Written by Gina

25 Aug 2011

My name is is Gina and my husband (now EX HUSBAND) is Greg. I'm 51 now but this happened when I was 42. Greg had a gambling problem for many years and even though he'd been to counseling, I knew there were times when he would not be able to stay away from the temptation. I was aware he was doing some betting but I never realized just how far he had slipped.

We were starting to get further and further into debt and when I think back I know I should have suspected something. One night I noticed he was acting strange and troubled so I pushed him into telling me what was wrong. He said he'd been gambling heavily and now owed a lot of money. I had just started a new job and new with my increase in income we could start getting back on track........until Greg finally tole me he owed over $50,000!! He said his bookie had insisted on coming to the house this evening to discuss the payments. I was livid. Not only was I pissed that he was doing all this behind my back, now one of his sleazy gambling associates was coming into our home.

"Look, we have to be nice to this guy," Greg said. "He could request the payment in full. Right now he's coming over to discuss how we can pay it back in installments."

I stormed upstairs and cried for hours until the doorbell rang. I heard muffled voices and stayed in our bedroom for about 45 minutes until I heard Greg come upstairs. "He wants to talk to you, too."

"Tell the asshole I don't even want to see him!" I shouted. Greg explained we again how we needed to be nice to this guy. I reluctantly went downstairs and met Richard. He was about 70 years old, long greasy grey and black hair, and he had a huge stomach. Two buttons were open on his shirt and I saw curly black hairs from his gut poking through. The armpits on his shirt were wet with sweat. When we were introduced Richard offered to shake my hand and I looked at Greg. he gave me that look again like, "we gotta be nice." Richard's hand was fat and clammy. Richard gave me a leering yellow-toothed grin. "How VERY nice to meet you, Sweetie." I almost gagged.

We sat at our kitchen table as Richard explained how we could begin paying back the money. None of the options were feasable at all under our circumstances.

Then Richard dropped the bombshell. He said he'd be willing to cut what we owed in half and would make the payments more reasonable, if I would screw him once a week.

"Fuck you!" I said and threw a saucer at him and ran upstairs. Greg came after me. He explained that this could be our only option. I was furious. I couldn't believe Greg wanted me to be a whore like that.

After quite some time, Greg wore me down and I began to see that this was the only way to do this. I meekly went downstairs and I told him I agreed but there had to be some rules: Condoms, and I would not always be ready at his choosing. He agreed and he and Greg shook hands. Immediately Richard said, "Let's start the repayments right now." Greg and I were both shocked. I said I wasn't ready and stammered and said that this just wasn't the right time. Richard said, "Oh yes it is."

He walked over to me and began to kiss me. I pulled away but he told me not to. His smelly breath was all over my face, his hands were groping at the sweatshirt I was wearing and he quickly pulled it up and started to roughly yank on my nipples. I wasn't wearing a bra so he had easy access. He then pulled down my pants and undies and stuck a chubby finger in my pussy. I wanted to throw up. He pulled his pants down and forced me onto my knees. He quickly removed his shirt and his big fat hairy belly was in my face. He pushed my head down lower and I felt my lips touch his semi hard cock. I had my eyes closed but it felt big. "Suck it," Richard said so I opened my mouth and this fat hunk of cock was pushed into my mouth. He was pushing his hips forward, fucking my face and I felt his cock grow. It kept growing. His smelly belly was rubbing over my face as I tried to swallow his cock. He forced me to lick and suck his balls. I remember thinking that I was on my kitchen floor giving this fat sleazy guy a blow job. He was breathing heavy and wheezing. Suddenly he pulled out and my jaw was aching. He quickly grabbed me by my hair and walked me into our living room and bent me over a chair. I heard him unwrap a condom and got scared. I knew he was big and I was afraid. I felt his tip hit my pussy and begin to slide in. At first it went in easy, then it hurt. He kept backing out and shoving it in again. I realized my pussy was getting extremely wet, preparing for this attack of his big cock. He got into a rhythm and was fucking me with long hard strokes and as much as I tried to fight it, I felt an orgasm coming. His belly was sliding over my ass with every thrust. We were both grunting and i started moaning. I knew it was coming.

Suddenly my orgasm took over and I shook all over. Tingles were all over me and my legs felt like jelly. I lost track of time for a few seconds and felt the warmth come and go. Richard was still fucking me like a madman. I began to fuck him back. The idea hit me that if husband wanted me to fuck someone, then I would. His wife would be the best fuck ever, only NOT with him. I kept pushing my ass back onto Richard's cock yelling, "Fuck me!! Fuck me harder!! Come you bastard!" That must have been all it took because Richard then exploded in an orgasm. It felt good to feel his big cock twitch inside me.

Richard was exhausted. "Damn your wife's a good fuck, Gregg my boy"

Greg stood there with a sheepish look on his face. I thought I would add to Greg's misery. "That's the best fuck I've ever had Richard," I said. "When are we going to do this again?" I walked over to Richard and started to stroke his cock again. "This is one beautiful cock."

I have a few more exploits I'll write about with Richard and me. Richard also has lots of friends.