Written by Clive_n_tracey

5 Oct 2014

This is a true account of our recent holiday.

Day 1. So we arrived on Sunday afternoon and couldn’t wait to get our clothes off. We walked to the centre on the village and bought some bits in the supermarket (naked supermarket shopping – Tesco’s will never be the same!). We got ‘dressed’ for dinner. Tracey wore a chiffon see-through dress and sandals. I wore a shirt, shorts and sandals. That’s it  Dinner wasn’t great but we had a few drinks and then went to the erotic cinema that we’d been to during our last stay. The place is quite strange – we can visit sometimes and be fairly ignored (especially if there’s someone else there putting on a show of sorts) and sometimes we are surrounded by Tracey’s admirers. Tonight was an ‘admirer’ night. No sooner had we sat down, Tracey had whipped her dress off and I’d had a feel between her legs then we had 4 or 5 guys round us with cocks out. Tracey took a couple of them in hand and wanked them. I was fingering her pussy and at some point she wanked me too. We’d only been there a minute or too when some guy exploded all over her tits. We cleaned up, had a cuddle and left. We went back to the hotel and began what became a nightly ritual of getting undressed, coming to the bar and having a drink while people came and went from the hotel.

Day 2. Not much happened during the day but late in the afternoon as the pool cleared I went down and sat on a pool chair and was greeted by a French guy getting a very nice blow job from his young lady, on their ground floor balcony! Unfortunately they seemed to be exhibitionists only so we never got to play with them. For the first time this holiday we went to the jacuzzi but no-one joined us. We had a really nice dinner and some wine and ended up at the cinema again. Fairly quiet in there but as soon as I took Tracey to the bed area at the front and began to fuck her we were soon joined by a couple of guys who got their cocks nicely wanked by Tracey as they watched me cum.

Day 3. A lazy day round the pool, followed by a visit to the spa in the village. We checked out all the rooms and facilities and ended up in what we thought was a jacuzzi but turned out to be just a warm pool. There was a guy sat at the end that had seats so we went at sat there too. He began playing footsie with Tracey and eventually ended up with her sucking his, and my, cock in the pool. We moved out of the pool and got dry and wandered again. Eventually we found a comfortable well lit room and laid down to play. The guy from the pool turned up about 5 minutes later and joined us where we made Tracey cum by using her favourite toy on her pussy and clit while the guy played with her tits and she sucked him. She then let him fuck her after he’d condom’d up and he came quite quickly. We had an unenjoyable dinner that night but made up for it a bit with a visit to the cinema where Tracey got undressed and sat down and sucked my cock. While she sucked me, various guys played with her tits and a guy pushed up behind me and started wanking on my ass! Tracey gives a very good bj and I was soon cumming in her mouth. As I came, so did the guy behind me – all over my ass! Cheeky! I grabbed a tissue and wiped up and one of the guys offered a tissue to Tracey. She smiled and shook her head. She swallows too! Made all the guys grin at that.

Day 4. It was overcast so we went to the local grottoes to see the sights.

Day 5. A lazy day round the pool, followed by a visit to the jacuzzi. We’d been in there about 15 minutes when a guy that we’d seen round the pool appeared at the door and asked if he could join us. After another 10 minutes which included a lot of footsie between Tracey and him I got up and let her suck my cock. He appeared at my side and she sucked him too. She then managed to get both cocks in her mouth at once and sucked us both. The jacuzzi ‘timed out’ and as we got out the guy asked if we would like to join him in his room. We agreed and soon were all on his bed playing with Tracey. I got out her toys and played with her while she wanked and sucked the French guy. After I’d made her cum I fucked her for a while and we shared cock sucking duties on the guy and then we changed places and he condom’d up and fucked her. He also liked to suck cock and really liked it deep so I had a great time watching him cum while I played with his balls and pushed my finger inside Tracey as he fucked her. We skipped a proper dinner as we’d had a good lunch and so just had a few drinks at went to the cinema. We were early and there were only 2 guys and one couple in there. This time, instead of sitting down we stood by the wall at the side of the seats, opposite where one of the guys was sitting. I had my back to the wall and Tracey cuddled up to me, facing me, which meant her back was towards the seats. We’d been there a few minutes, watching the film, whispering naughty things etc and nothing was happening so, looking through the dim light directly at the guy opposite us, I slowly raised Tracey’s short skirt until the guy could plainly see her cute ass. At that point he got up and came over, rubbing his cock. I got him to rub it on her ass, sliding it up and down and inside her ass crack, getting stickier and stickier, until he came all over her ass (see the pattern emerging?). We wiped up and left for the hotel and a late drink.

