Written by ballsey70

19 Jan 2008

I Know this is some peoples fantasy but this is a very true story which happened the fri before xmas day.I was expecting a parcel which was touch and go to wether it was going to arrive in time for xmas day,at about 5 30 that evening i had giving up hope of it arriving so went upstairs for a shower,busy washing away the door bell went immeaditley i thought oh shit it could be my parcel,so shot out of the shower threw my dressing gown on and ran downstairs to find quite a good looking guy from parcel force with my package,i was so grateful duly signed for it as the guy went and fetched it i waited at the door ,as he came back thank him very much ,wish him a happy christmas,he then said that i was the last job of the day and was glad he had finished for xmas,then totally out of the blue he said ,tell me to piss off but i would really like to undo your dressing gown,being bi myself a bit shocked at first but really started to get turned on by this guy wanting to see my cock,so i invited him in,no sooner had i shut the door his hands were now groping my very hard cock,fuck he was turning me on,as undid his trousers i was shsking with excitement his cock semi hard and very thick not that long but it tasted really good,he then said lets have a 69 so up on the bed fingering each others holes sucking licking for a good 30 mins, he ten proceeded to turn me around and slide his cock right in my mouth where he fucked it untill he filled it with several warm jets of cum,so i then decided to do the same to him,but he wanted my rock hard cock up his arse so put on a condom and eased my throbbing cock into his very tight hole,as i fucked him he was moaning and groaning with every thrust by now i could feel myself about to cum ,he said in my mouth,shoot in my mouth,which i did 5 big jets of hot creamy cum in his mouth and all over his face,as we both lay there stroking each others cocks we both agreed we had to meet again which we have on new years day but that is another story.