Written by Mandy

3 Apr 2016

Hi, my name is Mandy. My husband, Kyle and I are keen followers of stories that pop up here. Yes some are inspirational but many have similar experiences. It’s always good to read about someone’s lifestyle which is just like ours.

It took some persuading but my husband convinced me to try sex with another man. He talked me round by saying just do it once. If you don’t like it then we won’t do it again. That seemed harmless enough and I though why not. I insisted that Kyle would be there as I was very nervous.

At the time I was 38. We had married young and had only had sex with 2 other men before meeting my future husband. I had been going out with the 2 men or boys as they really were back then. Sex with my husband was a lot better than the previous 2. He was 6 years older than me and had a lot of experience and partners and really knew how to please a girl.

So when he convinced me to have sex with someone else it wasn’t because our sex wasn’t any good, in fact ours is fantastic and still is.

It wasn’t hard to find a suitable man to be my first extra liaison. We were on a week’s holiday away from our kids and for a couple of nights we went to a few bars near the hotel we were staying in. The second night we met a guy called Patrick. He was about 36 and was just looking for some extra sex while he was away from his family with work. We talked and chatted for a while. I gave my husband a nod that I liked him and my husband came straight our and asked him.

He actually said. “Patrick, we don’t want to waste your time or ours but I can tell my wife likes you. Would you like to fuck her?” I nearly died when he said that. Then I worried that he might reject me.

He didn’t. He just smiled and said “ I would love to”.

We went back to our hotel which was only up the street. Once in our room Patrick soon kissed me and had me out of my clothes. My husband stayed in the back ground and Patrick laid me on the bed and played with my nipples and pussy. He then put on a condom and entered me. He fucked my for about 10 minutes I guess. It was good as he certainly made me cum. When he finished my husband Kyle took his place and fucked me. Patrick just watched for a while and then I reached for him and played with is dick while my husband rode me. Kyle can make it last and when he finally did cum he had my legs on his shoulders which is a favourite of ours.

I sucked Patrick for a while then he did me again.

We saw him the next 2 nights before we went home and they were better each time. It was obvious we had all lost our nervousness and knew what we all wanted.

We then said goodbye and have never seen him again but I was hooked. Having 2 men do their best and to try to outdo one another is an experience that a woman can only dream about until they try it.

I am eternally grateful to my husband Kyle for persisting and getting me to try it.

We never did anything for a year but relived it many times in our minds. Then we got more free time on our hands with kids moving away from home to study. One thing we were sure of we did not want one night stands. We wanted we could get to know and give us really good sex.

We had only started to look when Kyle and I went to look at a boat for sale. The owner was selling it due to a divorce settlement. Kyle and I knew he, Ken would be suitable straight away. Over a drink when we had finalised the boat purchase Kyle asked him if he was interested.

He came to our house the next evening and have seen him for the next 3 years. He has never dated anyone else and after about a month we all agreed no condoms were needed.

Ken lives about 20 minutes away. We spend a lot of weekends with him. We have an even better boat now and he is always with us when we take it out. He calls in during the week but seldom stays over as he has work next day. So he and I just fuck and we may do it twice then he will head home.

I am honestly very fond of Ken and he is treated like a partner.

He has an incredible sex drive and appetite. When he calls in or when Kyle and I go to his place for the weekend then Ken fucks me straight away. Its good and I expect it and he doesn’t have as much access to me as my husband Kyle.

The first night of the weekend I will sleep with Ken. I will have had sex with my husband before getting into Ken’s bed. I make sure he never misses out. Ken and I will have sex then and he may wake in the night and want more. He will certainly want it in the morning again. My husband is just happy with breakfast.

The second night I will sleep with Kyle but Ken will have had me through the day and again before going to bed. My husband and I will have sex before sleeping. In the morning Ken will come into the bedroom and we will soon be all awake. He will sit on the bed beside me and play with my nipples, kiss me and then slide his hand into my wet pussy. My husband will be beside me and just be there.

Ken will then climb on top of me once I have cum by hand and fuck me. Husband Kyle will usually get out of bed and start the coffee.

When we go out on our boat, once we have cast off from the marina then Ken loves to fuck me in a large lounge at the stern while Kyle steers us down the channel to the bay.

Both men are happy and my life seems to be one continuous orgasm.