Written by Alan

24 Jan 2008

My partner Julie and I shared a taxi home on Saturday night with a couple we met at a lively pub.

Emma had been dancing close to us and was clearly being flirtatious with both me and Julie. Julie is 42, blond, fantastic legs and bum, and lovely small tits with chewable long nipples.

Julie was wearing a simple straightcut dress, but had decided not to wear any panties. Watching Emma flirt with me Julie would push her arse into my crotch and wiggle, quickly getting my cock hard under my jeans.

Emma, dark and in her mid thirties was also wearing a short dress, her boobs were about the same as Julie\'s but she has a big arse that looked like it could take a good pounding.

We eventually got chatting to Emma and after e few minutes she asked us both to join her and Peter at their table. Pete was a good looking guy, very smartly dressed in a black jacket and white open necked shirt. It quickly became apparent that Julie and Pete fancied each other, I didn\'t have a problem with that as Emma had her hand on my thigh under the table and was stroking me then fingering my balls.

Julie and Pete went up to dance, Julie kissing me deeply as she left the table. She took Pete\'s hand and soon they were dancing closly with Pete pulling Julie into him with his hands around her arse. I reached to Emma\'s thigh and slid my hand all the way to her pussy. The cotton thong she wore was saturated and the heat coming from her cunt was tremendous. I pulled her panties to one side with a hooked finger, and dipped my finger inside, pulled out and sucked her juice from my the fingertip I had inserted. Emma then squeezed by cock and said that we should be getting out of there.

Pete and Julie made it back to the table, both smiling and had obviously enjoyed themselves on the dance floor. Julie stood by my side as I sat on the stool and I slid my left hand up her right thigh reach to touch her pussy which like Emma\'s was very wet.

We all agreed to go to Emma and Pete\'s house for some drinks. In the taxi, a Hackney, Julie sat in the middle between Pete and me, whilst Emma chatted and flirted with the driver as he drove the few miles to their home. Julie placed her hand on my thigh, then moved it up to rub my cock. When she felt my hardness she gave me a long tongued kiss, then she turned to Pete and checked if his cock was swollen and when she found it was not she suggested that she should do something about that. Quickly she tickled under his balls, but as she did so she pulled at my buttons and pulled out my cock. Using her thumb she stroked my wet helmet which she knows can make me spunk quite quickly.

Emma turned to face us just as we arrived. I buttoned up and paid the fare.

When we got into the house, as soon as we entered the lounge Julie was all over me. Emma joined us both and was kissing both me and Julie. Pete then came behind Julie and held her tits in his hands. Not knowing who was going where or with whom I said to Pete that both Julie and I have often had some fantastic nights fucking when we have imagined that she is getting fucked from behind by another guy whilst I wank over her face.

Emma suggested we could go better than that, and that Pete fucks Julie from behind at the sofa whilst I fuck her with Emma\'s pussy next to Julie\'s face. Perfect. Julie and I kissed again then we all stripped. Fuck Emma\'s arse was big but her cunt looked delicious and I went down on her eating and drinking her flesh and juices. Julie went down onto her knees and sucked Pete to full length, which was nearly 8 inches, 2 more than my fat cock.

Julie\'s face then joined mine at Emma\'s pussy, we kissed and I could taste Pete\'s pre-cum on her tongue. Julie would have taste Emma on mine. Pete then entered Julie and started to pound at her lovely bald pussy from behind. I then offered Julie my cock to suck before plunging it into Emma\'s puffy pussy lips. Julie reached around to hold my arse and helped me push and thrust into Emma. We were all making delightful fucking and groaning noises. Emma played with her clit as I fucked her, Pete squeezed Julie\'s tits as he humped her and then she shouted that he was going to cum. Julie told him to shoot over her arse and then put his cock up her bumhole and finish emptying himself there.

Julie moved herself around letting both Emma and me see Pete shoot his load over Jules gorgeous arse. Soaking his cock with his ejected seed he then gently slipped into Julie\'s willing arse and carried on humping her. Fuck! Fuck! Ooh! Then Julie was okay. Pete stayed hard and kept sliding in and out, it looked fantastic. Emma then wanted me to do her doggy. She kneeled on the sofa and WOW! What a big ass. I dried my wet cock with a scatter cushion and then entered her. Fuck me hard requested Emma, and with all my worth and weight I did. Only a few moments later I felt the jism rise, Julie had been watching me and sensed I was close. Julie stood up turned and grabbed Pete\'s long cock move a few feet knelt down, mouth opened and waited for me to spunk over her as she kept wanking Pete.

I pulled out of Emma, who turned to join Julie and I shot my cum over both their faces. The girls kissed and swapped cum. Emma spat some of hers onto Pete\'s still erect cock and then sucked him. Pete then entered Emma\'s pussy and pounded her for all she was worth. I licked at Julie\'s swollen pussy as she watch Pete fucking his missus, and as Pete emptied another load this time into Emma, Julie came on my face as I pinched her nipples hard.

I was getting hard again and entered Julie\'s cunt which was soft, wet and stretched. As we lay half on, half off the sofa, Emma brought her cum filled pussy to Julie\'s face. Emma dipped her finger into her pussy and pulled out some lovely goo. She offered it to Julie\'s mouth and she willing swallowed it. Emma then opened her legs wider and Julie lapped and licked at Emma\'s cunt and she came hard whilst stroking Big Pete\'s cock.

Julie and I stayed the night, and had sex with each other a few more times. We have agreed to meet up again. Julie loved Pete\'s big cock, and I loved to see her getting pounded. Julie would however now want to fuck both Pete and me at the same time whilst eating Emma. I think I will marry Julie soon and not risk losing her in her sexual peak.

I did try during the night to suck on Pete\'s cock but the taste, texture and size confirmed I won\'t be going back there again, but wanking him into Julie\'s mouth was a delight.

More stories soon.