Written by James

26 Nov 2010

We live in a university city in an area with a large number of houses occupied by students. The house next to us had four male students in it last year all of whom fucked Louise my wife. Although none of them know it, that’s not all that happened. Their house is the last in the terrace, divided from ours by a low brick wall two feet high with a wooden fence on top taking it to about eight feet. At the top of our garden we have a covered decking area, walls on three sides, a real sun trap, where we can sunbathe unseen from any of the other houses. Louise often sunbathes nude and we some times fuck out there.

Last spring we noticed that during the winter a knot of wood had fallen from the fence next to the decking area, but didn't do anything about it. The hole was about 3 feet off the ground, not particularly noticeable. Once the weather warmed Louise was out tidying the garden in shorts and bikini top one Friday evening. She noticed one of the students watching her from a bedroom window, coming in to tell me. She's 38, tall and slim, small firm tits, so even though she was probably 20 years older than him, I didn't blame him for looking and suggested she put on a bit of a show and tease him. She went back out by the entry to the decked area and whilst still in view of him reached behind her back and undid her top, revealing her tits. She stayed like that for a minute or two, taking in the rays, touching her tits and pinching her nipples, before laying on a lounger hidden from him. I went out a few minutes later and as I joined her, caught something from the corner of my eye and realised she was being watched through the hole in the fence. I needed to tell her but didn't want him to know he'd been spotted so I went and fetched her a drink and a magazine with a note inside. I opened the magazine and handed it to her saying that there was something she might find interesting. She read the note “You're being watched through the knot hole. Don't look, take off your shorts and play with your pussy!!!”. She said how warm it was, undid her shorts, lifted her bum, pushed them and her panties down and kicked them off. Parting her legs she ran her fingers through he trimmed pubes and touched her clit, gently stroking it, pulling back the hood, teasing it erect, then used her fingers to pull her pussy open. Her cunt soon glistened with sex juices and she pushed two fingers in her sex hole wanking, knowing one of the students was only about six feet away, eye pressed to the hole in the fence. We've been to parties and been watched fucking numerous times as well as watching each other fuck other men and women. I got down beside her sucking her nipples, got my cock out and started wanking. As soon as I was erect I stood, pushed my prick to her mouth and she sucked me, taking almost my length. She masturbated until she came and I shot my load in her mouth for her to swallow. That should be enough to get him interested, tell the other students and for us to be able to instigate the next part of my plan. Later that night I saw them going out so had a good look at the fence. About 5 feet from the first knot, at a similar height I found another larger knot two inches wide, which I removed. I sanded the edges of the hole smooth, before replacing the knot, holding it in place with blu tac so it could be easily removed.

The next afternoon was hot and sunny, Louise and I were gardening, this time she wore a bikini with thong pants. We caught several glimpses of him and probably the other three watching through a gap in the bedroom curtains and then them talking and opening beers on the other side of the fence. About 6pm Louise said she was going to sunbathe for a while and I said loudly enough for them to hear that I was going out and would be gone two or three hours. Looking out of our back bedroom, hidden by the net curtains, I saw Louise enter the decking area, strip naked and then disappear from view as she lay on the lounger, no doubt masturbating. On the other side of the fence the four lads moved down the garden, out of my sight to the area next to the decking and I guessed taking turns to look through the hole. I went outside, Louise had a radio on helping to cover any noise, and indicted to her that they were watching. She stood and moved directly in front of the hole, running her hands over her body, caressing her tits, before fingering her cunt. Then make or break time, she said “I know you're there. There's a larger knot hole about 5 feet to your left. I'll pull it out and if you stick your cocks through I'll suck you off” I could hear a brief conversation as she pushed a chair blocking the first hole and moved to the second, taking the knot out. The hole was about waist height, the fence to high for anyone to look over as she said “Go on. One of you must want a blow job” More talking and laughing from the other side then a cock was poked through the hole. She took hold of it stroking it slowly wanking him for a minute or two before telling him she was going to suck him. I was already next to her and moved close, opened my mouth and as she stopped wanking him I licked his glans and along his tip then took his prick in my mouth and started to suck him. Louise wanked him in to my mouth as I sucked him harder, taking most of his cock until it was almost in my throat. Moving my head up and down I continued to suck until I felt his cock twitch and a moment later his spunk shoot in to my mouth, sucking him dry as I swallowed. Louise watched, grinning as I moved back, his prick slipping from my mouth, she then told him he had lovely tasty spunk and told the next one to stick his cock through for her to blow.

She took hold of his cock before wrapping her lips round his knob sucking him in to her mouth. I knelt to her side finger fucking her wet pussy, rubbing her clitoris making her suck him harder and faster until she brought him off in her mouth, giving a quiet moan as she came. They heard and asked what she was doing and she told them she'd been wanking and had cum, then telling the third bloke to stick his cock through if he wanted to be sucked off. A cock appeared which Louise took hold of, wanking him as she guided him to my waiting mouth. Taking him between my lips I sucked him, Louise getting down and taking my prick in her mouth sucking my throbbing cock and squeezing my balls, milking my cream in to her mouth. The bloke I was sucking came just before me and I held his cock in my mouth swallowing a second load of spunk as Louise gulped down my sperm. I got out the way when the fourth lad shoved his prick through the hole. Louise took him and sucked him off while I stood about half way to the house watching for a minute or two. I waited until he was at the point of no return then called “I'm back. Oh, sorry I didn't know you were sucking cock. Don't stop.” The lad came at that moment pulling his prick from her mouth spraying her face with his jizz. They were talking the other side of the fence as I asked Louise if she'd sucked them all. She replied “Yes, and very tasty too. I was about to ask if they wanted to come around and fuck me later.” “Go on then ask them” I replied. She got down and talked to them through the hole and later turned out to be about 10 minutes when I let them in to the house. I watched as they all fucked her, two of them shagging her three times before I eventually went down on her, licking and sucking their spunk from her cunt before fucking her as they watched. This was the first of many times over the following few weeks, before their summer holidays, that they called, individually and together, fucking her, filling her pussy and arse with spunk. Although none of them realised that two of them had been sucked off by me.

Two of the lads returned, joined by two new lads, for the autumn term and carried on where they left off, coming round with the new lads to fuck Louise regularly. One of the new lads has proved to like a bit of cock and whilst he was in a 69 with Louise and I was fucking her from behind, he licked my prick then, when I pulled out, took me in his mouth sucking before I continued to shaft her. We've since sucked each others cocks while Louise watched. The highlight so far however, was a party they held a few weeks back after they returned from the summer holidays. Louise ended up naked in a house full of students, before going to one of the bedrooms where she was gangbanged. We stayed until the morning and I watched as blokes wandered in to fuck her all through the night. We have no idea how many blokes had her, apparently they were phoning mates to come to the house to fuck her, but I reckon she was probably fucked between 25 and 30 times before morning. We are now looking forward to their christmas party when Louise hopes she will be gangbanged again.