Written by Johnny

25 Aug 2016

This is a follow up to my sexual exploits with Rhi.

We had explored pretty much everything we could on our own and started to discuss our fantasies. Rhi confessed that she had once had a brief relationship with another girl and said she would like to repeat it. As we discussed how we could do it, and it's not that easy to find a girl who's up for it, it became clear, that her real fantasy was to be fucked by more than one guy. This is less difficult to set up. There was quite a lot of deceit in how we went about it.

We picked a weekend when my wife was away with some girlfriends and the kids were also away. Rhi arranged to come to my hometown with a girlfriend and booked into a city centre hotel with a good bar downstairs. I arranged to have a few beers with a friend of mine, Dave. Rhi and Sam were standing at a table in the busy bar when we arrived. Sam knew that Rhi was in the midst of a passionate affair with me, but didn't know who I was. Dave knew nothing. Pretending not to know Rhi I asked if we could join them. Sam was also attractive, with long dark hair and a good figure, though smaller tits.

We got chatting and went through a couple of bottles of prosecco. Rhi and I were flirting outrageously and starting to touch one another. Sam hauled Rhi off to the loo, evidently to tell her off. Alex asked me what I was doing. "I have to fuck her I said".

The girls had clearly had a good chat and came back in good moods again. Soon we came around to sex. I was now openly caressing Rhi's arse. When Rhi was asked, by Dave, what her favourite fantasy was, she said "threesome with two men", looking directly at him, then me. It was clearly an invitation. Dave and I gulped slightly before I said, "shall we go to your room then?"

Sam said she'd come along, but would not be joining in. This was no issue, Rhi and I also had a fantasy of being watched. In the lift Rhi and I kissed passionately, Dave stroked her back and arse. The sexual tension was unbelievable.

In the room, Sam sat in a chair, Dave and I sandwiched Rhi, feeling her whole body. We then sat her down on the bed between us. Rhi was well prepared, under her shortish skirt were hold ups and a tiny thong. We pushed her skirt up and Dave started stroking her pussy. She opened her legs as far as she could, putting one leg over each of ours. She was stroking both our rampant cocks through our trousers. As I kissed her (the deal was she could not kiss Dave), I took off her top and bra, releasing her wonderful tits and showing her hard nipples.

She wanted our cocks now, stood up and stepped out of her skirt and knickers, keeping hold ups and heels on. She knelt down in front of us and tugged at our belts and zips. Soon two proud members were released. Slowly wanking my cock, she sucked Dave's cock. I was pleased that we were both about the same size. She then swapped and sucked mine.

Sam had her hand down her pants now and I could see her wanking, as she watched her wanton friend. I got up and lifted Rhi up, motioning for Dave to move up the bed. I told her to continue sucking him, I knelt behind her and eased my cock in. Even by Rhi's standards she was exceptionally wet. She came almost instantly, and I could feel it in her. "Fuck Dave now" I said. She climbed on top of him and I positioned my self next to the bed, so she could suck all her cream off.

By now Sam was wanking openly, her knickers pushed to one side and her fingers rubbing her clit. She was completely shaven. Watching her wank, whilst being sucked by Rhi was very exciting. Rhi was coming again and again, it was quite common for her to come up to 10 times.

"I bet you like anal, don't you" I asked. Rhi looked at me, my cock in her mouth and nodded. "Have you got any lube". She let my cock out of her mouth and asked Sam to get it from the bathroom. Rhi was still riding Dave. Sam stood next to me as I lubed up my cock and pushed my lubed finger into her arse. I pushed Rhi's head down so it was on the bed. With Dave's cock inside her I slowly pushed through her puckered sphincter.

"OMG, OMG" was all she could say her eyesballs rolling in her head. I slowly started to push in and out, and Dave did the same. It was quite difficult to manage, especially as Rhi was in such ecstasy. She was biting the sheet, banging the bed with her hands as she was lost in one long continuous orgasm.

Sam had pulled the chair up and was sitting right next to Rhi, furiously frigging herself.

"I can't take anymore" Rhi groans. "Tough, we're just going to use you now" I said and started to slam my cock into her arse. Dave was doing the same from below. The thought of just being used and the hard fucking she was now getting sent Rhi over the top again and she came with a great scream. I pulled my cock out and shot halfway up her back, I was so turned on. Rhi pulled off Dave as he said he was coming and finished him with her hand. Rhi then collapsed on the bed.

Dave and I looked at one another sheepishly and Dave said he was going. I decided to stay and went for a shower. By the time I returned he was gone. Rhi and I cuddled up in bed and Sam joined us. That was when we told her it was all a set up. I stayed the night and fucked them both in the morning.

Sadly, Rhi and I have now broken up, my fault, but I still miss her and the sex and often reminisce about that night.