeper and deeper.

It was a frenzy, one wold drag her out of bed and throw her face down onto the mattress and fuck her doggy style and the other would kneel on the bed spit roasting my wife. Her ample tits swaying, her squeals interrupted by load grunts.

Like I said, it was a fuck frenzy. Then one of them warned me he was Cumming, I said for him to cum over her back but she pulled back so get a cock out of her mouth and shouted NO, rolled on her back and opened her legs demanding he cum inside her.

They looked at me and I told them to go for it. They didn’t need asking twice. The first lad was back inside Angela in a second and pounded her hard, the two of them grabbing her tits the second waiting patiently until his mate grunted and shuddered giving two or three last thrusts. Angela cried, squealed and grunted almost at the same time and started to shake. I knew this sign.

My wife was in the middle of a deep and amazing orgasm underneath a young large cocked stud.

He moved and made was for his friend who commenced his own hard fucking of my wife and in minutes his face was bright red, he looked in pain but I knew he was pumping Angela full of his cum. And again Angela squealed and convulsed, not knowing what to do with her hands, grabbing sheets and hair then the boys arms. She begged him not to stop so he didn’t’ and appeared to cum again.

In the end he slid out and stood there exhausted, his wet dick at half-mast. They thanked us and stood there not knowing what to do next. I told them I was going to have her now and they could stay and watch if they wanted.

I don’t’ think Angela could move even if she wanted, she was exhausted from her hammering at the hands of these lads.

My cock slid in easily, her pussy wet from other mens cum. The lads, still panting stood and watched me fuck my wife. I didn’t last as long as they did and within 2 or 3 minutes my cum was mixing with theirs.

They fucked her once more and then left. The same happened the next evening. The lads left the day after so we will never meet them again but my wife is well hoared as she says it. Now she’s desperate for more so we are on the lookout but this time for a couple so I can get a shag but I would love to see Angela taken roughly by a woman and a man.