Written by Robert

17 Sep 2015

I met the girl of my dreams during my last year at university, in the mid 1970s. Head over heels in love, I followed her to her home town of Petersfield, just north of Portsmouth.

Her name was Helen, less than five foot tall petite, rather small, spoiled upper middle class blue eyed blonde. I was only 5’ 8”, slim, blonde and blue eyed. Worse still, I had a history of cross dressing that went back to my pre- teen years.

I recall going with Helen, to Havant swimming pool. She wore a skimpy yellow satin effect bikini and I wore a par of equally skimpy satin Mark Spitz swimming briefs, in navy blue. My blonde hair was not quite as long as Helen’s, but it was shoulder length and gleaming.

Anyone who knows Havant knows that there is a very large council estate just up the road. In those days it was full of yobs and many hung out at the swimming pool.

So that day we stood by the pool, our slim pale bodies looking like twins, when two ugly young yobs walked in front of us, the thick set one saying, ‘How check out those babes, which one you fancy man.’ Dunno man, maybe we fuck both of them.’ ‘Hey, no, look, think one of ‘em is a fella, hard to tell. But I can see he has a little dick, but the bitch’s pantie so tight I can see her slit. Hey baby, fancy fuck?.’

We both stood stick still. The youths sneered and laughed. To my horror my small dick started to get hard as the thick set skinhead stared at my barely hidden sex. ‘Hey little man getting hard thinking about us fucking his little girlfriend.’ Helen and I blushed, hoping these ugly men would go away. Eventually the morons left us, but both of us remained perturbed. The yobs had frightened me and revealed me for what I was, to Helen.

I am sure it was no coincidence that the brutes followed me back to the changing rooms, brazenly staring at me as I stood there in my little navy blue glossy swimming briefs. Once again, my little circumcised cockette began to bulge.

‘Come on then bitch, get ‘em off, let the dog see the rabbit, ha ha ha’ said one of them, glaring at my embarrassment.

The thought of taking my swimming panties off in front of these monsters made my cockette so hard now, I feared I would cum in my panties. I froze, until I felt the thickset one’s hand cruelly grabbing my bulge, gripping me so tight that I squealed. His face was red and close, big fingers crushing my tiny defenceless balls, by the way he swore and grunted, I knew he was out of control.

Part 2

His mate was watching the door while he backed me into the communal showers, pushing me up against the cold tiled wall. I was no match for his strength, his muscles were hard and strong, a large right hand still gripping my tight little ball sac through my satin swimming briefs.

He was breathing hard, pushing my long blonde hair back, then mumbling into my ear, ‘I’d be doing you a favour if I ripped your balls off cos you’ll never be a man.’ Then to my surprise, he pressed his lips to mine, kissing me hard while crushing my testicles. His free hand running through my hair then pulling it. I could hardly breath, gasping with pain, my lips opening, involuntarily allowing his rancid tongue into my mouth.

My frail body pressed hard against the wall, there was nothing I could do when he dropped both hands to my satin swimming briefs. As he moved against me, I could feel his massive erection pressing against his bulkier swimming trunks.

He pulled his face away from mine, staring down as my briefs were pulled clear of my feeble excuse for male genitals. His angry eyes filled with glee as he saw I was hairless down there. My small circumcised penis, freed from my panties stood embarrassingly to attention. ‘Alright Mick he called out to his thuggish friend who was minding the door.’ ‘Yeh, the thug called back.’

My assailant wasted no time pulling my swimming panties down my skinny legs, then rammed his right knee between my thighs, parting them painfully. Helplessy exposed, humiliation making me harder still, he started telling me what he and his mate wanted to do to my girlfriend. You and your posh bitch shouldn’t come round here showing yerselves off if you don’t want our attention.’ Now he was wanking me so hard it hurt. ‘You like her showing off her slit don’t yer, bet you’d like us to fuck it for you. Her knickers are so tight man, I know she shaves like you, or maybe you bitches can’t grow hair down there.’

‘Oh God, please stop, don’t make me cum, please no’ I whimpered. ‘Oh little bitch cumming thinking about what we wanna do to his bitch friend. Ok, this’ll stop you cumming’ he growled, pulling back and slapping my tight scotum just as my orgasm had started. I doubled over, gripping and hiding my injured and painfull sex, but too late to stop the jet of cum.

The thug pulled my hand away, the better to see my humiliation, then spun me round, bent me over, bringing his big rough hand down hard on my bare smooth bottom. ‘You got a girlie bum and I want to fuck it, and I know you want it fucked. My cheeks were flushed and I was fighting back tears.

Suddenly the showers came on and we were joined by the other moron. ‘Listen bitch, you need what we are going to do to you, so when we get out of the shower, I am going to give you my address, and you gonna be there.’ Both men were staring at my naked and defenceless body. ‘You look like a fuckin’ girl, so you better dresslike one, the full works. Want yer to look like yer slut bitch stuck up girlfriend. Stockings, bra, panty, make up slut cos we gonna fuck you good and proper. We are really gonna do you and hurt your little bollocks. We gonna cane your cock as well.’