Written by Redbullx

16 Mar 2015

We decided to walk back to the nudist beach, it was coming to that time of month and I wasn't sure if I had started bleeding from that or the hard frustrated fucking we had the day before. It wasn't going to spoil our fun.

I was hoping the guy who offered us a lift home would be there and today- yes. We would accept!

Our spot from yesterday was free so we set up our towels and began to relax. About 15minutes passed and I sensed footsteps walk past us as my music played in my earphones; I opened my eyes to see a young Spanish man walk past but constantly turning his head looking back, he smiled and I returned the pleasantry. I closed my eyes again and continued in my chilled zone.

Again the footsteps walked past I looked up to see it was him passing again.

He sat in eye sight to us but a short distance away. I turned to hubby and said "mmmm ive got an admirer, he's young, good looking and I'm having him"

"Go ahead was his response!"

"Oh my god, he wanking his cock and it looks a good size!"

I began stroking my nipples and rocking my leg open and closed giving him view of my pussy. He beckoned me over the the rocky cliff area. I informed hubby and again he said "go for it"

I declined and whilst rubbing my pussy I waved my finger at him to join us. I told hubby and he laughed (his back was turned in the opposite direction) it was only later that he said "I thought you were joking"

The male voice confirmed my truth- "hello"

Cucs stomach started to knot as I smiled and invited the young stud to share my towel.

I began wanking his hard cock and kissing him.

Hubby offered a condom; I declined due to my bleed. The Spanish hunk asked "do u fuck?" I sadly explained the reason for my refusal. "Do u suck?" Oh yes! I wrapped my lips around his cock, wanking and sucking his moans grew longer as cuc was wanking and recording the thrill on his mobile. I pulled back as I felt his cock shoot huge amounts of sperm all over my tits. I turned to my cuc and softly requested that he does his bitch cuc job and lick the endless amount of cum off my body, "good boy" I whispered as he turned to kiss me with his sticky lips. "Now you can have your turn" cuc handed Spanish the phone to continue recording while I sucked my hubby's cock. I could feel he was close and demanded he shot his bitch sissy cum! I was covered again.

Looking around we had numerous spectators.

Spanish said thank you and went back to his rocky area while I dipped in the sea to wash.

On my return I looked at hubby and said- oh your friends come back, do we still need a lift?

We instantly started a conversation and within seconds the young stud was back. Prowling round me guarding his find. Within the small talk hubby discovered that his friend was bisexual and would willingly partake in fun.

We lay chatting for a while and asked could we accept a lift back when he was leaving.

"Yes sure he replied"

Sadly cuc didn't play. But I'm sure our next holiday will give a different story!