Written by mrnoisy2005

28 May 2014

This all began whilst I was on a business trip with a colleague whom I had been friends with for 25 years. After a particularly boozy night in a restaurant we had retired back to our hotel for night caps. To be honest I can't remember how the conversation started but we both were talking about our wives and I mentioned that one of our fantasies was to involve another guy. My personal fantasy was to see my wife Vikky suck another guy. My friend Kev confided that he had always found Vikki very sexy. On hearing this I was a little shocked but very excited. We ended up talking for hours

And in the end I found that I was very aroused by the thought of Steve joining us!

The next day we were returning home and nothing more was said but I couldn't get the thought out of my mind. When I got home I was rampant and we fucked so passionately Vikki said I should go away more often. I had a rush of blood to the head and confessed what got me all worked up and what Kev had said. At first she was shocked, a) because I had shared our fantasy and b) that one of my oldest friends found her very sexy. We talked it through and although both really nervous we decided to make our fantasy a reality. Vikki admitted that she had always liked Kev and thought he was good looking.

A few days later I called Kev and invited him out for a drink, nothing was said as this was completely usual. The evening arrived and Vikki and I were very nervous. The plan was that I should meet with Kev and have a few drinks and gently bring up the subject of our fantasy and see if he was still interested, that way he could back out. After a couple of drinks I just came out with it and asked if he was still interested and explained that if he was we could go back to ours as Vikki was waiting for us.

We duly arrived home the atmosphere was electric, Vikki was dressed in skirt, blouse, heels, she looked fantastic. She is 5'5, Slim, 38E boobs and a lovely bum, she shaves her pussy and always wears stockings and sexy undies to please. She offered Kev and myself a drink and went into the kitchen. I followed her her perfume smelt gorgeous, I wrapped my arms around her waist and told her how beautiful she looked, she was trembling slightly and asked me if it was going to happen, I said I think so, the thought made me hard instantly. We returned to the lounge where Kev was looking pensive. We had our drinks and time seemed to be passing very slowly. I decided to take the bull by the horns and moved next to Vikki and without any announcement kissed her long and passionately, she responded and I slipped my hand up her skirt and her legs parted slightly as she moved into my embrace. I looked over at Kev and he had shifted slightly in his seat but I sensed he needed some signal from me to join in, I winked at him and he slid off the chair and knelt at our feet and placed both his hands on Vikki' s thighs over her skirt. We were still kissing and I felt her gasp softly as Kev's hands made contact. I removed Vikki's blouse and revealed a black basque with white pin stripes, it has a quarter cup which barely contains her full breasts.

Kev touched her tits and she visibly shuddered, he gently released them and began to lick and caress her nipples. I removed my clothes and resumed my place by Vikki, who by this time was sliding down the sofa causing her skirt to ride up and reveal her stocking tops. I carried on kissing her and Kev stood up and removed his clothes revealing a large thick cock which was rock hard, Vikki' s eyes widened as she saw it, I became even more aroused thinking that this cock may soon be in my wife's mouth.

I now whispered to her to raise her bum, I undid her skirt and Kev pulled it over her feet, Vikki now lay there in her basque stockings and matching g-string, I nearly shot my load there and then. I then swapped places with Kev at Vikki's feet and pulled her g-string to one side and began to lick her, she was soaking wet and her love juices were running down my chin. I looked up and Kev was kneeling the sofa leaning into Vikki who was sucking and licking his knob. I was on the verge of coming and could feel the pre -cum leaking out of my cock. I felt Vikki on the verge of her orgasm on my tongue. Kev was moaning and then suddenly he pulled away from Vikki's mouth and shot a load all over her face and tits, small amounts of cum sprayed onto my cheek. Kev apologised and we all laughed. Vikki was still pushing herself against my face and she came almost instantly, I looked up and saw that she had taken Kev in her mouth again. His hard on was softening and Vikki lay back and scooped up his cum off her face and tits and sucked it off her fingers. What happened next really finished me, she pulled me up her body from her pussy and licked Kev's cum spray from my face. I exploded over her stockinged legs.

We all lay in a heap for a few minutes then Kev started to wank his cock hard again Vikki looked at me and I just smiled at her, I watched as she went down on him again, this time I had a grandstand view and it an instant effect my flaccid cock stiffened quickly. Vikki has always been fantastic at giving head and always swallowed. I was really enjoying watching Vikki giving so much pleasure to another guy. After a short while I got close to them and gently pulled Vikki away from Kev's cock, there was a look of surprise on both their faces and a slight look of disappointment on Kev's, but I had other plans, I whispered to Vikki to straddle Kev, she looked confused as we had not discussed taking it any further than oral, she did however cock her leg over Kev and sat for a second facing him, at that they sort of fell towards each other and kissed, this made me even more aroused as I had not considered this type of intimacy. As they kissed I kissed her neck from behind and pushed my hand under her bum and pushed a finger gently into her soaking pussy. She moved slightly upwards to facilitate my fingers and Kev's cock sprang up from underneath her and pushed against the back of my hand, not stopping to think about it I guided his cock into her pussy. They both moaned, I don't know what made do this but I then traced a finger around Vikki's pussy and felt what it was like with another guys cock inside, this drove Vikki wild, she panted " I want both of you" I asked her "both of us?" "Yes in my pussy now" she was now riding Kev in steady rhythm, I hadn't considered this either, and I guessed neither had Kev, the touching cocks scenario, at that Kev said " let's give her what she wants mate". I positioned myself behind Vikki and she bent slightly forward, Kev eased slight out of her dripping pussy and I pushed gently in, the feeling was fantastic, at first we moved very slowly, Vikki was now almost screaming in ecstasy, we moved in out in unison suddenly I felt Kev's cock throbbing and he came moaning, I came a few strokes later, we continued to pump into Vikki but it was very slippery, I reached around her and rubbed her clit furiously she screamed and shook and flopped onto Kev I slipped out her pussy and I saw all of our juices running out of Vikki's pussy. Vikki rolled off Kev and pulled me onto her and we kissed passionately.

We all showered (separately) and had another drink or two. I don't know if we will repeat that night but it has had a very positive effect on our 20year marriage.