Written by dawn-day

30 Aug 2008

i went to the beach today and stripped of down to my bikini bottoms.

The guy that sells the sun beds is around 50 but looks as if he is quite fit under his shorts. I have known for a while that he Fancy\\\\\\\'s me.

So today after some time in the sun i was starting to feel a little horny.

I thot why not give him a shot at my wet warm pussy,

I had a quick look around i found he had gone in the sea for a swim, i thot this is my chance. I took to the water and swam out to where he was, my nipples perk in the cool water,

I bumped into him by mistake, haha...

sorry i said as i grabbed on his arm to steady myself.

his other arm reached out to steady me, as he done this he pulled me closer to him, i rapped my legs around his body,he looked in my eyes and we both knew what was going to happen next,

thanks for that i said i thot i was going under, he pulled me even closer and i felt his cock grow my pussy pressed against it .. my breasts were floating on top of the water, he took them in his hands and began massaging them. with one swift movement i pulled his shots down to expose his now fully grown cock sliding my bikini bottoms to the side i slid hid cock inside, we knew people were watching but that made it more exciting.

we kissed and fucked in the water, under the blazing sun.

Only within minutes he had cum, up my pussy in the salty sea...

he was sorry but said it was a long time since he had been with a woman.

but if i wanted, he would treat me to a nice orgasm and an other fuck,in his house which was just of the beach..

i pulled his still hard cock out my pussy and followed him to shore.

as we walked hand in hand to the house, one man who had been watching came over and asked if he could watch the second half .. we laughed, but agreed he could and could also take part if he wanted to.

he followed us into the cool house and straight to the bed room before i knew what was happening i was on the bed 2 men pulling at my boby fingers up my hole and cocks in my mouth, they turned me onto my knees as i shouted for them to take me anyway they wanted i was so horny by now wanting two cocks at the same time, i felt a long thin member slide into my pussy and thrust deep and hard in and out slowly thusting in so hard everytime, then a cock was in my face i opened my mouth and started sucking on it, it was salty from the sea, so i knew without looking who this was, the cock in my pussy was fucking faster and faster, harder and harder, making me suck faster, spunk all over my face i shouted at this he pulled out and shot his load all over my face,,,

i started coming at this and the guy fucking my puss shot his load up me as we came together.

it was the best orgasm i\\\\\\\'ve had ever in my life and im 46. we stayed for a couple of more hours shaggin, suckin licking, and stuff, hot sweaty bodys havin fun in the sun.

more tomorrow as i will meet them again but they are making plans to bring some more hunks to join in, you think i got what it takes,,

find out tomorrow..

I cant wait............my pussy is throbbing at the thought of it...;)