Day 6. It was getting to the end of our holiday now so we had another lazy day round the pool. We met our French guy in the jacuzzi again and went back to his room where we made Tracey cum again and then he fucked her while I wanked on his ass (you’ll see a trend here soon). He really liked it and came quite quickly as did I. The evening started with me being able to watch the exhibitionist couple having a jolly good fuck while she used her vibrator on herself. We had dinner and made it to the cinema where we found loads of people watching a couple playing. We sat at the back and Tracey sucked me as I stood beside her. The couple got up and he started shagging her from behind surrounded by guys playing with their cocks. For some reason, the only person that he’d allow to join in was me and I got some nice handfuls of tit and ass as the guy came in her from behind. We didn’t stay and made our way back to the hotel. As we walked back I noticed that there was a guy following us, at a respectful distance. So as we turned into one of the alleys I spun Tracey round so her back was to him and grabbed her see-through dress, lifting it up to her shoulders so he could see her lovely ass. He walked quickly towards us and put his hands on her ass, caressing and fondling it. He soon had his cock out and Tracey wanked him slowly until he was rock hard. At that point I made him walk round behind her and then, guess what, he rubbed his cock up and down her ass cheeks until he came on her. The only funny thing about this episode was that while he was kneeling down playing with Tracey’s pussy she noticed that he had a very FULL head of hair and that it appeared to wobble sometimes. We nicknamed him ‘Wiggy’.

Day 6. Our last full day. We spent our last day naked round the pool until drinks and dinner time approached. We went back to the spa and wandered round for a while until we chose a room and made ourselves comfortable. No sooner had we settled than a dutch couple joined us, laid down beside us and began to fuck. I got Tracey’s toys out and what with toys and fingers and hands she soon came. The dutch woman seemed to have multiple orgasms as well. We left that room and after some more wandering found the glory-hole room. Tracey went and sat inside while I made my way to a hole. She gave me a very nice sucking through the hole and when I was joined by another guy, managed to wank him as well. We did try the cinema again but as there was a skinny blond in there putting on a sexy show we left and went back to the hotel for drinks. We decided to give the cinema another try but by the time we got back it was shut. On the way home we were followed again so I made a show of pulling her see-through dress about so he could see her naked ass from time to time. We went a different way and found ourselves up against a wall at the side of the courtyard by the hotel pool. The guy got his cock out and Tracey wanked him, and me, as we stood there at either side of her. As he got harder and harder I turned her round so he could see her ass (it was quite well lit there) and he stood behind her and rubbed his cock on her. I got her to bend forward, lean on the wall and stick her ass out and he rubbed his cock up and down her cheeks, right up inside towards her pussy but just without entering her. Eventually he exploded on her top of her ass and it ran down between her cheeks. I got the tissues out and cleaned her up and we returned to the hotel for a last drink at the bar.

Day 7. The end? Well not quite. We took a last naked walk round the village and returned to the hotel. As Tracey finished the packing I noticed ‘Wiggy’ walking round the pathways looking for us so I called the still naked Tracey to the balcony and she gave me a lovely cock-suck.

What a fun-packed holiday. And we’re planning to go back in May 2015!