Written by Happy knowing that he fucks her.

23 Apr 2017

My wife has a fuckbuddy. His name is Brad. Of course he has a better than average sized dick. That’s easy to understand because why else would she keep him?

Last night he must have been going through his camera or phone and pulled up a few photos that he had not previously shared. Normally he sends me some when she is with him or just after she has left and on her way home.

The ones he sent last night got us both in the mood and we ended up in a big fuck session. He sent one of her on her knees sucking his already very hard cock. She says that when they play, he immediately strips her naked and she gets on her knees and starts sucking him. For her it’s feeling his cock and getting it ready to fuck her.

There were other shots of his cock at varying depths in her tight pussy. She prides herself with keeping her pussy tight and his cock makes it wrap around it in a perfect circle.

Other shots included her as the cowgirl riding her bull. These shots showed her face in total ecstasy as she took his cock the way she wanted it. Some were with her facing him and others with her back to him or as they say “reverse cowgirl”. I know she loves this pose as the cock rubs on the front wall of her pussy and sends her ballistic.

To complete the set he sent a couple of her lying on her back. It was obvious that it was just after he had fucked my wife. He must have pulled out and shot cum all over her face and neck. I am pretty sure he does these especially for me as he knows I get off seeing his shots of my just fucked wife.

Just thought I would share that with you.