Written by Steve o

7 Apr 2019

It was Friday I was excited about the weekend to hang out with the wife and kids . I parked the car and walked into the house my wife and the kids were just sitting down to eat dinner . And then I saw it!!!! My heart sank but my excitement Rised if you know what I mean, on the counter there was a large brown envelope like the one I had received earlier . I picked up the envelope and I could feel there was a CD in it!!!! Instead of looking for an exciting night with my wife I was now looking forward to an exciting night of watching the DVD !!!! By 1:30 am the boys and the wife had finally gone to bed. I got The envelope and headed downstairs to our basement living room . There was a letter and I quickly read it , it read... here is another dvd of your wife and me hope you enjoy it half as much as I enjoyed making it and your wife is an amazing story teller!!!!

I put the dvd in the player and pushed play. The video started in what looked like a van. It showed him installing the camera aiming it to the back of the van . He looked in to camera and smiled and said am off to fuck your wife at your sons soccer practice!!! Then it went black and picked up again a few seconds later . It showed my wife getting in the van. They made some small talk, she told him at One point, she was glad that I worked late so I couldn’t take him to soccer practice . The seats of the vans were removed and there was a mattress in the back of the van . They started kissing and he quickly had his hands under her sweater and feeling her tits, then he quickly pulled her sweater off And unhooked her bra and as soon as the bra fell he moved in and attacked her tits, he sucked and squeezed them. I then heard my wife say I can’t wait anymore, put that huge cock somewhere.. he stood Up and again smiled toward the camera and pulled his pants down, my wife licked it from bottom all the way to the top before putting the whole thing in her mouth and I could hear on the tape her noisily sucking him off. After a mintue or two she told him to Laid down and she quickly jumped on top of the huge cock and started riding it for all it’s worth, I could her hear telling him this was way better then watching my sons practice . He then turned her over and started fucking her missionary , she grabbed his ass telling him to fuck her harderand begging him to cum in her. My wife then said she was going to cum and he started fucking her really fast and they both came together . Then the video went dark and I thought it was over and then it came back on it must’ve been a few minutes because They were both dressed and my wife and him were just talking. She was telling him that a couple years ago she was at another sons practice and was talking to Another players dad, she said they had known each of a wail and he asked her if she wanted a beer because he had some in his car she said sure , he told her they should drive over to the far parking lot so knowone would see them having a beer, my wife said one thing lead to another and she sucked his cock, and then after that, the next week til the season ended they would fuck in his car as the kids practiced and she even told him she sneak off during a game that I was at, and she fucked him in my truck. After she told him these stories he looked at the camera and said they there’s still some time left before practice is over and he pulled his pants down again amd my wife gave him another blow job and he came in her mouth and the video ended.

I then rewatched it and jerked off listening to her tell him her stories ... I cant wait for the next special delivery!!! I guess am going to have to ask her about this soon !! Or maybe I just play dumb and keep waiting and watching the dvd’s !!!!!!

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