Written by HJB

2 Jan 2019

Jayne my wife, has been out in the Carabean now for 3 months working between a youth cricket academy and her black boyfriends bar/ restaurant, during this time I have had very little communication with her and my texts, usually written after a beer or two are generally focused on who and how many blacks has she serviced, which are totally ignored by her, however before Xmas she contacted me saying she was going to come home for a quick holiday over Xmas and new year to see her family and wanted to stop with me rather than her parents, the reason being pretty obvious, she wants to entertain. I agreed and even picked her up at the airport, the conversation was polite and non to prying, back at home she wanted my room as it is on suit, fine by me you can move into my bed, but no I was relegated to the spare room but that first night we spent together and she was even more amazing than I remembered, the second night she entertained as couple of her exes from the cricket club, but after they left I crept into her room and enjoyed her well used body, this continued over the holiday with her fucking several of the guys from the club including two of the young black guys, followed by me after that had left. We spent New Year’s Eve with some of her family and friends where she got really drunk, on returning home and getting her in bed I got the chance to ask her about the last 3 months with questions like, are you still Joe’s little white fuck doll and many blacks has Joe shared you with, what your biggest gangbang, how often are you fucked, and do the youths from the academy get to use you, the answer I got was “ yes”, yes what I replied, “yes” I am his fuck doll, and she then fell asleep, I eventually got her to wake up and ask her how many big black cocks have fucked you, her reply “lots” how many is lots ? her reply “Lots & Lots” by now I am fucking her hard from behind and desperately trying to get more details, I ask more than 10 ? her reply was no “not all at once” no I ask how many different guys in total more than 20 ? Her reply was “yes probably” at this point I emptied by load into my wife or should I say Joes petite white fuck doll, she then fell back asleep, leaving me with lots of un answered question. Jayne flew back out to the Carabean this morning not to return until the spring.