Written by Sparxyv3

21 Mar 2008

so i have been singing now for about 4 years, im a 25 year old male with Large 8 1/2" long and very thick cock, i have meet 17 couples and 7 single females in my swinging years and most have been great, i have also been a bull for a cuckold couple once that was lots of fun making the Husband watch me fuck his wife good and hard. anyway, please forgive my grammer and punuation lol and spelling, ok so 2 fridays ago i was browsing another swingers site that i use looking to see what new people had joined etc and i was going though my local new people when i stubbled apon a friend of mines mum and dad, now the crazying thing is that the women in this relationship was the first women i ever wanked over in my mined i used to fantasies about her all the time the couples name is Mick & Jackie, Mick is about late 40's grey hair slim guy, Jackie is about mid 40's long red hair about 5ft 4" about a 40dd slim waist and thick thighs and a nice big round thick bum. she is not a stunner but the girl next door if you no what i mean. when i was about 14 i remember ataying around my mates house and sneaking into his mum and dads room and going though his mums underware draw and finding these tiny little thongs witch sometimes i would keep. lol also in those draws was some polaroide pictures of her on all fours showing her ass and another one of her sucking her husbands cock.

anyway i found them on the site and saw that they were looking for a single male to join them, so to cut the long boring bits a bit sorter i send them some mail and was really supprised that i got mail back considering the situation. but after some embarassing moments at first they agreed that they wanted to meet, so last friday night was the night, my god i have never been so nervous in my life i went to the house about 9,00pm they still lived in the house, but my friend had moved out was at uni. and when they open the door i was greeted my mick my mates dad, he said come in jackie is in the other room, now when i walked into the living room jackie was sitting on the sofa glass of wine in hand and was wearing a very tight white dress and white heels almost looked like a bride like it was her wedding day, i sat next to jackie and mick came in and sat on another sofa. mick then said right user her as you please and do you mind if i film it? no problem for me, lol. turns out mick just wants to watch.

jackie didnt say a word to me just got down on her knee and started to undo my jeans, i then said to her " i have been waiting for this moment for along time, with that she said " you wait no longer and she held my cock in her hand she gasped when she took it out and was smiling at how thick it was, she said "its bigger than micks cock" now what happened next amazed me even more never in my life have i been deep throated but jackie just pushed the whole of my cock down her throat with ease, looking at my cock right down my friends mum's throat while holding my cock and seeing her wedding ring on her hand and her husband filming the whole thing is amazing i was in heaven.

she started to deep throat me fast with lots of gagging and spit all over my cock and her face and her eye make up running was a true site. she then pulled my cock slowly from her throat and took a big breathe of air, she then said to me i want you to fuck me doggie style while i look and mick, i didnt need asking twice, before me i had this women with a nice big thick round ass on all fours with her legs together and her dress around her waist, i pulled my jeans off as quick as i could i crouched over her big beautiful bum and eased my cock deep into her pusy it was so wet and warm, i could hear it squelch as i entered her from behind, grabbing her tiny wait i began to fuck her harder now the slapping of her ass was so lound im supprised the neigbours didnt hear, and the squelching of her pussy was such a turn on, he harder i fucked her her tits began to fall out the front of her dress now as i said before they are large boobs about 40dd once out he dress they where swinging around as i fucked her, as i was fucking her she was asking mick if her was enjoying having a young man fuck his wife, to witch he said yes, mick then said to me fuck her harder and i want you to cum on her face.

so i began to pic up the pace and the sex noises where getting louder, after about 5 mins of fast hard fucking jackie cum all over my cock screaming " im cumming mick" now once she had come that just set me off, i told her i was about to cum, i pulled out and she span around on to her knee and closed her eyes, she had only just closed her eyes when i let out 4 thick soots of cum over her face covering her forehead, eyes, nose, lips, chin, hair. mick them took some still pictures of her cum covered face, jackie then when off the the bathroom, mick then said thanks but i have to go as ther younger son is back and 10.30pm, i had not seen the younger son scence he was 7, lol i went on my way and with my head in the clouds, this was one of the most amazin experiences of my life, i dont think they will meet again as there is a risk being so close and me being friends with there son. hope you enjoyed reading it as much as i enjoyed fuckin her.