Written by daniel

24 Jan 2008

my wife jackie is 35 5\"6 strawberry blonde and with a very trim body,her friend jenny is 34 same height and build and dark haired and they have been friends for some years.me and jenny have always got on some flirting over the years but thats it.last saturday i went out to the pub in the afternoon with my mates and my wife arranged to meet up with me around 5 oclock,anyway the afternoon went well and at 5.30 i texted jackie to see what was keeping her,she text back explaining jenny had had an almighty row with her boyfriend and she was comforting her. after 5 or 6 texts i told her to bring jenny to the pub and chill out away from the house, dave her boyfriend i have known for a couple of years but we dont socialise he is a bit of a know it all and i have heard a rumour he is a bit of a ladies man in his local pub.anyway 6.45pm jackie and jenny rolled up and they straight away got a glass of wine each,and downed it in one, i thought fuck me this is going to be an expensive night.by 8 oclock i was feeling very drunk and very hungry so i told jackie that i was heading off home i would get a chinese and leave it at home for her and jenny if required,she kissed me and said see you later we wont be long,jenny shouted ooyyy and said where are you going,i told her i had too go cause i was pissed and she said wheres my goodbye kiss,as i puckered up she stuck her tongue in my mouth and smiled. i went home,had some chinese and went upstairs to shower,i got into my bathrobe and went downstairs to watch tv. within ten minutes i was falling asleep my eyes feeling very heavy with drink it was then jackie and jenny came in a little worse for wear. they woke me but i dont know why, i pretended to be asleep they said the usual sshh to each other and tiptoed to the kitchen after turning my tv off and dished their chinese to each other. they ate in the conservatory and turned on the tv and chatted. i was listening to see if anything was said of interest about dave to see why they had argued,but i couldnt quite hear through the noise of the tv.after about 45 minutes jenny came through the lounge and went upstairs to the toilet,i still pretended to be asleep but i had got into the lying on the settee mode. i dont know why but i got into the sexual teasing state of mind and in my position my head to the side i could open one eye with no one knowing and see the room in full through the reflection on my tv screen as i heard the toilet flush i opened my bathrobe slightly to expose the top of my leg and groin area,when jenny came down she stopped and stared at me and with that i slightly moved my right leg of which put my shaven bollocks on display,she just stared at them for a couple of minutes and went back into the conservatory. i then corrected myself and after about ten minutes my wife said to jenny that she was going for a shower and that she wouldnt be too long and not to finish off the bottle of wine they had just opened,as she came through she tried waking me of which i just ignored,she then said to jenny hes out for the count but if he wakes up tell him to go to bed,and with that off she went upstairs. i quickly put myself in the same position with my bollocks on display and within minutes jenny was sticking her head around the corner of the door and staring,she kept saying my name to check my state of unconciousness and i could feel my cock starting to grow with excitement. i moved my leg again and this time it exposed the base of my shaft and about 2 inches of my cock,jenny started saying\"oohh look at that,show me more i bet you would like me to lick and suck on that wouldnt you\"? she moved her right hand down to her jeans button and undid it,she then slowly undid her zip and reached down and into her panties still saying \"let me lick it\",i decided to move my leg again of which it then exposed all of my shaven area my cock was now on full display. this was too much for jenny she began to let her inhibitions go,she came from around the corner of the door and sat on the floor at the side of the settee inches away from my cock,i had to be careful, at this position she could see my face so i opened my eyes ever so slightly and she had her tongue millimetres away from my cock and was flicking it as well as playing in her panties,i moved slightly and felt the heat and wetness of her tongue it was just what she needed.she licked the top of my cock and then tongued all the way down to my balls,i let out a little sigh and this encouraged her even more,she greedily took me into her mouth and slowly worked my foreskin with her lips this got me hard as a rock and wanting more,i sighed again and she moved her other hand to my shaft and slowly started to wank me,her other hand was furiously moving around in her panties,she kept withdrawing my cock from her mouth and saying \"let me taste your cum\" and then sticking her tongue out to simulate me cumming. i couldnt take much more she must have felt my cock spasm and she planted her mouth over my cock as i spurted 5 or 6 jets of cum into her mouth,she greedily swallowed every drop and at the same time orgasmed herself she licked me dry and held onto my cock until it had gone into the limp stage,as she covered me up into a presentable state she said \"next time that big bald cock will be in my pussy\". as she walked towards the door again she accidentally caught my left foot which gave me the perfect opportunity to pretend to wake up, she said \"hello sleepy you were well away\" if only she knew? nothing has happened since, my wife jackie doesnt know anything as far as i am aware but next time if it does,i hope it is at her house and it is me licking her pussy.