Written by Julian

19 May 2018

I do enjoy the unfaithful wives and girlfriends stories here and have read them together with my adorable wife. However, this concerns my first real girlfriend and how she delightfully cuckolded me when she was only 18 (I was 21), and again a few weeks ago - 40 years later - when we were chatting online! Georgina was 18 back then and preparing to go to University. I had been a her first lover and we had been dating for two years when this happened. I had been aware of her checking other guys out and was resigned to losing her once she had a University full of men eager to bed her!!

We had decided to go to the Reading Pop Festival, mainly because Jam were playing, and I took my bulky frame tent for us to sleep in. Georgina was looking tanned and hot after a girls trip to Greece, and we pitched our tent for two nights. We had to leave on the Sunday as I was going to my grandparents on a long planned visit. The music was good and we enjoyed the two days of bands, drinking, some smokes etc. Then on the Saturday evening, we got back to to the tent and a new group of people had pitched their tent right next to our's, three guys in their late 20s and two damn hot women! I took my washbag and went to the (very basic) toilets. When I got back Georgina was sitting with the group smoking, and what was clearly the 'single guy' quite blatantly chatting her up, and she was enjoying it! We had a few smokes and feeling stoned I said I was going to bed, she said she'd join me in a few minutes. I passed out in the sleeping part of the tent, which also had a separate compartment where we'd put our stuff. I awoke in the early hours busting for a slash, I left the tent did so, came back and climbed back into my sleeping bag. It was only then that I realised that Georgina was not there! A short time later I heard some muffled whispers and slowly crawled to the the compartment divide in the tent. Looking through the gauze partition I could just about make out two figures under a sleeping bag on the far side. As I slowly got used to the light, i could see it was Georgina, my girlfriend of two years, with the older guy from the next tent! They were whispering very quietly then I saw her long, slender arms move up and around his neck, they were kissing! I was mortified, jealous beyond reason but also, strangely aroused..my cock hard in my shorts... Then, he was moving on top of her, I stared, trying to see more clearly in the gloom, as they began fucking, my lovely Georgina's moans becoming more audible, I could even see her biting her hand trying not to make too much noise! By this time her new lover was really pounding her hard and, judging from her moans, she was loving it! He certainly had stamina, fucking her for way longer than I ever could and I came in my hand as I heard Georgie cum. But they were not finished yet, after some more muted whispering, they were at it again, wow what a stud! He took her from behind, which had me wanking again and with her on top, which I thought was unique to us as a couple! Exhausted from wanking and from trying to see as much as I could in the near dark, I crawled back to my sleeping bag and slept!

I woke next morning with Georgina beside me in her sleeping bag, then the full shock of what I had witnessed just a few hours earlier hit me. I did not say anything, I just stared at my beautiful girlfriend. We had sex that morning but I know i came too quickly, still excited but so jealous at what I'd seen, what she had done. A few hours later we were driving back down the M4 as I returned her to her parents house, she slept most of the way... We said our goodbyes at the house and then I set off for the family holiday, still in a state of shock. True enough, we finished going out together once she was at University but remained good friends. And, as I expected, she was a very popular girl at Uni!! So fast forward almost 40 years and we are chatting on Facebook. I don't know why but I told her what i'd seen that night in the tent. She replied calmly that she thought I might have and "did enjoy the show?"

"Oh yes!!" I replied, confessing that I had jerked off while watching! This amused her and she asked if I wanted to hear what happened next, to which I could hardly type "yes" fast enough!! So, Georgina told me that later that Sunday she had called him, the sly bastard had given her his number, and she arranged to meet him the next day at his north London flat. I asked if she had enjoyed him again and her reply was priceless,

"Of course I did Julian!"

This had me wanking again and she went on to tell me how she spent several days with him, mostly in bed! She had also shagged a friend of his who had come to visit! All this was too much for me and I came hugely, 40 years since she'd last made me come! What a woman! I am still crazy for today, all these years later!