Written by Anon Steve

30 Jan 2019

It was my wife who was always the ‘naughty one’ wanting to role play which led me to blindfolding her, tying her up and pretending to be a burglar who find her and enters her. That led to us actually arranging to meet a complete stranger who we met on line who only I had actually seen. I booked a hotel room with adjoining bedrooms. I tied my wife up, blindfolded her and as agreed, told her I was going out for the evening. I went into the adjoining bedroom and listened as the door opened, no one said anything, but I could hear the sound of him undressing, then there was a load shriek and a groan, the stranger was inside my wife. I stood in the adjoining doorway, naked with my cock in my hand and there was my 45-year-old wife on her back, naked. Her large soft breast being gripped by a man I had only messaged not met was thrusting his cock into her nicely trimmed ginger pussy. When he let go of her breast they swung, he pulled her legs up putting her feel over his shoulder and fucked her hard.

My wife cried out, not in fear, she had asked for this, but in ecstasy crying out that she was coming and begging him not to stop telling him how fucking big he was and wishing her husband was as big as him. My wife says silly things when she’s having an orgasm and he gave her more than one. She cried for him to cum inside her please don’t wear a condom’ she cried out, ‘I want to feel your cum inside me’ then she started ‘cum in me, give me babies, give me babies’. I know, she doesn’t actually want babies, it is just one of those stupid things she says. Now it was angry sex, she was demanding that he be harder ‘do it fucking harder you bastard’ she demanded. He obliged and he wasn’t gentle. Then it was over, he let out a load grunt and with two or three sharp thrusts he impregnated my wife with his cum and my wife shook and arched her back as she climaxed.

Then he slid off her, he looked at me gasping for breath, his cock was semi hard but big and wet. He stared to say something but out agreement was that he wouldn’t talk. He wiped his cock with a tissue, got dressed and as he left gave me a thumbs up. By now my hand was full of cum so I had to clean myself up before dressing and entering the room as though nothing had happened. I untied my wife and she hugged me, thanking me, I smiled and told her I knew nothing about it. But that’s only part of my story.

As always, my wife always wants to go too far and started a relationship with our 24 year old daughter in law. Its not one of those BI wife’s lesbian relationship stories, my wife is neither BI or a lesbian, she just likes to go too far.

The first I knew about it was when I came home and was told that ‘Amanda’ was staying over and that I had to ‘just play along’. I knew that she was planning something and was used to Amanda being at our place whilst my some worked nights, I was used to her walking round the house in a thin tight dressing gown and my wife saying in front of her ‘I bet you want to fuck her’ and Amanda laughing.

Then I did come home, my wife met me at the bottom of the stairs with a towel wrapped round her. I would have had her there and then, her slim body, big soft tits and wavy ginger hair begging to be fucked. But I was told to lock the door and cum upstairs, and with that she turned around and ran to the bedroom. I knew she was up to something, I knew Amanda was supposed to be here, but I hoped it had nothing to do with her but secretly I knew that involving Amanda was something my wife would do.

I walked in to the bedroom, my wife was naked, on her side, Amanda was also naked on her back. Her long black hair strategically placed covering one of her tiny breasts. She looked perfect but she was our son’s wife. I made my thoughts known, that this was not a good idea but my wife bit her lip and told me to take my clothes off and every time I said something she just repeated herself. Amanda said it was ok and that she ‘wanted to’. I undressed and my wife said ‘ I told you he was big’.

My wife and I lay side my side Amanda, my wifes hands stroking Amanda tummy and breasts. My cock was hard and Amanda asked if she could touch it. My wife gave it a rub and said ‘you can touch it, its going into your tight pussy soon’. I lay there and let them sub my cock, both taking it in turns to place their lips over it and suck me.

Then my wife pulled Amanda back so she was on her back, she had her own heavy breast in her hand but said ‘hasn’t she got nice firm titties’ and told me to suck them. Amanda pulled my head down to her chest and I put her breast in my mouth. She was firm and small, I managed to get it in my mouth whole, her nipple as hard as a marble. My wife continued to toss me off whilst I sucked Amanda who was moaning and twisting her self-pressing her chest against my face trying to get more of her breast in my mouth but it was all inside.

I looked up at my wife who had stopped tossing me off and was rubbing her own breast with one hand and her pussy with the other. She looked at me and stopped, whispering to Amanda ‘do you want his cock inside you now’. Amanda started begging for me to enter her calling for me to fuck her and ‘shove it in deep’. I knew it was wrong and that once I did it I was opening a Pandora’s box but I slid on top of my daughter in law slight frame and guided my cock into her smooth pussy. I tried to thrust it in but I struggled. My wife slid down and sucked me off to lubricate my cock. I managed on the third attempt. Amanda’s pussy was tight, my cock filled her, but she has this ability to tighten her pussy and grip my cock.

My wife cried out and fucked herself with her hands going as hard as I was begging me to ‘fuck her hard’ whilst Amanda thrashed about repeating my wife and begging for more.

I only lasted a few minutes before I was at the point of no return, so I slowed down and warned Amanda that I was going to cum. I started to pull out, but Amanda wrapped her legs round me and held me in a vice like grip and demanded that I fucked her.

My wife kissed her cheek and sucked Amanda nipple, then Amanda started to beg, to beg me to cum inside her. My wife lifted her head and laughed out loud, cum inside her and give her babies. If it wasn’t for the fact that I had had a vasectomy some time back it would be an actual possibility. Amanda moaned and cried fuck, cum inside me and give me babies.

I climaxed and it was amazing, I came hard and filled Amanda with my seedless cum, both her and my wife had simultaneous orgasms holding hands as they did.

After I had caught my breath I told them that it couldn’t happen again but my wife told me not to be stupid and that we are going to fuck her lots of times ‘I promise’ and that our son should service her more often and that this is his fault and that we are only looking after her.

Amanda laughed and said that it was nice and that she wanted it again and that it was only fun and that no one will find out. I asked what the fuck the ‘ I want babies ’thing was about, they both looked at each other and laughed. Apparently, my wife had told her about the stranger in the bedroom thing. I’m not complaining but I am literally a sex toy to them. I went to get up after our first shag but Amanda pulled me back telling me that I was still hard (which I was) and climbed on top of me, lowered herself and rode my shaft. That was nearly a year ago and Amanda and I and most of the time my wife as well fuck several times a week when my son is on nights but now she is pregnant and its def not mine. Its still great sex, she only has a small bump at the moment, and she loves it doggy style, her chest and head pressed against the quilt with her ass in the air and my cock inside her. It has to stop soon but try telling them that.

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