Written by Scotchlander

13 Feb 2017

This happened a few years ago when I was dating a girl.

She was early forties, blonde and a reasonably attractive female with a nice figure and always hungry for cock. She invited a pen friend over from USA and asked if I minded doing my tourist guide and driving them around various tourist areas, stopping at B&Bs and hotels on the way. The friend from the USA was also in her early forties and a very sexy and attractive girl, with a perfect figure. So I had no problem in agreeing to help and we made a plan and went on our way.

On the second day we checked into a little hotel, with myself and girlfriend in one room and our visitor in another. We all went for dinner and afterwards retired to the bar and had a few drinks. My girlfriend was tired from our travels and said she was going for a sleep, but did not mind if we wished to stay and have a drink together, so that's just what we did.

I felt very lucky. My cock hungry girlfriend was in bed waiting for me and here I was having drink with her sexy flirty pen friend from the USA. We clicked straight away and got onto the subject of sex and she announced that she had not had sex for several months as her and her partner were not getting on and she very much wanted some during her holiday. I near choked on my beer, but jokingly suggested that I might be able to help. She then said that would be nice, but as I was dating her friend that would not be possible. I explained (lied) and said that our relationship was not very serious and what my partner did not know would not hurt her. She hesitantly agreed and we drank up and headed to her room.

We closed her bedroom door behind us and started kissing and undressing each other. She had my cock out and in her mouth within minutes and I was playing with her lovely tits. That night we sucked and fucked each other all over her room. We both knew it was wrong, but could not help ourselves. Afterwards we both thought it best I get dressed and head back to my girlfriend.

On entering the room I thought she was asleep, so I quietly sneaked into the bathroom and had a quick shower to remove any evidence, before heading to bed. On getting into bed she woke and asked if we had nice drink and chat. Yes I said and that I thought her friend was a lovely girl. Next minute she slid her hand over and proceeded to play with my cock, letting me know that she was wanting it. I tried to say I was slightly drunk and that it might not rise to the occasion, but she was not having any of it and proceeded to suck on me. We ended up fucking less than an hour after I had fucked her friend and we eventually fell asleep after we had both cum.

For the remainder of the week I fucked them both on a daily basis, without the girl I was dating ever finding out. I thought I had died and went to heaven lol and was sad when her American friend returned home. But I have still got some very happy memories of an amazing week with two cock hungry females.