Written by Sandra

30 Dec 2011

It never crossed my mind that Tom, my husband, was dissatisfied with out marriage, particularly the sex side of things, until he said he was moving out, at the end of January this year. He'd found some tart, younger than me who showed more interest in sex than I did apparently. We'd usually had sex, two or three times a week, I sucked his cock if he wanted me to, letting him cum in my mouth and swallowing. Kept my pussy shaved because he liked it, though I prefer it smooth anyway. I played with myself and used my toys, performing sex acts on myself while he photographed and videoed me, but that wasn't good enough. Before we split whenever the subject of sex came up on girly nights, I think I can say that we were having sex more frequently than my friends and being more adventurous, but that hadn't been enough for him. I eventually discovered when he collected his stuff that he'd wanted to see other men fuck me. He claimed I'd refused, but though I could recall him mentioning it, I'd treated it as a fantasy, laughing at the idea, not taking it seriously. A breakdown in communication possibly, though I really believe it was just an excuse because I think he was getting more than most of the husbands we knew. The thing is, had I thought he was serious I'd have probably done it.

Anyway, there I was, house to myself and after getting over the initial shock, the realisation that I could have some fun too. I'm 45 years old, a size 10, 5' 6” with shoulder length red hair, 34d boobs, legs still good enough to wear shorter dresses and skirts. Standing naked in front of the mirror, I took stock of my assets, tits still quite perky and firm, tight little bum, my thighs thankfully cellulite free, I decided that even if Tom didn't want me I would be able to find someone who'd want to fuck me.

It was about a month after he'd left, and I was getting desperate for sex, there's only so much you can do with fingers and toys. I plucked up the courage, going out for the first time with only one intention, picking up a guy for casual sex. I chose a sexy half cup bra to push up my tits, matching thong and suspenders and black stockings. I tried on several dresses, choosing a scarlet one, with a scoop neck showing lots of cleavage, not to short, about 4 inches above the knee, which would show plenty of thigh when I sat, a pair of court shoes with 5” heels, to make the most of my legs, a coat over the top. I'd booked a taxi, having had a couple of glasses of wine and intending to have a few more, if only to give me the courage to go through with my plan.

I say plan, but I didn't really have one other than to visit pubs and bars and hope to get picked up. I visited two or three which were busy, and although there were plenty of guys, mostly in groups, no one seemed to notice me and I felt uncomfortable sitting by myself and moved on, wondering if I should give up and go home. I was passing one of the large city centre hotels, and noticed a sign in the foyer giving information about a conference that evening and went in and through to the bar. I put my coat over the back of a bar seat, sat at the bar, bought a drink, crossing my legs, checking my phone and watch, as if waiting for someone. I must have timed it just right, I’d been there only about 10 minutes when groups started to come in, mostly guys, the meeting finished for the night.

I noticed some guys, glancing at me as they got their drinks. I crossed my legs again, letting the dress ride a bit higher, glancing down pleased to see that I was showing an inch or so of lace stocking top, hoping to attract the attention of one of them. Nothing happened at first but I noticed one guy watching me, over the shoulders of the group he was with. He was quite tall, close to six feet, reasonably good looking with fair hair, but much younger than me, probably 25 or 26. I looked away, then back again, he was still looking so I smiled at him. He smiled back, then after perhaps a minute, he moved away from the group, heading in my direction. He stood next to me, asked if I was at the conference, if I was waiting for someone, “No and No”. Would I like a drink “Yes, that would be nice” He ordered what I wanted and sat on the stool next to me, his knee touching my thigh. It was the fifth or sixth drink I'd had and was feeling confident and chatty. He told me his name, Dan, and we chatted for a few minutes, with him dropping a few complements, me leaning closer. Aware that he was looking at my tits, rising and falling as I breathed, I stuck them out, knowing that my hard nipples were poking through the material. I was thinking about how to make it even more obvious that I wanted him to take me to bed and fuck me when he asked why such an attractive lady was there alone. I reckoned that he wouldn't have approached me unless he was hoping to get me into his bed. I'd drunk enough to lower my inhibitions but was fully aware of what I was saying and doing, deciding to tell him what I wanted, no beating about the bush. “I've recently separated and I'm looking for sex. A guy to fuck me” I told him, the words just spilling out. I looked at him, the look of surprise on his face, hoping he wouldn't get up and leave, or even worse laugh!

