Written by kevm

9 Oct 2017

We lay in bedcuddled together, I had set up a porno dvd to show her, it was the first one she had ever seen. The action started and was soon in full swing with the well hung guy banging away at a lovely shapely woman, the moaning and screaming was really exciting. The show went on for a while and I had a raging hard on and placed my hand on the inside of my wife's thigh what a surprise, I found that she was really really wet and I was very eager to be inside her. She was really turned on and ready to enjoy being taken hard and fast. What a sexy night we had. We talked about the film and how she got excited by the sight of the big cock she had seen the night before thrusting into a stretched pussy and wondering what it must have felt like to take something that big.

I tried to get her interested enough to try it one day but she always said no chance until one day I showed her a picture of a well hung guy in tha contact magazine. He was young well built narrow hips and good looking. I teased her telling her how she would enjoy his body on hers, feel him sucking her nipples and playing with hersecret places, she enjoyed that but was noncommital but I saw the interest in her attitude. I have several pictures of my wife taken when she was in various states of undress and some of her completely naked and so I made contact with the guy, Alan and asked him if we could set up a meeting for some fun, he agreed. Now all I had to do was to sell the idea to my wife I was desperately keen to watch her having sex with this man and to see her riding him and really going wild on his big shaft. A little more teasing her over the next couple of weeks and as we made love one night she said yes! she would try it. That was all I needed. I told her that I had been in contact with Alan and that he wanted to meet us for some fun. We drove to a hotel and booked in and sorted ourselves out. There were a couple of hours before the planned meeting so we could relax and wait for Alan to call. Right on time there was the knock on the door my wife was still preparing herself in the bathroom as I let Alan in and introduced myself to him and poured three large glasses of white wine. The bathroom door opened and out stepped my wife in the shortest short black PVC dress that barely covered anything her tits were almost poping over the top of the dress. Her black leggings and high heels made her look fantastic. I introduced her to Alan and he kissed her politely and then they both sat on the edge of th bed as I settled down in the chair to watch the fun start. It didn't take long Alan gently pushed her back onto the bed and lay beside her kissing her and running his hand over her tits and down to her thighs. He uncovered her tits and began to suck the nipples in turn they were hard so I knew that she was up for it. His hand slid between her thighs and she opened up for him I could watch his fingers delving into her almost fisting her opening her ready to accept his cock. They stood up and Alan stripped her nacked and quickly got rid of his own clothes to reveal his very large uncut cock and huge balls, this was fantastic. She knelt in front of him and took him into her mouth, not for long, she wanted that cock deep inside her. They clambered onto the bed and she positioned herself on her back with her legs spread wide and knees pulled back, Alan wasted no time kneeling over her he gently rubbed the head of his cock up and down he wet open sex pit and then I saw it slowly slide deep inside my wife, she moaned with real pleasures and I almost shot my load right then. It was a sight that I had longed to see my wife being fucked by anothe but well endowed man. They frolicked around for over an hour changing positions but the most exciting for me was with him on his back when she straddled him then reaching between her legs she raised herself up and took Alan's cock placed it at the opening of her pussy and slowly lowered herself onto it right down to his balls. She leant forward and began to ride it enjoying each rise and fall and I watched every stroke it was a dream come true for both of us. They fucked for a long time and he filled her belly with lots of his sperm and they were exhausted. In the early hours Alan dressed and left us, she kissed me and said thank you, as I mounted her lovely well used body and and enjoyed some passionate sex with her. We have met with Alan again at our own house but that can come later.