Written by stripx

4 Jun 2014

Following on from my last post with regards my wife agreeing to doing a naked pic swap with close friends and the positive comments I thought I would carry on with what happened next. I can also assure you that this all happened.

Once the pics were done we waited a few days for the other couple to do theirs. Claire and I were keen to see what they thought of them and was eager to see what they had done in theirs. When the day came my friend dropped round and gave us his camera card and we gave him ours. Claire was all cheeky grins and funnily enough my friend didn't stay long as he wanted to more than likely get back and view the pics.

Once the kids were asleep we plugged our camera into the laptop and put the card in and opened the pics.

This is what was in them.

Friends wife naked on knees looking into the camera with cock in mouth, tits visible (smaller tits than my wife)

Next pic, same position but with more cock in her mouth.

Next pic, His wife on the settee (legs spread) taking a shot of her husband licking her pussy.

Next pic, (camera placed on timer) husband sat on settee with wife reverse cowgirl position riding his cock.

Next pic, his wife, legs open spreading her pussy lips open all the way. (nice long pussy lips)

Next pic, same pose but with her husbands cock in her pussy.

Next pic, in their bedroom with the wife on the bed legs wide open with one hand rubbing her pussy and other hand caressing left tit.

Next pic, same position but his wife now fingering herself.

Next pic, his wife on all fours with husbands cock in pussy and her arsehole showing.

Next pic, still on all fours with husband placing one hand on her arse cheek so her arsehole is clearly showing (looked nice and tight)

Next pic, still on all fours with her spreading her arse cheeks.

Next pic, husband has his thumb in her arse.

Next pic, wife on the bed using a rampant rabbit vibrator. (his wife loves sex toys, she also has a suction cup dildo, mine is not a big fan of sex toys - prefers cock and fingers)

Next pic, his wife masturbating and reaching orgasm showing her cum face.

Next pic, husband coming on her face and in her mouth.

There was some others but would take too long to list them all.

Later that night we received a text message from my friend saying they loved the pics and couldn't believe the wives had agreed to it. He loved the spread arse pics of my wife and said he never thought he would ever see Claire naked let alone spreading her arse open. Claire flushed and got a bit embarrased but I know she enjoyed doing them. I told him his pics were also great and the his wife had great tiny tits and looked great spreading her pussy open and that I loved the spread leg pictures. I also told him she looked good with cum in her mouth.

We kept the camera cards for awhile and looked at the pics regularly.

A few days later we asked what we should do next and I suggested each doing a video. We all agreed and I'll tell what happened in the next post.