Written by jollibabe

22 Sep 2009

Jolli has been playing with the idea of 2 men and her for a while, she does not like to feel out of control so this has taken a bit of time to get her head around.

On Wednesday of last week she told me she had put a single guy in our favourites as she liked the sound of his feedback, on looking at the profile he was a black guy, w/e and sounded ok, we arranged a quick meet on the side of the road not far from his home on the Thursday. When we met I could see straight away by looking at Jolli's face that this guy was the one. We chatted for 5 mins and handed him a little map showing him how to get to ours. We arranged the meet the following night.

The meet was planned for 9pm, an hour before I could see the excitement and fear building up in Jolli's face. as the minutes rolled by the determination was setting in to do what was planned. Before we knew it there was a knock on the door, Jolli got up and answered it, I could her saying come in, the time was here, in walked M, he was a tall, fit black man, very polite and tidy, he came over and sat down on the settee next to Jolli, I got up and asked if he wanted a drink, he said just water. I went to the kitchen and poured him a glass, on walking back in I found Jolli and M braced in a kiss, you could smell the sexual tension, she was loving it, she was dressed in light dress, under it she had a basque and stockings, she was all sexed up and ready for her first MMF.

M sat back and took a swig of his water, with that Jolli could not wait any more, she said shall we take this upstairs, she led the way, as soon as we entered the room M had removed his shirt, Jolli and M once more embraced in a deep snog, this time however she was undoing his trousers and dropping them to the floor, you could tell that she was dying to get a feel of his throbbing black cock, she was rubbing him through his boxers and you could see him growing with every touch, he told her to sit down on the end of the bed, with that he kneeled down in front of her, opening her legs and moving in on her, he was licking her clit and she was loving it. I got up on the bed and fed her my now rock hard cock, she was sucking and being licked, it only took a single minute and her body tensed giving out a groan, her first orgasm had been reached.

Jolli was now warming to the situation, she started to get demanding, she told me to lay down, with that she took me again in her mouth. standing over me she turned to M and instructed him to play with her. M had no intention of doing anything but, he started to lick her ass and probed her with his fingers, I could feel by the way she was sucking that she was getting really worked up, her motion was getting erratic and furious. It was not long before once again she was cumming, she started to shake as her orgasm ripped through her body, her juices were flowing and the sound of M's fingers sqeulching in her fanny filled the room. It wasn't long before her legs started shaking and she lay on the bed, one of us on each side playing with her clit and probing her wet fanny at the same time, we had a tit each and she was taking it all.

Jolli was reaching out, she grabbed our cocks, one in each hand, stroking and wanking before moving herself into a position where she could move her mouth, sucking one and then the other, back and fore she was going from black to white and then back again. She was loving it, slowly the position changed and M's cock had taken over.

She was sucking his cock while he was kneeling over her, I was finger fucking her and she was squirting, she was soaking and ready for her fanny to be filled, it was only right to offer this to our guest, he moved over, and I swapped position, placing my cock in her mouth as M pushed his big black cock into her, i could see her face light up, it was reaching places that I had never reached, she started moaning and groaning, he was giving a fucking of her life, she could no longer concentrate on sucking my cock so I pulled away, her body was shaking and she was squirting like I've never seen her squirt before, the bed was soaking, he was pounding and she was silently screaming with pleasure. It wasn't long before he came, she had cum minutes before.

It was time for a rest, Jolli's body was shaking like I have never seen it shake before, she couldn't take any more so we decided to rest, well, until M comes to ours again....Sooooon she says.