14 Jun 2018

Recommendations are usually the best way forward and this was no exception.

I had been thinking a massage was needed when I was given the details of a young European masseuse, a quick text to enquire about services offered and how much was followed by the response I was interested in.

A massage and hand relief for a very agreeable amount, I then enquired as to whether it was a naked massage to which the immediate response was yes for an extra amount, so that was quickly agreed and time of the appointment set.

Greeted by a very pretty young European lady who having shown me the room told me to take everything off and to lay down on the table naked. The soft music and candles were enhancing the atmosphere when she returned to the room in her young naked glory, my cock trapped underneath stirred as the warm oils were poured and she began to get to work on my back and shoulders. A very soothing session followed as she worked her magic moving down to my legs, she then worked those calves and thighs right up to my backside with the occasional stroke of my ball sack. All very soothing and erotic it was about to go up a notch!

The warm oil ran into the crack between my cheeks and her warm hands began to massage the area around my scrotum and prostate, educated fingers worked for the next 10 minutes as the state of arousal heightened, impossible not to lift ones body a little to allow her fabulous fingers to massage the area around the root of my, by now, rock hard cock. Then the other leg and the same treatment all the way up and into that same area driving me into a frenzy of horny expectation.

The simple instruction 'Turn over please', and a pillow was placed under my head as i lay back and took in the sight of her lovely young smooth body, not a hair to be seen. 'You may touch me but not my private place', her lovely tight ass cheeks and pert young boobs felt lovely as she set to work on my chest and stomach, slowly working her way down and occasionally stroking my still rock hard cock. Cupping her lovely boob she drizzled the oil down the length of my cock and proceeded to give my cock the most delicious attention, both her delicate hands stroking the length of my rampant member, the oil ensuring that my usually tight foreskin rolled back easily for her to focus her attention on my engorged helmet. Clearly this young lady enjoyed her work and explored all over my cock before gently but firmly upping the pace and taking me to the most explosive orgasm I have enjoyed in a long time, she stroked me as a jet of spunk splattered over my chest to be followed by the contents of my well massaged ball sack. She gently continued to massage my slowly softening erection and then produced a wipe to remove the spunk that was splattered, the magic was done and her gentle accented voice asked if I had enjoyed that, there was only one possible answer to her question, it had been an amazing experience and one to be repeated very soon.

Another quick shower, a kiss on both cheeks and the lovely naked Polish girl was ready and dressed for her next appointment, who knows if it was a naked appointment with hand relief, I know that my next visit will be exactly that!

Next time I look forward to feeling her lovely smooth pussy and who knows.....