Written by Bigjim

9 Sep 2016

Iv been with Nicky 8 years and been married for 6 of those. She's 43, with the body of a 30 year old and a look that says "fuck me". Men know the type and she doesn't see it, but she looks filthy and give off signals that attracts men.

Iv always been into the hot wife thing from an early age, don't know what triggered it( prob from reading my dads fiesta mags) but it always fascinated me. It's prob cost me a few relationships in the past and as Nicky was the one I kept my urges close to my chest.

I knew she was hot though and loved sex, she even had wanking Wednesday's, when she had her day off. Watching porn when the house was empty and texting me when she'd finished. All very horny but I craved more. When I checked her search history it was always gangbangs and mmf threesomes so I knew she was hot for it but still didn't know how to get the courage to tell her.

The opportunity came when she was doing a conference in the city and I was looking after the kids. Late afternoon and I'm lazing on the sofa and she txt me say she was bored and would I send her something to turn her on. So I made up a story of me going to pick her up and catching her being fucked by two big black security guards, in for a penny I thought. Well I sent it ,then waited for her reply. I was shitting it as I didn't know how she would react, then bing!! Message received. "Where did that come from" she asked, dunno I answered and she replied" that's so horny tell me more"

What a relief! So I made the story hotter by telling her how greedy she was with two hard black cocks. She was so hot when she got home, we fucked all night with me telling her what a filthy slut she was. She was couldn't get enough and this talk became a regular part of our sex play. Next I bought her a large black dildo, which we used regularly whilst watching porn together and I knew I'd hit the jackpot in Nicky.

Fast forward a couple of years and whilst I still held out hope, I never pushed Nicky too far as I was happy with our role play. But things took a turn when she was away with work

She had been on a work trip and had the option of staying on to sight see. I was at work early when a txt came through saying, you know that thing you've always wanted me to do, well Iv done it!!!

I was hard in an instant. Craving details. But texting didn't cut it. Turns out she got picked up in a the hotel bar by a Canadian bloke.. A few bars and a club they are back in her room fucking all ways. She even tried to get his boss, who was also staying there, to join them the next night but it never happened. On her return she played it just right. Didn't say much on the way back from the airport but when we got home she opened her case chucked her spunk stained panties at me and then took my cock out and wanked me with them. I was hard for days after as she gave me every last detail.

That's how it's been for us, she has not turned into a slut getting banged every week. We have a family so it's never going to be like that. She's flirted with a few guys, even held a blokes hard cock in her hand on a girls night out, but that was more of a laugh than anything. Although I got a kick of it.

Her next adventure came when she and a girlfriend went to York for a night. It was supposed to be quite sophisticated, with high tea and a wine bar but decended into a drunken night and a club.

This ended up with her friend pulling and Nicky sitting in the bathroom whilst this young lad fucked her mate. She even confessed to having a wank as she was quite turned on. In the early hours this lad sneaked into Nickys bed whilst her mate was asleep. He was fingering her and she was wanking his cock ( she said he was quite big ) and was about to slip into her in the spoons position when her friend woke and spoiled it. That was a huge turn on and we spent many nights recreating that moment.

Now we get to last Thursday..Nicky goes out for a meal with the girls from work, very quiet as some of them are getting on. I'm in bed early as Iv got work and expect her home for 10. At eleven I get a txt saying she having a quick drink in the local on way home. So I fall asleep til 1 and realise she's not in. I'm angry and worried, try calling and texting. Then she phones me telling me she's with someone. Her and her friend have left the pub and got hassled by some guys and two blokes step in and they go back to this blokes flat near the pub. Bit of drinking and dancing later the girls have paired off, with Nicky in the bedroom with Liam. He soon had her dress off and they kiss for a bit.. Then she said he went down on her for ages. Then she's down on him and giving him prob the best bj he's ever had. At about 3 she phones to tell me what they done and how he finished wit his big cock buried in her from behind and asked if she can stay. I tell her Iv cum three times and I'm out for work at 5. She txt me at 9 when I'm on my tea break telling me she is still out and been sucking him all night, and can they hang out for a bit to continue fucking. I couldn't get a thing done all day. When I got in from work she was laying on the sofa looking absolutely shattered. I undressed her and went down on her well used cunt ( I'd told her not to wash ) while she told me all the details of her night. One of the hottest things was when I asked if he was bigger than me, she said that he was a bit longer and a bit wider, I said bigger then! and she gave me a look of pure lust! And said yes, bigger.The next to days was spent weighing up the pros and cons of her seeing someone so close to home. But she seemed keen and was messaging him all weekend on Facebook. It ended up with me driving her to his place on Sunday. I must admit I was quite jealous and is prob the hardest thing I've ever done. I went home to watch some TV and wait, it was torturous waiting for her text but when they came she didn't disapoint. The hottest one came at eleven saying get some sleep as she will be a while yet... Then at 1.30 she Tx come and get me.. Her next txt read, hover outside still got to get dressed.. I was sat in the car outside some random blokes flat waiting for my well fucked wife with a hard on!!!

At last she comes out and chucks me her knickers and bra, with a big smile on her face.. She looked so hot, hair all ruffled and looking absolutely knackered. I was firing off questions ten to the dozen on the drive home. Was he good? Did you cum? Did he cum in you?

I was a bit disappointed she never txt me any pics..maybe next time

Once home I was strait down on her tasting another mans cum, I couldn't believe how red and open she looked. One of the hottest things was txt she had sent to me, to come and get her,happened whilst he was still fucking her from behind.

We have to be descrete as he lives a bit close for comfort, but it's a huge turn on seeing him in the pub knowing he's fucking my wife!!!

That's our journey to date. I can't believe how horny we both are all the time and I'll be encouraging her to have further meetings