Written by alomost2017

16 Feb 2017

This is the story of my wife and myselfs experiences in swinging and the gradual move into cuckoldry. Nothing to explicit yet but the syory is still evolving.

My now wife and I met at wotk. We were both in stormy relationships that petered out more or less the same time. We would work together and became close, eventually she asked me out as friends and soon we were a couple.

At the age of39 she was sexually naive which I loved. On one occasion she said she needed to ask an important question. She had never given a blow job and asked if she could do it for me!!! As the relationship progressed pillow talk of her being fucked by other men quickly turned to reality. She seemed to love the freedom to explore. We met some brilliant characters but too many dreamers and bad experiences which to my dismay caused my wife to turn her back on it.

I changed jobs which meant I worked away. My wife drove me to work so she could have use of the car while I was away. She would wait until I was ready to depart and came quite chatty with my colleagues. One in particular caught her eye . He was just her type tall, dark hair and very witty with it. Over time I teased her about him and encouraged her. She was keen and I knew she wanted him but how to get his involvement.

One day I rang him and got chatting about my wife. I swallowed my pride and concocted a story that I was on medication which stopped me having sex and asked if he would step in. He readily agreed. Over a period of time he and my wife texted and rang each other.

After a few months on a sunday, I was travelling home when he texted "are you sure?" I confirmed i was. His next text blew me away "Ok I'm about to fuck your wife"

When I got home later that night my wife was still dressed in the clothes she met him in. I couldn't keep my hands off her. For the first time I tasted my wife full of his cum and the sex was amazing.

But despite the success their relationship tailed off until again on a Sunday my wife jumped up in bed and said "he wants to meet me now" I ju.ped up and helped her dress stockings suspenders etc and saw her off. A couple of hours later she came home shaking shrouded in the musky smell of sex she made me clean her up and finish het off. She later told me she met him in a layby and let him fuck het on his car (details to follow if interested).

Again it tailed off for a while she went into her shell and I couldn't lure her out. Recently we had a lot to drink in the house I was quite drunk and sex turned into a fumble. She became frustrated and drunkenly said "why can't you fuck me like ....... " I was shocked she was never that forward. I pressed her and she admitted she thought if him sometimes when we were having sex. Needless to say that cleared the effects of the drink and we fucked like the first time. She said that she would contact him again but didn't. 2 weeks ago after a night out I pressed her again about seeing him. She was half protesting saying she didn't know what to say to him. I asked for her phone and wrote a message to him. I wrote how she loved their sex and wanted a no strings attached affair. I gave her the phone to read and told her either send it or delete it....she sent it.