“Are you serious? He replied. I lent towards him, rubbing my leg against his, praying that he wouldn't realise how nervous I felt and whispered huskily “Yes, very. Do you have a room, because I really need to be fucked” I'd started talking and couldn't stop myself adding, “My pussy is wet and needs filling with a big hard cock. Is your cock big and hard?” I finished, brushing my hand against the front of his trousers, briefly feeling the outline of his stiff prick as he turned to face the bar, hiding the bulge and what I was doing. I got down from the stool, took his arm and said, “Do you want to fuck me then?” A grinned realising I was serious “To right I do” he replied “Come on let's go to your room” I said practically dragging him to the lift.

By the time the lift arrived he'd recovered from his initial surprise, his hand on my bum as we entered the empty lift. The doors closed, I put my arms around his neck, pulling his mouth to mine, kissing him, rubbing myself against him, feeling his stiff cock pressing against my hip, feeling him move his hand, rubbing my pussy through my dress. I felt my pussy moisten, a trickle of sex juice, wetting between my legs. We reached his floor, the doors opened the corridor empty as we hurried to his room, the zip at the back of my dress already pulled down, his shirt untucked.

He swiped the key card and opened the door, holding it open as I entered, shrugging my dress off my shoulders, letting it fall to the floor and stepping out of it. By the time he closed the door, I was already undoing my bra, slipping it off, revealing my breasts to him, my nipples hard and poking out. He unbuttoned his shirt, as I hooked my thumbs on my thong, pushing it down my legs, kicking it away. I was so aroused by then I didn't feel remotely embarrassed, being naked except for stockings and suspenders with a man I'd only met minutes before. I lay back on the bed, opened my legs, exposing my smooth wet cunt invitingly to him. I reached between my legs, fingering my hole, a shiver of excitement passing through me as he quickly pulled off the rest of his clothes. My husband had been quite hairy, but Dan was almost hairless, his chest smooth, his pubes shaved, the first time I'd been with a man whose cock and balls were as smooth as my pussy. I liked what I saw, especially his prick, about 7 inches long, thick and rock hard as he stroked it, climbing on the bed with me.

I turned on my side reaching for his prick wanking him, lifting my leg as his fingers searched for my cunt, then slid inside, pressing against by hard clit bud as he finger fucked me. I rested my head on his chest, stroking and gently squeezing his erection, spreading the clear pre cum over his helmet. I kissed and sucked his nipples, slowly kissing and licking down over his stomach towards his cock. He moved his hand from my pussy to my back onto my bum, touching my anus, then pushed three fingers back into my pussy from behind. I licked around his cock, moving so I was kneeling, pushing his legs apart, kissing and licking his balls then sucking them. It was wonderful being able to suck and kiss and lick without getting a mouthful of hair, I do wish more guys took the plunge and shaved, it's much more pleasant, and in my opinion really sexy. I finally licked up the underside of his cock, running the tip of my tongue around the tip and taking him in my mouth, sucking his length slow and deep for a minute or two, being careful not to get him to excited, I wanted his cock and his spunk in my cunt.

I heard him groan and stopped sucking, lifting my head from his prick, then still holding it, straddled him, guiding his cock to my soaking hole. I couldn't delay any longer, his fingering had me simmering nicely ready for fucking and I knew I'd cum quickly. Looking between my legs I watched his prick enter me, felt his thickness stretching my hole as he penetrated my fuck hole and I quickly sank down, taking his cock until his shaft was fully in me. At first I just moved slowly back and fore, rubbing my engorged clitoris against his lovely smooth pubis, feeling his hard, thick cock, moving inside me, my excitement quickly mounting as our bodies touched and slid against each other. He reached for my tits, tweaking my nipples, I lent forward wanting them sucked. He sucked and nibbled on one then the other as I continued grinding my cunt against him. I could feel my orgasm building already and sat back up and started to ride his cock, raising and lowering myself, slowly at first, then faster as my climax neared. I reached for my clit frigging it hard, lifting myself then slamming down, taking his length, beginning to gasp and pant, quietly moaning I was going to cum. I felt the glorious warmth, building and spreading from my pussy, over my belly, the pale flesh of my tits flushing red, my pink nipples hard as I screamed I was cumming. He was thrusting in and out of my pussy, my cunt muscles contracting, rippling along his shaft as I orgasmed, crying out loudly as I came in three or four waves shuddering through my body. Then he gave several hard thrusts, grunting each time, his cock throbbing inside me as he ejaculated, flooding my cunt with his spunk.

