Written by Eric

5 Oct 2017

I am 73 and my wife Lori is 69, she is 5’4’’ size 12 with 34c tits and keeps herself in good shape by going to keep fit classes every week. We have been married for 50 years and have lived in our current house for 24 years. Over the years we have enjoyed quite an active sex life, and to my knowledge she has never been with another man since we were married, but I have had number of bisexual experiences with other men which she has no knowledge of.

About 18 years ago a couple moved in to the house next door, Ed was 2 years younger than me and Ros was 3 years younger than Lori. They were a lovely couple and we soon became close friends and would do lots of things together family barbeques, kids parties, go to restaurants we also went on holiday together a number of times. We would sometimes talk about sex but that was it, we all kept our sex lives personal.

In the summer of 2013 Ros became seriously ill and within 3 months had passed away, we were all so shocked and upset, Ed was absolutely devastated, he had lost his soul mate the love of his life. But life must go on and Lori and I decided we would do as much as we could to help Ed carry on.

He would come to us for dinner at least once a week, and we would sometimes go out for dinner. Ed and I would still go to watch Bath Rugby when they were playing at home.

One Sunday afternoon I went round to Ed’s house to borrow his angle grinder as mine had packed up. As I passed his lounge window I noticed the curtains were closed but there was a small gap and I could see that the TV was on, being nosey I peeked through the gap to see what Ed was watching. I was surprised to see Ed was watching a porn video and he was lying on the sofa stark naked wanking. I watch for few seconds then turned around and went back home.

When I got home I told Lori what I had seen, she said, poor Ed he could probably do with a good woman. I said well you’re a good woman. Lori looked and said are you suggesting that have sex with Ed, just a thought I replied. How would feel about that she asked, I think I would find it exciting knowing that someone else was fucking you. So we both decided we would give it go.

The next Saturday Ed came round for dinner during which consumed quite a few glasses of wine and we all a bit relaxed. Lori was wearing a short skirt with a thong underneath and a very flimsy shirt. After dinner we sat in the lounge have coffee a chat, Lori said she was feeling hot and went into the kitchen and came back without her bra and her nipples visible through her shirt, poor Ed couldn’t take his eyes of her tits and when she bent over in front of him to pour me a brandy and her skirt rode up showing her bum I thought he was going to have a heart attack.

A little later Lori went to the kitchen to load the dish washer leaving Ed and I in the lounge to chat, you’re a lucky guy Eric Lori is a lovely woman and if she wasn’t your wife I could really fancy her. Don’t let that stop you, I said, what do you mean Ed asked, well she has always been fond of you Ed and we both think that you could with a bit a spice in your life. Ed went bright red, do mean sex with Lori, yes I said, we have discussed it and she is up for it if you are, and I am happy about it.

A couple of minutes later Lori came back into the room, and asked did you mention to Ed what we talked about, yes I said but he hasn’t given me an answer yet, she then sat down beside and put her hand on his crotch, I think we have the answer she said as she squeezed his hard cock through his trousers. She then took his hand and put inside her shirt, Ed looked at me and said go on have good feel, Lori then undid her shirt and leaned over and kissed him and said lets go to the bedroom, are you sure you don’t mind Eric? Ed asked, no I said that’s what friends are for, go and enjoy.

They were gone for about twenty minutes, when they came back I asked, how did it go? fantastic Ed replied and Lori said he certainly know how to please a woman

This was only the beginning of what became a wonderful three way relationship.

Let me know if you like read some more.