Written by Lucky Lady

12 Aug 2013

Firstly may I apologise for not writing the final part of this story for some time. For those of you who missed it please see July 14th or search Lucky Lady and for those of you who read it, thank you for the kind comments it all worthwhile.

So back to the story.

Penny led me by the hand to the shower while the men were slumped on their chairs. As we squeezed into the bathroom my breasts brushed against her considerably larger models causing my pussy to twitch. As she ran the water I admired her slim waisted figure and delightful arse. It was then I noticed the white slick of Mike's spunk trickling down between her thighs. I just couldn't resist. I placed my hand in the small of her back and pushed her gently forward. She reached out and gripped the edge of the bath and moved her feet apart exposing her swollen, cum laden pussy.

I grabbed a towel and threw it on the floor and knelt down, my tongue snaked forward and ran up and down the length of her pussy savouring the salty taste of Mike's cum and sweetness of her pussy juice. As my tongue probed deeper into her hole I could feel her squeezing her muscles forcing more and more of the spunk onto my tongue. I pushed forward driving my tongue as deep as I could inside her. My fingers found her clit and as I licked I strummed her clit softly but quickly assuming she would still be tender.

I was wrong, she grabbed my hand and forced her clit hard onto my fingers. "Make me cum you slut" was all she managed to say before she gasped and sagged forward, her knees buckling until she was knelt on the floor. I thought my turn now and swung in front of her and sat on the edge of the bath. I pulled her hair up and presented her with my leaking cunt. She looked at me, smiled and plunged a finger straight inside me, this was swiftly followed by another. She screwed her fingers deep in to me and then pulled them out and sucked them clean and continued until she was satisfied that I was empty of his spunk. "Fairs, fair" she said. "No it's not" I said and pulled her face into my pussy, her tongue probed and licked as her fingers slid back in and curled upwards to my G spot (definitely not a myth as far as I'm concerned !!). As her tongue lapped my clit her fingers beat a savage tattoo on my spot causing me to open my legs as wide as they would go. It started deep inside me and when it came I poured juice onto her tongue and face which she gladly drank. Sated we showered and washed each other gently before towelling each other dry.

As we left the bathroom she said "I want him, can I have him?" "Do I get Mike" "Oh yes" she said but lets give them something to look at. Leading me by the hand she laid me on the bed before straddling me in a 69. Her shaven pussy lowered onto my tongue as her head slid between my thighs. She was already soaking as my my tongue parted her lips. I felt her fingers expose my clit and her tongue trace my cunt lips. As she ground down I licked for pussy to her puckered arse teasing it with my tongue. She groaned and said "please tongue it inside". My tongue tightened as it pushed forward into her arse and she slumped forward, her orgasm sweeping through her instantly. I held her hips down and probed as deep as I could as she came again, squealing with pleasure.

I then heard Mike say "I told you she was a slut". He just said " we are both very lucky then".

As Penny rolled off me I saw Mike's rigid cock by my face. Without asking I twisted and sucked him deep into my mouth as Penny crawled forwards and took his cock into her slut mouth. He gripped her hair and proceeded to fuck her face "So you like it hard then Penny?" All she could do was mumbled something past the cock in her mouth and grip him round the thighs to force more of his cock into her mouth and throat.

By know Mike had fingers in my cunt and arse and his cock stretched my mouth wide. As her drilled me with his fingers I pulled away from his cock and said " fuck me like a whore". Within seconds and with no build up he thrust his hugely thick cock deep in to my pussy. The stretching was exhilarating and the feel of his huge head topping out in me made me thrash my hips up and down. He ground against my clit as my lips pulled in and out on his thrusts. He thrust harder and harder and faster and faster. I knew it wouldn't last long but I didn't care I had been cumming since he entered me and was still pouring slut juice all over him and the bed.

As I looked to side he was fucking Penny standing up from behind. Her huge breasts swung back and forth her nipples grazing the bed. All of a sudden her spanked her arse, her eyes shot wide open, she groaned and her fingers went for her clit. He spanked her again and I noticed Mike smile. As the spanking continued saliva ran from Penny's open mouth and she fucked back on him as hard as she could. The spanking continued until Penny collapsed forward on to the bed gasping "thank you, thank you".

He said " you know what happens to naughty sluts don't you?" She mumbled incoherently and shook her heard. "They get their tight little arses fucked" He leant forward and parted her cheeks with his hands and without ceremony placed his head at the pink hole to her arse.

Mike by now reached the point of no return and abruptly pulled his cock from my pussy. Standing above me he wanked it hard the pre-cum pouring form the enormous head. His eyes screwed tightly shut and his back arched as he shot jet after jet of spunk across my face and breasts. I delighted in the scalding cum raining on to me, so much so that another orgasm coursed through my slut body. I licked as much of the spunk from my face as I could reach before I heard Him say "leave it".

At that point he thrust hard and Penny screamed as his cock fucked deep into her arse. Her eyes rolled back and her mouth hung open as he pounded her. Mike said "she loves it hard in her arse, as hard as she can get it"

I just watched transfixed as He fucked her until he finally pulled her tight to him and he unleashed his cum deep into her slut arse. He let her fall forward on to me, her face laying in Mike's spunk. I held her tight as she came down before kissing her gently and encouraging her to lick my breasts clean which she willingly did. We drifted off in each other arms until morning.

This was the start of a long and continuing relationship with a couple that have become our best friends and Mike has seen his dream come true as he asked my man to train her the way he has trained me which in turn will lead to more writing.


Lucky Lady