Written by starvinmarvin

18 Mar 2018

With this snow coming down, had my memory pushed towards a meet my wife had with a member a few years ago, we had been on this site for a few month when she decided she would like to have a meet up and a drink with some one other than me and her close girl friends, she is in her early fifty's 5ft 4in and Very Attractive ,Slim, Nice med size Tits and Great Bum,, After a few days of checking people out she found one that did not live too far away So we arranged to have a quite drink up in a local nice pup, My wife found David, that was his name, very polite , and attractive to her, he was a University lecturer in the Midlands, after a few drinks ,he explained that his wife had been Disabled for a number of years ,so they had been unable to have Sex, So that was the reason for him being on this site, My wife and David had been getting to now each other well by the time we came to leave ,so i asked her if she was interested in meeting up with David again on there own, and she said yes very much so, and he was also up for a evening out with my wife, They arranged for the get together on a Saturday Evening in Birmingham, So as normal she was dressed very smart and looked great, like i say she has a Lovely figure , So off she went , On her return later in the early part of the morning i said how was your date ,to which she said very good, and that they had had a meal then gone back to his rooms at the University and made Sex , that was very slow and very Hot, and that she had enjoyed having sex with him, So to my surprise a few days later i had a email from David asking if i could meet up with him for a drink ,just the two of us , has we would be going back up North very soon and would like a talk with me about how the night had been with my wife, I arranged a Friday evening drink in the pup were we had meet the first time with my wife, when we were together i said how was your night with my wife and after a few minute's thought said it was wonderful, and had i spoken to my wife about it , but i said that i would like to hear from him how it went and what she did, he was very honest and said that after the meal they went back to his Rooms, and had a class of wine , then he removed her Dress, and she undid his trousers and put his cock into her mouth and sucked it for a few minutes , by then he was very Stiff and ready to start fucking her, but she told him to take his time, and removed the rest of her things and lay naked on the bed for him to go down on her and put his Tongue into her Pusey, she does love this and is a big turn on for her, He then said she rolled him over on the bed and started to slowly stroke and rub his cock till he was ready to come, but told him to hold back and gently slid his cock into her Pusey, then they slowly fucked for a good while till he came inside her, he then said she went into the shower and washed and called for him to join her in there , and with her learning her head forward ,she slid his Hard cock back into her from behind and Fucked again till he was able to come again in her, he said this was a first for him , and that he had never come two times in one session, then after showering together they went back to the bed room naked and she Sucked his cock and played with his balls till he was hard again , and with him lying flat on the bed she slid back down his Hard cock and fucked him till she came in a soft moan, that were his words, by them my cock was solid and i could not wait to get back home, to my very sexy wife, We finished our drinks, said goodnight and went our own ways, he moved back north after a few months and he now and again have a few words with each other , but it was nice to have another person tell me just how very sexy my wife was on doing her own thing , Hope you all enjoyed this as much has i did when David first told me,