I can't remember when, if ever I'd orgasmed so intensely, I certainly found the whole situation of behaving as if I was a slut, intensely exciting and arousing. I lay on top of him, his cock softening inside me as I recovered, then when he was soft, lifted myself, noticing his prick resting lazily on his thigh, slick with our juices. I was still feeling randy, rubbing my pussy against him, sliding up his body, leaving a trail of spunk and pussy juice over his stomach and chest until I was kneeling over his head, my cunt above his mouth. I'd never done it before, but told him to lick me clean, lowering my pussy to his mouth, shuddering as his tongue squirmed inside me licking and sucking until he made me cum again and he'd cleaned my pussy

His body was sticky with our juices so I suggested showering together, adding that I hoped he'd be ready to fuck me again afterwards. I wasn't disappointed, I'd forgotten just how quickly some young guys can recover. Soaping and stroking his cock I quickly got him erect again and within about 20 minutes we were back in bed with him fucking me from behind. I must have climaxed three or four times finishing with one multiple orgasm which just rolled over me in waves, as he finally came again after fucking me for about 45 incredible minutes.

I could feel his spunk running from my pussy, to contented to get out of bed and wipe myself as I snuggled up to him under the quilt, dozing with my head on his shoulder, my fingers wrapped around his beautiful cock as I drifted off to sleep. I woke in the night, as he spread my legs, rolled on top of and fucked me. Later on I was laid on my side, half asleep, with his arms around me fondling my tits and felt his cock stiffening. I wriggled, raising my leg and he slipped his cock up me from behind and slowly and gently fucked me until we both came.

It was just getting light when I awoke at about 7am. I looked at Dan still sleeping, thinking how young he looked, realising I was old enough to be his mother. Slipping out of bed, still wearing my stockings and suspenders, I found my clothes, putting my thong and bra on, then my dress, tidying my hair as best I could. Carrying my bag and coat I quietly opened the door and left, calling a taxi as I went down in the lift.

As soon as I got home I showered and went back to bed until lunchtime. When I woke I felt awful about what I'd done, picking up a total stranger, having sex with him. Spending the night with him, letting him fuck me four times. I felt my pussy getting wet, just thinking about what I'd done, guiltily accepting that I had enjoyed it but resolving not to do anything like it again. My resolve began to weaken after only two days, I was laid on the bed, masturbating, imagining Dan was fucking me. I climaxed thinking how much nicer it would have been with a real cock inside me instead of a vibrating plastic prick.

The following weekend, somehow I managed to stop myself from going out looking for casual sex. The weekend after that my resolve finally broke and I went out, and followed more or less the same plan as the first time, picking up a business man, nearer my own age this time, being fucked twice before slipping away while he slept. One night I had a quick fuck with one guy, then picked up a second and had sex with him. On another occasion I was chatting to one guy when we were joined by one of his friends and I ended up in bed with them both, being spit roasted then fucked five or six times during the night.

I absolutely loved it, two cocks to keep me satisfied was much better than one and I realised that I was turning into a Slut, but certainly didn't want to stop and by then was enjoying it so much didn't want to stop. It just made me want more, going out, no longer needing a few drinks to pluck up the courage, wearing more revealing clothes, being obvious that I was available. I went out most Saturdays until June when I accepted an invitation to my best friends house for a barbecue one weekend. I felt I had to go, even though I'd rather have been out looking for sex. She'd been trying to play matchmaker and said she'd invite some unattached guys, not that I had high hopes of meeting anyone I fancied, let alone getting fucked. I was enjoying picking up strangers for casual, no strings sex. As soon as I arrived I saw him, mid thirties, indecently handsome, and I wanted him. I was introduced to Harry and all I could think of was him fucking me.

What happened that night and since is another story, but in the six months since we met Harry has completed my conversion from faithful wife to an insatiable, cock loving, cumslut. I'll post that story another day if you want me to.