Written by katie

2 Sep 2013

I have just found this site ,some of the stories are like an experience I had in Benidorm a few months ago ,my name is Katie I am blonde ,26 , 5 ft 9 and a great figure, I look after myself. in june me and my boyfriend saved up enough to go to Benidorm for a week, we stayed in an apartment ,self catering ,but after 3 days we had spent a lot of our money I was laid by the pool one day in my little white bikini ,when this old man came out , I just lay there sunbathing not taking much notice ,but about 2 hours later he just started talking to me ,saying he had been there 3 weeks ,if I liked the heat and what a nice tan I had,.i told him I loved the place but that we had overspent . he told me of a few cheap places to go out, I said thanks we will try them , at that he said got to go see you later.

later that night we went out ,I decided to wear a little white mini and top with white high heels to show my tan. at about 10 30 we ended up at the bar the oldman had told us about and about half hour later he came in ,he said hello and we all started talking. his name was bill , he was 78 a widower and came to Benidorm about 4 times a year, over the next few days everytime we bumped into him he bought us some drinks.

on our last day we had to be out of our room by 12 but we didn't fly for another 10 hours,i spent the day by the pool while andy my boyfriend went walking round town, at about 3 bill turned up , he had his swim shorts on, he lay sunbathing near me and we chatted ,40 mins later he said he was going to his room and if I wanted I could use his room to get ready , so about 4 30 ish I went upstairs he opened the door with a towel round him ,he had just had a shower. I pulled my case in we had a quick chat and said I will take a shower and dress , I locked the door and took my shower and for some reason got quite horney, I played with my shaved pussy and for some reason thought of bill., I actually had an orgasm in the shower. I put my bikini back on ,went into the room and sat at the dressing table doing my makeup , I noticed bill in the mirror looking at me ,when i had done my makeup and hair i opened my case ,it was on the couch next to bill

i said what do you think i should wear and pulled out 2 dresses , he said that one looks a bit short , so i said i will put it on ,see what you think ,and went into the bedroom

i put the dress on ,no underwear and my 5 " heels , he was right it was very short,when i walked out , his eyes lit up and his mouth opened , i walked around asking if he liked it, he was still wearing a towel and i could see him getting aroused , i sat next to him and took his hand, i said i would like to thank you for treating us and placed his hand on my thigh ,my dress had moved right up the hem was near my pussy ,i opened my legs and moved his hand to it , he went red and his cock came out of the towel i looked ,it was about 7 inches and rock hard ,he told me he had taken a Cialis tablet hoping to have a wank when i had gone , i said i will do that for you i stood up and as i pulled him up his towel fell away, i pulled him to the bedroom , i pushed him onto the bed and as he lay there i took him in my mouth , i still had my dress on ,his hands went up my leg and as i bent over him he touched my pussy , i straddled him took hold of his cock and lowered my self on it , he said please take your dress off so i did as i rode him i bent over , kissed him and put my nipple in his mouth, i had another orgasm and told him to lick me out i lay back he got between my thighs and licked me playing with my tits at the same time ,making me come again, he then came up and started fucking me quite hard for a good ten mins before exploding into me , he came and came filling me with hot come, we lay there for a few mins, his cock still in me ,then my phone rang ,it was andy looking for me, i told him i was just having a shower and would be there soon, bills cock was still in me still hard, we had sex again but he couldn't come, i said i have to go and shower again and go, i gave him a long kiss ,had a shower got dressed this time in shorts,and as i was leaving we swopped numbers .

i have not heard from him but as i am writing this i am wet playing with myself, i think i might ring him if i do i will let you know bye